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Friday, December 2, 2011

Day Off- Kind of. 12-2

Needed to do some jobs around house, pay bills etc. Went to breakfast, shopping, and then took old roof material to Davids house, a study of Ron Mudge.

On the way back from breakfast saw these men unloading flour at bakery.
The 1 fellow is carrying 2 -50lb bags at once, takes using your  head to a new level.
Then stopped by market and visited with the owners son & wife. I see them a lot and the son likes trying out his english. Very friendly and open.

 His phrase he wanted today was-"estoy bien".
I am good- so we practiced that a bit, bought 4 avocados and headed to house.
The girl above I always wave at, to get a smile from get when we pass the store.

The mangos I haven't tried yet but will soon, People tell me that Dec is the fresh citrus month for here.

After getting home loaded old roof material onto Blazer and went to Davids home. He isa Bible study of Ron Mudge and helped me in taking old roof down, and installing new. Translated for me, was a big help.
In the background is Davids home, has some chickens, and is making improvements. He has a view of mountain that many would want to have. At night a view of the stars.

Little neighbor girl, she was shy, couldn't resist.

David said when there is rain, it is all green! But the drought here is 3 yrs old, with a minimum of rain.

Here are some pics from yesterday. Shoe shine row.
And heading home!

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