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Monday, September 26, 2011

1WEEK TO GO FOR HOUSE SALE!!!!!! I lost my big screen today!

Down to 1 week for closing, Elaine has done a great job reducing all of our possessions to what is left in house- 4 bins for her clothes- 3 for mine- 3 for small appliances- going to Mexico. Rest has been stored in Jared & Stacey home.

Jeremy came & picked up our big screenTV, it is now His & Mirands's, with the understanding that if we come back, they will return it, ( should I get that in writing?). Ha.

Had last Dr visit on knee, before we go. I received a good chew out! He wanted me wearing the leg immobilizer more. Let me know he doesn't believe in luck, or chance. And I had left his protocol. Let me know I wasn't a young kid who can grow bone back quickly, so it showed I was at 75% toward healing the fracture he created to put patella back to where it was supposed to be.  Gave me some new instructions for PT, so she can print out for me, to continue rehab in Mexico.

Had a nice get together with close friends at Dan & Terry's, sunday. Then surprised Dan with a retirement party for him, at his own house! Was great surprise, got them completely unaware. All his immediate family attended, and some close friends. Good times.

Just have a few things left to do, before we move to Jared & Stacey home for a few days, before heading to a family vacation for Elaine. Will go to Ky, Tenn, GA, on 10-3, then head back to St. Louis 10-12.
Then head to Laredo Tx, on 10-15 or 16, to meet up with Tom & Debbie Lipperd in Laredo on 10-19.

Exciting next few days.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sold Sign in front yard!

The real estate agent posted a sold sign, so we think they think everything is done to close.
Took a bunch of containers to Stacey's garage attic to store. Jordan said he would help me by climbing up there to lift & slide them into attic.
Forwarded all mail, bills, set cut off dates with all utilities, etc.
Have a couple extra days to meet friends driving down to Dolores Hildago. Meeting on the 19th, in Laredo, Tx. Going to try and see Alamo while down that way.
Little going away party this sunday, at Winkelmans. just a few friends they invited over.

11 day to closing, 12 to starting our vacation, 17 to leave for Mexico.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9-10-11- house repairs done!

Had a great day today, the toughest job of repairing siding is finished with the help Of Jeremy & Tom Fisher. Tom is a siding contractor, and knew just how to fix the little repairs the home inspector for buyers had flagged for work. So it is done, nothing left to do now, but move out, clean final, and move to Jared & stacey's. A benchmark is reached, so the move to closing date is just over 3 weeks away. The buyer had there insurance agent out yesterday taking pictures, so that was a good sign.
Our desire to test the needgreater work in mexico is coming to fruition.
I will say it is getting tougher emotionally, thinking bout being away from kids, and family and friends. My plan is to keep us busy, so we won't have time to dwell on that much.
Planning a farewell tour after closing 10-3 heading to KY, Tenn, & Ga, to see Elaines family, before heading to Dolores Hildago on Oct 12th to meet up with The Lipperds in Tulsa.
Missing the cardinals won't be too bad with there season over, but if the Rams have a good season that is another issue. But that is what this move is about. trying to adapt to a lifestyle that is slower, and more centered on improving our minds, and hearts, for Jehovah. taking the time to help honested hearted people to learn of the truth. stretching our comfort level to assist where need is great.  Its been 20 years since building the Jamestown KH, and being involved everyday in Kingdom activity. And 36 years since I quit ft pioneering.