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Monday, August 29, 2011

timeline update- recovery

Big day today. Had Dr visit, took xrays, pulled staples, and set up PT for next month. Dr says 12 weeks to go to being able to return to work, but PT said maybe 6 weeks to be able to get enough movement to be at 90 degree movement. S0 we will aggressively go about the exercises so as to hasten the knee-leg stretching so as to be able to travel, and get down to our new congregation.
maybe we can make it by Oct.15th.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

visitors!! Yea

Had a nice week of visitors-friends from Hall and family- Bro- Mills, Franzgrote, Sprecker, Brendan Maze,
Caleb Quinn, Seth & Bro Franzgrote, Sis- Cathy, waller, spinola, Hicks, Sprecker-Franzgrote-
Bixlers(lunch) thur-
Paul & Rose Jordan- wed night-
calls from Bro. Carter-Roberts- Winkelman
emails from many-
I can see how when one is ill, the visits mean so much.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

meeting by phone!

going to  listen in to meeting tonite, see how it goes,

Oh the pain of it all!

I want to know who it was that said this operation was a good thing?
what is wrong with a cane? May end up using 1 anyway/
Tom Fisher came by with Jeremy= to look at siding repair- Tom thinks it will be no sweat. Even worked on some last evening.
I'll owe him a big one, That is last of the inspection list.

Monday, August 15, 2011

countdown to surgery- 1 day!- House appraiser out today

tomorrow at 6:45 go to Dr Wright office, surgery at 8:45 approx- out to recovery at 10:15, going home at noon if all goes well.
Marsha-realtor said we should know within 10n days is there is any problem with appraisal, she doesn't think there will be an issue, but you won't know til loan commitment sept 20.
There is a lot of nervousness all round today.
Got a load of junk hauled from garage & bas't, and have garage almost cleaned out.
Austin is a  big help.
Well hope the Dr knows what he's doing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

3 days to immobility!

Not much about mexico move, except that with 3 days left before the kneecap is cut, moved & screwed into the correct position, my availability as Elaine moving donkey is limited. So, needing to load blazer up with storage stuff for Jareds house. garage attic. Last time there lost 4 lbs of sweat, nailing attic boards down for a floor, so we can slide boxes/containers in to attic.
She is paranoid we will not getting anything done while I'm rehabbing, probably right. She is doing her best, so I'm going along with only small complaints.
Hoping for rehab to progress so that in 8 weeks??? I can be driving to Mexico, with less pain the now.
We planned out how to arrange the containers in blazer, how many, what position to give maximum capacity, etc.
But I had a day of play Friday, golf with bro Tim, he turned 58, and we had a great time, capped off by watching Cards beat Rockies on big screen TV, with a Shiner Bock, reminds me of Falstaff, on the back porch on Mueller street, listening to Harry Caray, in 50s, in Ferguson, MO. He had a little screened porch with an icebox, witha case of Falstaff, and he'd give me a swig, listening to radio in July at 9pm, just me & him. Was a kind man who played ball with Enos Slaughter, Red Schoendist, and Johnny Keane, went hunting with them. Got me to really want to play baseball.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspection notice agreement

Cleared first hurdle! Had the buyers agree to our inspection notice offer. So now we can repair/replace the items listed, and they agree to accept that- can't change mind.  Good News. Had lots of help so far, Austin, Jordan, Rob, Dan, and this weekend- Tom & Jeremy. So this sale is going forward. It will be slow for awhile 6 weeks............... seems like forever, but with surgery 5 days away, have to keep getting stuff done.
Moved 11 boxes to Jared & Stacey's bas't. Then put a floor down in garage attic to store more "stuff".
 Need to accomplis as much as possible before surgery.
Elaine is reminding me of that.
Trying to get some FS time in too, did early AM wed, so that helps. Try sat am, and that may be it till after surgery & recovery.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

punch list

The process seems like it is so slow in some aspects, but moving fast in others. 1 week from today, I'll be having my left knee up in a bed, with an ice machine moving water to cool leg. So blood clots won't form.
That is going FAST!
My time to get the real estate punch list is really sped up. had about 24 items to fix-repair-replace- etc.
Did the ones I can do 1st- trimmed window, weather strip door, had to put squirrel mesh up to keep birds out of attic, has about 7 eave holes that they had gotten into., fixed sump pump drain-window screens.
Now have to wait for Jeremy & Tom to work on siding. Good news is Home depot had some that may match color wise, big relief there. rob- may do the electrical 5 items.
Had a great helper today- Austin, he was nice to have.
Signed the inspection notice and Marsha will send to buyer agent -wait and see if they sign.
The closing date seems to far off, but with the knee surgery, I'll be unable to do much for awhile. Really torn over the surgery. Insurance runs out this month. Morning can walk 2 miles, but after climbing a ladder a few times, by afternoon, it is sore.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

inspections for buyers- beware!

Well we are into the 1st inspection for selling. Radon, & termite yesterday, house today, We will leave the inspector to do his thing. Maybe the last time we have to do a thorough cleaning.  The buyers will be here we think, and according to their FB page, we have their "dream house", so hope we don't disappoint them!
After these inspections should be good to go from house qualifying for loan, then we wait for their loan commitment, Sept 20. Can't wait too leave this hot-humid weather! Hopefully we come thru inspections w/o major issues.