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Monday, January 2, 2012

week recap-new year.1-1-12- and La Paz-1-2-12

As I returned from an errand, I saw all these police  cars with lights on, then saw the reason why.

Then confirmed my suspicions.
Last saturday in FS had quite the show by a bunch of cows. The territory we worked was on the edge of town, but you'd have thought you were in Wisconsin!
moo cows getting there morning feed

                                      They were everywhere.

And the smell was heavenly if you had come from a big dairy land farm. The car group hadn't.
Going back to friday night, We went out to reestablish our "date night". Back home it was usaully dinner at O'Charley's, or Fratellis. Or a movie. So after hearing about this great "pizza place", and ascertaining its whereabouts, we headed on foot to find it. The town has been packed with many visitors, from states off work so they come back to there family here. Makes for a noisy & crowded town. So we walk whenever we can. Found the place called "NanaPancho's". To give an idea of some of the challenges we have faced trying to find real pizza. Went to a very nice plac called "Voglia's". When we ordered we had Pepperoni, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. We got all of that except the pepperoni. There was something on pizza that looked like sliced hot dogs, when we asked where is pepperoni, the owner pointed out the hotdog slices! Afterward of course the frinds explained that here when you ask for pepperoni, you get hotdog. So we had heard of this plac, that it had real pepperoni, And sure enough it did.
Of course the huge pizza was mostly for Elaine! I had a slice.

It wasn't IMO'S, but what is right? But it satisfied our pizza desire, for a while.

Had a good day in La Paz, Ron Mudge went with Mike & Tabitha Portell with myself. Ron took me on his study, young man who works at an Herbalife dealer. While Mike & Tabitha went to a study by jardin. We agreed to meet back at jardin at Noon. Good study of Ron's. he met him the 1st time we worked La Paz. After we got back together went to find a young girl in the food court that Deb Eiseman talked to a few weeks ago. So we decided to eat there, while we found gorl. She wasn't there but her family said she would be back. So we dropped her a book, will see what happens.
Then worked a street, I found a 12 yr old boy who spoke english, and left him with old awake on Music, asked if he lived here and "no I live in texas", was his reply, I asked when he was going back and he said, "today". He was visiting family over holidays. Least I got him before he left. Then we headed over to some calls. Mike & Tabitha called on our little girl, Carmen,

After trying some other ones, we finished up. But I forgot to tell you that I finally found Juan Carlos at his vendor cart! After 4 weeks of trying. He had talked to the Portells & Ron on Mondays, but I hadn't seen him because we were coming on Tuesdays for 3 weeks. So hada good Rv with him, he will contact his friends and see if any want to meet with us. he said we need to try to see if we can be there in the evening so as to meet them. Told him thursday we will see him then, and he can let us know what evening, Monday or thursday was better. Showed him some of out brochures, and he wanted to look at the Origin.
Had some actual clouds today.

All for now.
Tom & Elaine

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