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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Library day.

we had some business to take care of in san Miguel. Afterward we went to library, to return/checkout some books. There was a event going on. About going "green" in Mexico.

here are some likely "gringos' in San Miguel.

Out shopping saw this "Marichi band' getting a gig.

When over in La Paz, found a big display of herbs, plants etc. Found the Arnica, for my heel The Dr said to try.

If you look closely, there is a lizard mouth where the water is coming out!

Getting our final tables tomorrow. We have been waiting for awhile. Small coffee table, end table, and a window display table for plants & stuff. Then our patio table has to be with glass and we will be good to go.
just a quick blog tonite.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

Monday, February 27, 2012

2-27- La Paz & Pozos

We had a beautiful day for FS today. Took Elaine, Amelia, & Jo, a friend of Joyce McCracken from Maine that was visiting. Headed over this morning after doing a call in Dolores of Amelia's.
After some initial door to door, Dropped Elaine & Amelia off at Marlene's.
 Marlene, Elaine with Ceco!

Amelia & Jo at door/shop

Elaine with Ceco! He is really liking the love.

While they were doing study, I called on a man who owns a Carnecera, a vendor cart that sells meat. Juan, we met him the 1st time here in La Paz, but he's been hard to catch since. So he was in, left him fem mags, and told him about Memorial. Was glad to finally find him again.
Then dropped by Juans jewelry store who had to move and they are remodeling space to open the engraving/jewelry store up. March 1.

The store will look and function better than before.
The other location was not built specifically for the store, but now they have arranged it to suit there needs better.
While I was walking between calls, found a vendor selling different plants & herbs. My Orthopedist saw my right heel, where I was limping a little, and asked what the problem was? I told him the achilles tendonitis, etc. So he recommended a routine, that involved getting a plant called Arnica, soaking it in boiling water, then soaking foot in that for 15 minutes. Then rubbing aloe plant on it. Then standing with foot on a bottle, and rolling the bottom of foot on top of bottle to get a effect on foot, to stretch the tendon, and see if that works. Well, it is. The arnica is a natural pain killer, and helps break up the calcium deposits that are attached to the tendon resulting in the pain. Cost about 30 pesos for the bag of arnica, bought some aloe plants, and had an empty corona beer bottle, by chance laying around.
So far so good. Its helping take the pain away, for awhile. Try this for a couple of weeks, then revalue. After that if it doesn't work, he said he'll look at steroid shot.

            Here is the selection of herbs & plants.

Then we headed for Pozos, to take Jo there. to experience the wonderfulnes of how hard it is serving here!
Amelia, Jo, Carolyn, Elaine

Elaine & I had enchildas Mole. very good.

Then it was time to get back to service, Elaine had Louisa, the Pinata girl, and I had Miguel. Both were ready. Elaine started the Listen to god Brochure with Louisa, and she did very well. Jo was with her. Amelia & I went to study with Miguel, on the corner where he sells jicama.
He did well. We are on chapter 2, finishing it, and I had assigned him to look at the chart on Page 200, about the prophecies that identify Jesus, or about him. He looked everyone up, and had then all highlighted in his Bible! Amelia was impressed. He is such a good man. You can see why Jehovah wants him. When Amelia was studying with Marlene earlier, she asked he r how she liked the meeting? She said she enjoyed it,a and showed her her WT, article I printed out for her, On it She wrote the scriptures down, and told her then 9yr old Maria found them in the NWT I gave her. They teamed up.
I didn't notice, I was sitting 5 people away. So that was good. Miguel told me that the school wants Miguelito to attend a reading class, he's a bit behind. Miguel told the teacher he couldn't get him there. but h would start reading to him, Miguelito is 6. So I found a spanish My Book, for him and gave to Miguel today. He was happy, and said he would start reading that to him. He was appreciative.

This is the corner we study on, Miguel has his little stool and he brings mine. Today Amelia had my stool and I used the curb. The bags by his hand are the hicama (jicama) he sells, also he sells sugar cane cubes, he had sold those out.

Then we made a call, that wasn't home. it is on a dead end street, and the kids were playing. was about 4:30. They were jumping rope, boys with girls.

In many ways, Mexico here in Dolores, and La Paz, reminds one of the 50's, No TV in every home, no computers to take kids off streets. Just playing. Do you remember jumping rope? I didn't do it, was a girls game. But it was a way kids stayed in shape, There was no fat girls jumping rope. No fat boys that played baseball, or roller skated, or roller derby. or very few that had a weight issue. You went home, had a glass of milk, and then went out & played with the neighbor kids. No ipods, laptops, a parent didn't worry about there kid getting drugs, or kidnapped. You went and PLAYED! Sometimes Mom would just say, "go outside & play". Do parents even know how to tell there kids that today?
Now you have to worry, if they will be safe from everything. its easier to give them an ipad, and say stay inside. A brother who gave our talk yesterday, made a nice point. When you take energy and compress it what happens?  It gets hot. The more you compress energy it gets very hot, and ignites if compressed enough. So too with satan, He has been confined to the earth, He's been compressed. He is HOT, or angry,. thought that was a good illustration.  He also had a nice point about how Jehovah, when he transferred Jesus life to the earth, picked a poor family, to raise his son. There was no doubt some law keeping wealthy family, that could have been used, but no Jehovah chose a poor family. They were a better choice with less distractions, and not tempted by materialism. Thought those were nice points.
Well we headed back to Dolores, I reached my time for the month, even tho I had cut back some to rest up.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Visa Party!!!

Well we accomplished something very good this week. We obtained our resident visa cards! Thats a big deal here, because with them you get some extra privileges. You can come & go from Mexico, as you want to w/o checking in to immigration at the border. Also you don't have to pay for your car in & out. So now we'll only have to go 1 time a year, to renew. Still they will charge us, but its only 1 time a year. So we threw a party to celebrate. had Tom & Debbie over, since they were instrumental in getting us here, and Jeremy & Kari Vince our beighbors. They have been here before years ago, then served in Juarez and other places here, then were in spanish in North Carolina. Now they are back.

Woodford joined us after supper & desserts. Tho he seemed here to be a drowsy puppy.

               Elaine, Debbie, Tom & Tom

Jeremy, Woodford, Kari, Elaine

Today I went solo to La Paz, for the purpose of taking Miguel to meeting, so they could connect to the  spanish meeting so his family could meet some of the friends. And found a sister who may start taking over study with Marlene. She will meet us at their house thursday to start the process. That should be a good thing. Get them into the congregation in spanish. At the meeting today, Miguel raised his hand during WT!, Didn't get called on, but it was nice to see he wanted to. After meeting Miguel said they would get to next sunday's mtg w/o any prompting from me. He commented that he would see if he could borrow a car, or take bus or walk. That made me feel good. So we hope the are on the way to becoming part of the congregation there. It was interesting to see WT conductor, who they call the director, had 1 verse read at a time from different individuals, a lot of young ones, to allow more comments. The microphone handlers, were about 9-10 yrs old. very impressive well dressed young men. Did a good job.
Friday after we did the visa, we drove thru San Miguel and saw this tree.

                      The most beautiful flower I have seen on a tree I think. looks exactly like the name for it, Bottle brush tree.

Bottle brush tree.

Waiting to get our last furniture in, 3 table for inside the house, and 1 for patio. Will be happy to finish the furnishings, and will make living very comfortable.
Well all for now, just wanted to share the info on the visa situation, and the progress with Miguel.
Service tomorrow, in La Paz.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

Thursday, February 23, 2012

2-23-La Paz

Alfalfa- since we had the week of rain things are growing
Had a nice day weather wise, and a fair day service wise. had some of the regular team members down for a short count, but they will be back. Kari joined Elaine & I and we did the bible study circuit after doing some door to door. We were walking from the territory to the 1st study, and cut thru a store, and they had some puppys for sale. so Kari was looking at 1, and a gentleman, with his wife started speaking english to us. Turns out the wife, is a Dr, with an office by downtown, and she spoke a little english.  But the husband spoke very well. & interpreted for his wife. Had a nice discussion, they gave me there ph# and office address. I left a spanish & english. Listen to god brochure. We'll see what develops.
Then Kari & Elaine stopped at Miguels home to do the study with Marlene. I made a couple of calls, down in the mercado. Didn't find anyone there, returned to Juan's new location for jewelry store. Tom was there helping install the electric, visited there while waiting on girls.
When we were eating Kari said that Marlene wanted to go the meeting this sunday!!!!!! Hooray. Even tho almost everything didn't go thru like i hoped, they did make the meeting, and she enjoyed it enough to want to go back this sunday. So the effort was worth it. The spanish mtg is (Am sunday, so we'll go over take them to the actual spanish cong. and see if we can find a sister to take over her study. So we'll have to do double duty sunday, get then there, then head back to Dolores for our meeting. But a nice job by all who have had a hand assisting Marlene, Elaine who tho she doesn't speak spanish has been there every time, and Deb Eiseman, Marian Eiseman, Amelia Dohn, Debbie Lipperd.
Then after a bite, we made the calls, to see if anyone was ready to study, No one was at 1st call, went to 2nd one, and Carlas mom said she wasn't home yet. come back later. Then while we were in the area, I stopped by a young man named Daniel, whom I am trying to work into a study. Angelica, had to go back to school, so we headed back into the centro, Where Elaine made 2 more calls, but 1 was closed , the other couldn't have her study, I had Miguels on the corner of the Matamoros, & Guererro.  As usual he was prepared & we almost finished chap. 2, and we made arrangements for sunday. He was a little surprised when i told him, Marlene told girls she wanted to go to meeting. But he was happy.
Then we swung by Sochie, and Elaine talked to her, but she didn't have time for study. so on our way out of town, stopped by Carla's.
Kari & Elaine do doorstep with Carla in Listen to God Brochure.

So this week out of a possible 7 studies we only hit 3. But we met a new english speaking man, and have the good news thatMarlene is wanting to attend another meeting!

This week there is some interesting pics. We had a knock on our door wed evening, around 6:30 & our neighbors were working in the yard, getting ready to plant some flowers, RThis is what they found when getting soil prepared.

Jeremy pulled up at least 50 feet of roots, some were at least 4" in circumference. No wonder these plants can survive with no water for 6 months. What a root system.

Then when were ere applying our water bill, We almost ran into these.

The shepherd was right there and when we went to pay bill the 2 herds were on the left side, then they crossed the road, and when we came back they crossed back. The grass is growing so they have new stuff to eat. But they definitely had the right of way.

All for now, Love Tom & Elaine
Tomorrow we hope to get our resident visa, then we will be able to get some rights, and not have to worry about temporary visa running out. its good for 1 year. And you don't have to stop at the immigration office when you drive in. Saves the auto fee too.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday- Meeting and mix-ups

So we had a big day planned, going to La Paz, and taking Miguel & family to meeting. To introduce & get them acquainted with local spanish hall. That is 1 of the difficulties in working a town 35 miles away. When you find interest its difficult to cultivate & get the studies to a meeting, in a language you don't understand. So I had met a local brother from la Paz. that spoke some english, and got meeting times from him. Noon on sunday. So when last week didn't work out, tried this week. Miguel postponed a Dr appt, so as to make noon meeting. Yes I know who has a Dr appt at sunday noon, but when we set up going to mtg, somehow the only time he can go to Rehab appt, is noon sunday!
got up and headed over, Elaine couldn't go, she wasn't feeling up to par. But Tom L & Amelia & I went over. Left about 10:30, met Miguel at his house and we headed to KH.
We arrived about 11:35, no cars, asked a neighbor when no one was coming and he said 12:30. So we waited, then when that rolled around a sister who lives next to KH came out and told us mtg was at 3pm!
Last year there was a mtg. at 12:30, but after the 1st they changed times it was at 3. So feeling embarrassed and kind of like an idiot, I volunteered to take family out to eat & if they could e=we would come back at 3. Miguel said they had a free day, to spend with us, and that would be fine.
So we headed to the restaurant, and had a nice meal.

Maria & Miguel


from left: Tom, me, Miguel, Marlene, Maria, Miguelito, Amelia.

So we headed back to KH, and were the 1st ones there. The 1st car pulled up and brother & sister came over and introduced themselves. Then when I told them that the we were there to attend the spanish cong. there was a pause, and then they told Amelia, because they didn't speak english, that this was the indigenous language group. jichamachen(sp). So not only did I get the times wrong, they had switched meeting days, and the spanish congregations meet on Sat at 6pm, or sunday at 9am! What a fiasco. But they said that the meeting was almost all in spanish, and only a little bit was in the tribal language. So Miguel was gracious, and we attended. Very warm, loving group, maybe 35-40. Every brother, sister, and child came up to each of us to shake our hand.
Good participation at Wt, many young children answered.
Brother gave the talk(he looked so young) didn't understand much, but was a good lesson for when I am trying to talk to spanish man, who speaks maybe some english, the difficulty they have understanding me. Wt was not much better, but followed along as well as I could in english Wt.
Interesting that 2 brothers were there on Ruta. Tom & Amelia explained what that was. the society lets ones know that there is a need to serve somewhere, but you come on your own dime, and make your own arrangements. 2 young brothers were there doing that. They were  from Toluca, about 3 hours away. They conversed with Amelia, I'm not sure that it was only because she spoke spanish, very fine young men.
The 2 brothers from Toluca are on right. have to admire the zeal & willing attitude of them. Amelia said they might be over to Dolores the following Monday. I'll try to get there names.

So that was our day. Amelia said that Marlene, was happy, and enjoyed the meeting. She understood the whole thing. As well as kids, they did real well.
So maybe despite all the wrong information and mistakes I made that we accomplished something. Still will have to connect Marlene with a local spanish sister.
Got back home about 6pm.
Taking Monday off, to get stitches out of knee.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

Friday, February 17, 2012

week in review- service-visa, rain-sun

usual a busy week. Much done & much to do. Had the rain still coming down Mon & tuesday. Several friends that have been here over 2 years found they had leaks, with the heavy rains we had.

 here is about 2 blocks from house, Morelos street, seeing how the street merchants deal with rain

                      Coming back from the orthopedist,               new sight Umbrellas!

Flower shop just down from us.

Then we had a unexpected day in San Miguel. wasn't too pretty weather wise but it stopped raining. saw some familiar flowers i love.
And some other interesting homes & plant arrangements.
 How do you get plants way up there? They are amazing.
Looks like your going to drive off the end of the world.

Then on thursday headed to La Paz. 1st made a few calls in Dolores. Because we were picking up some others for a little later start to La Paz. Needed to be there by 11:30 for Marlene's study. So I stopped by a RV, I have made but who has been busy every time, or asked me to come back when we were in La Paz. So I made the call early, normally it was around 11-12. This time 9;30 or so. Caught him at his home, across the street from his shop. owns an auto body place. Reuben came out, and we had a nice conversation. He is really down, because he is poor, works as hard as he can, but can't bring customers in. has a family, wants to care for them, but is not able to. 1 thing in Mexico that is a good thing, He lives with his mother, who has a home. The family many times extends there privacy to there family to offer shelter & food. Since the economy i snad, in US, many workers are forced to come back to Mexico, for those basics. Very humbling for the men, who have to do that. So we shared the hope we have, and set up a time for a study. Left him the Listen to God brochure. and a What do young people ask book, Has a daughter, 12 years old.
Then we headed to La Paz.

Stopped to see what kind of cactus this is, Have been seeing it and wanted to know.

Has some kind of fruit on it that turns yellow.

Then saw a truck farmer,

He has limes, onions, and a whole lot of pork skins in those bags. Fried pork skins are a huge item here. Vendors sell them everywhere.

Then we started on the studies. Elaine & Amelia, were dropped off at Miguels house, and I confirmed with him his study later at the corner where he sells his hicama. Then Tom & I went to check on his study Juan. They are remodeling the new location, across street fro there old shop. So we invited him to meeting sunday. Then we did some territory. Returned to pick up the sisters and had some lunch before the afternoon studies started.
The restaurant Debbie & Vicky found in service is a favorite of ours. Its in territory we are working, and has a really good selection of seafood.  Elaine had stuffed avocados with shrimp salad, Amelia & Tom had a chicken & rice soup(sopa), and I had a chicken rolled salad.
Then it was time to try the studies. 1st up Nadia, she couldn't have it, then went to Carla's.

She was there and they had a nice study, spent more time with her than they have in awhile, even tho there was her nosy neighbor boy, who she is to school with. But she did well. She is 15, very sweet girl. Parents like her having study. They are in listen to God Brochure.
Then we came back to centro area, to have Miguels study. While Elaine called on the Pinata girl. Her name is Lucia, i think. Her parents have a store across from a walmart type store. I study with Miguel on the corner just up from there. Elaine's girl had basketball practice, Tom & I had Miguels.
Got into chap 2, and went well. We arranged for us to go over sunday, and take them to spanish meeting. This will allow them to meet the spanish friends, and hope to turn over Marlene to a spanish sister. Amelia has done so well with her, but for the family to get to meetings, and see there culture peers, at the KH, and make friends with them will help long term for there welfare. That is 1 of the very hard things to get used to. In our territory almost everyone, 99.9% speak spanish as there native tongue. When we find someone who wants to study in spanish, and they can comprehend the english.  Then you are faced with trying to get both husband & wife in to a study, and since the man can understand both languages, usually they end up attending and becoming a part of the spanish congregation. So there is a reality when you study that you may not be the one that finished them to baptism. Its in the best interests of the family. But of course you are happy for them, but its like sending your firstborn to school for the first time. You turn them over to someone else. But as Paul said, he planted, someone else watered, but it is Jehovah who makes it grow.
After Miguel, we headed back over to other side of town, Angelica's study.
She was in and they had a good study. We called on Daniel, and visited a bit, but he couldn't have study then.
Then it was time to head to our last one usually, Debbie's study Sochie. debbie is still house bound with the "gripa". So she asked Elaine to try her. study. She was able to do  some paragraphs with her.

As you can see it was getting dark, even had some sprinkles. So we headed for home.

Soliciting for tips, to give them a show.
Saw these flares of brightness down the street, and turns out it was the fire breather, street guy, trying to get tips for his performance.
So that ended our day. got back in Dolores about 8pm. Hoping we will have a nice time at meeting sunday with Miguels family.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Studies....studies... studies- no complaints here!

Picture doesn't do the horse justice. Very beautiful animal. The man is training the horse.

Then we hit La Paz, took Amelia and Elaine to Marlene's, dropped them off, then took Tom To Juan, dropped him off. Then Elaine called & said Miguel was at the house also & wasn't doing his vendor cart, so we could study at house too. So found a parking spot( not easy) close by, and we had 3 studies going at once. So off to a good start.

                 Elaine, Amelia, Marlene, & Miguel
                 after we finished both studies. Miguel has the bible books memorized to Joel in Hebrew scriptures. We went over the index in back on the Divine name. He understood well, and the book is so good on the reasoning & examples.

Then we grabbed some lunch, and headed to afternoon calls. Hit 3 not there yet, so the we headed to Tom's study home to visit his wife, she speaks no english so Amelia was able to go with Tom and start a conversation with her & see new baby. Mia Isabel.
Mia Isabel

Big Brother- Juanito

Amelia was able to meet 7 set groundwork for any future interest, and see if there is  an opportunity.
Then we swung back to early calls, to see if they had arrived at homes.
Elaine went to Angelica's, and they said about 10 minutes, so while they waited, I called on Daniel, who I had talked to twice before, this being the 3rd call, he was in, and waved us in. Introduced Tom, and shoed him BT book. It was interesting to learn his background with religion. Went to Baptist church for several years in states. Made the comment that he was turned off by seeing how the hypocrisy was evident, Sunday everyone was friendly & brotherly, but the rest of the week they acted very hypocritically. So that turned him off. Then here in La Paz he was called on by Mormons, He also saw things he didn't like. He decided that he only believes the Bible. Religions don't practice what they preach. So we read a few scriptures about Jesus, Matt. 23:13- and how he felt about the same thing. Then he asked a question. He said he always wondered about how to pray. So of course we shared the Feb awake, pg 12, and Viola! and answer to that very question. He asked for a bible so he could read it.
 So we spent about 45 minutes with him, while Elaine &n Amelia studies with Angelica. So 2 more successful studies. Then went back to Carlas, she was there, and they did her doorstep study.

Daniel & Tom

Elaine & Amelia at Carla's
Then we headed back to jardin area, next study wasn't there, shop closed up, but Elaine other study was, and that went well.
Finally we headed to last study, she was there but she couldn't invite the girls in, so just has aconversation, then we were done.

So at the end of the day we had 6 studies, 1 good call, and to think that 2 years ago we couldn't have imagined that could happen. The blessings of being able to find these ones, like the friends have done here, is truly something to experience.
With Miguel, he said he wants to attend meetings. So we will try to connect his family up with the spanish congregation. And see if 1 of the spanish sisters could take over Marlene, and they then can meet and begin to attend spanish meetings. That is one thing with calling on people here. As we have noted before, most of the studies are men, who learned english in states, thru working, so when you see progress, and the family shows interest you have to steer them to spanish so the whole family is being fed spiritually. Sad in a personal way, but necessary in a spiritual way. I will continue to study english with Miguel.
So we had a productive, stimulating day. Came home and had our aracherra stew that smelled great in crock pot when we opened door.

Love to All,
Tom &Elaine.