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Friday, December 16, 2011

12-15 morning- stuff

Took today off, if a white caucasian can in this town, since the only caucasians that live here are us, JWS.
So you are never really off. kind of like the km article about informal witnessing. But started day, by weed wacking our small yard, then went to get some BF.
Bought this fruit for 15 pesos. 2 bananas, 2 avocados, 3 tangerines, 2 oranges. 15 pesos is about $1.20.
One of the neat things about living here. they tell me we are in the citrus picking time, its ripe and coming to local markets. So plan on stocking up.
Then went top grab some Tom Bf things.

grabbed a Bf torta, 27 pesos- a huge sandwich.

Then saw the factory next door that turns out lots of tortillas every day.
Then we headed for San Miguel de Allende

 Then we entered San Miguel. his statue, Gen Ignacio de Allende reminds us of that.

Then we headed to library. If you have an FM-3, resident Visa, you can get a library card. allowing you of course to use library, which has a good selection of english authors and paperbacks. So we toured the books, chose carefully and enjoyed the inside of library.
  Had a nice sitting courtyard to read in, and people watch. Since we don't see many caucasians, us, canada, etc in dolores or La Paz, you can see your fill in San Miguel.
Real pretty flowers and bldg in Library.

Then we left there after Elaine & Debbie joined us, after a shopping excursion. ( we have a new wall decoration).
Walked to restaurant for early supper. saw this old hippie on the way.
Vicky saw he had a Wt in his bag! I thought he looked more amish than hippie!
Supper didn't disappoint. tried for 1st time place called- Venus_ Thai- asian cusine. Curry, ginger, rice dishes.

 Looks like the stuffed crab rolls are a winner! Vicky ordered.

Tom got a ginger sauce dish. and he is showing off with chopsticks.

Elaine & I had the Curry chicken soup, but toned down spicey wise. Was filling and full of chicken, and tasty veggies. What a colorful presentation

Debbie completed our selection, I think it was stuffed cabbage rolls. She enjoyed them. Had fresh squeezed Lime juice with a grapefruit slice in it.
Very tart!

Then we had other sights I'll share later that were amazing!
Have tons more to share, but its late FS tomorrow and want to put together the right presentation for you.
Stay tune for La Paz- 12-15 part 2.
Was fun to have just a easy day.
Love Tom & Elaine

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