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Friday, December 30, 2011

2 + 2 =5???

Had long day yesterday, but was rewarding. We were going to La Paz early, then changed when  no one was going early, and friend in Dolores needed to work Dolores , so we spent AM in Dolores, then headed with Lipperds & Vicky to La Paz in afternoon. Tom was dropped off at his study, then I was at mine, since we both had 2pm appts. Miguel was waiting for me, with Miguelito, and Maria, and their little dog.
Kids left us alone for most part, they played around us in jardin, while we finished chap 6. When we started I saw Miguel didn't have para highlighted so was thinking, well we'll try to finish chap. but if not its ok. He read par 9, and when he came to Gen 2:9 quoted in par, he stopped and opened his Bible up to Gen 2:9, and read that. I saw his Bible and here he had highlighted the verse! And that is the way we went, every scripture cited or quoted we looked up and they were all highlighted. So he had looked everything up and read them. That meant he went to the Index of Bible books and found where, and read & highlighted them. He doesn't know how to find w/o looking at index yet. So he thoroughly understood the verses, which is after all the point right? It went well. I was nervous when we came to #16,17, and it stated that some" religions"teach that bad people go to hell. Didn't know how that would go over. So Miguel asked, "Why do they teach that"? I asked him to look around jardin, and said there is probably 100 people here, how many believe in hell and heaven? He agreed that 98 did, excluding him & me. I asked him why. He shrugged. So I said to him that, when we go to school we learn that 2+2= 4.
right? Can anyone tell you after you learn that 2+2=4, that 2+2=5? NO. You would never agree that 2+2=5. But now what if you went to school and the teacher taught you that 2+2=5 from the beginning, and every year after that a different teacher told you 2+2=5. When you got out of school what would you believe? Now someone that is a stranger comes up to you and tells you that 2+2=4. Would you believe them? No, at least not at 1st. They would have to go back to the original math book and show you that the real book shows different than what they learned all thru school. That is what we are doing by trying to teach people that they have been taught wrong, or a lie. Just like Satan in garden, he wanted to get Adam to believe a lie, that if you die you won't die. That is what believing in hell or heaven is like.
Its the original lie. And his reaction? " if it is not in the Bible it isn't right. The Bible is Gods word". Doesn't it thrill your heart to hear those words from your student/ It did me. I haven't had a field service study, from door to door since before going to Bethel. So you have to pardon me for going on, but it is so amazing. This is why we came here. And to see the potential is very encouraging. But of course its early in Miguels progress.. After the study and much patience on the kids part, we finished and walked over for a little ice cream (helado). Here they are with there little dog.

This is how day started, saw the unloading of the pottery near KH, when we went to meet group.

Man unloading the pottery.

We had a nice morning, finished a territory, made some calls, arranged for Luis a bible study to make our patio table. Today elaine is picking out the tile, color etc.
Then we headed to La Paz.
We headed over to.............La Paz. here are some pics on the way.

A Nice bull looking for a meal.
 Tried to catch this mountain top, but a little out of focus

 Green fields

  Not so green..........

We all did some good work in service, debbie Vicky & Elaine tried some calls, didn't find people home, then worked some territory. I finished with Miguel, found a Rv, Gustavo, who had almost got baptized in states, in spanish group. But moved back to La Paz, I found him and after determining he wanted and needed to continue with spanish, I had hoped to arrange a spanish brother to meet & turn over to. But didn't know how to contact them So Debbie said lets go by KH and see if a cong is meeting. Did that and got phone # of the man to the brothers there. vicky interpreted, because they are after all spanish speaking.
Before that we ate at a new place Vicky & debbie found door to door, La Isla, a fish place in an upstairs place above street. Here is our orders.
Shrimp cocktail

Avocado shrimp salad

As you can see there
 Here is the Flan (sp) we all shared for desert. was delicious.
was a shrimp theme to the meals. The soup below was a very sweet taste to it.
coconut shrimp soup

Here is desert & group, minus Tom

So we headed home after a very full day. I think tomorrow we will be needing to sleep in. But of course shopping may call. There is tile to pick out for patio table, cushions for the chairs, pots for plants & herbs, etc. But I have to go find the only true pizza place in Dolores, for "date night'. Hasta Luego.

Love Tom & Elaine