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Monday, December 19, 2011

Potpurri of pics, thoughts-12-11

Enjoyed our off-day, last monday we will have off, because we'll be back on schedule next week. Where mondays will be La Paz service days, and our mtgs will be back on tuesdays. That will be our reg. home day for study. the mtg. wash etc. So today I tried to find an auto service place but failed, and then tried to find a Bible studys house, who does welding, to see about making a patio table for Elaine, She said she is tired of not being able to use the patio.
 So thats is what motivated me to try to find a welder/fabricator to make a patio table & chairs. Didn't find the mans house, Luis, but at mtg tonite he was there and got his address & ph#, so will try to hook up with him wed afternoon, after service. In mean time in my wandering took some shots that show a typical day here in Dolores. Even found some clouds yesterday that some of you haven't seen.

So we do get a few billowy white puffy things here. But usually so far it is just clear.

Just a shot of a big palm tree.

Then came across a typical pickup load of people that come in from the ranchos on sunday & mondays. 1 day will go with spanish brothers out to ranchos, to see how that work is done.

Here is older woman and her daughter on the street, getting ready to head to shopping. Most people here in Dolores buy there food the day they eat it. 1 day at a time.

Vendor selling his food to passerbys.

Beautiful climbing rose bush, between doors.

Musicians waiting for a gig. This little jardin is called the "musicians jardin. Musicians come here and if someone wants to hire them they come here to see whose available. Kind of like a hiring hall.

Then as I shopped sunday for some snacks, stopped by bakery, and ran into the owner of Damonica;s, one of the best italian restaurants anywhere.
The owner, his wife, daughter all are very outgoing and love us(jws) when we stop in. They always make us a special appetizer, and enjoy us as we eat it. Real deal Italians. They came here from northern Italy 5 years ago. One day I'm going to get the story about why they settled here.

Our friend gets his bakery goods here. so we shop here too. Fresh from the ovens and racks to the shelves. No preservatives at all. They last 1 day then will go hard, so only buy what you eat today, or if you have a crock-pot soup/stew ready at the end of service, then you can use the day old rolls for that.

Really good stuff. This place causes me a lot of trouble, staying/ or getting started on my fresh veggies & fruit diet.
The owners of bakery also own our home we rent. So I'm forced to go in there to pay rent.....its the I must go in there at least once a month......... if only I only went 1 time a month! You pass it going to almost the rest of our markets, the smells coming out of that bakery are almost obscene.
All for tonite except for a pic of our "survivor" snack/ dip. fresh tomatoes, guacamole, and corn chips.
feasted on that and a Corona. heading to La Paz tomorrow, hope to have my study with Miguel, the enchilada vendor, and see if we can catch a few more calls, and territory.
Love Tom & Elaine.
p.s.  Have a album of pics on how they make the pottery they are famous for here. Out in service Saturday, we called on 1, and they let me in.

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