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Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to work. Sad but true.

Well started job today, and wasn't too bad. Could have been worse. 1 good thing is, while project mgr was showing me all the weld areas, we climbed stair cases, up barrel ladders, down stairs, some 400ft. I realized I wasn't breathing hard! One of the benefits of living and exercising in an elevation of 6000 ft. So the last 5 weeks of walking every day with Tom, and Debbie has paid off. I impressed myself with being in good shape. My knee held up fine, right heel was good shape, so the time off, and the treatment from my orthopedist, has really improved my outlook, about working. However, I didn't miss at all the coarse language, and worldly association you have to have when working in world. Had to take a shower when I got home, and it wasn't because of sweating.

But sure miss the FS work, and our calls studies & being with a clean people, who share your love of neighbor, to bring good news to them.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Missouri- bound-and more

Well we arrived in Missouri late sat. afternoon. Saw 3 grandsons, and 2 of 4 kids. Went in FS sunday with Jared & Stacey, and had supper with Jordan, Monday. Then the insanity of dealing with gov't regs hit me Monday. had to get documents together for car re-licensing. Property tax receipts, get emissions test, safety inspection, proof of Insurance, etc, What a hassle. Finally today, after having to get emissions issue fixed, because some sensor, that doesn't have anything to do with safety, failed, had to spend some USD to get it fixed. After an extra day of hassle, got Blazer re-licensed, and extended my drivers license to 2018, so that will address Having to come back, just because of that issue.
In FS, had people refuse the Memorial invitation! Wouldn't have happened much in Dolores, they are too polite. Not so much here in suburbia, St. Louis. But Jared & Stacey went in FS ALL day monday. After 10 hours or so, as it was getting dark, they had about 30 minutes to get in. So the group worked 1 more street. After all day of not getting much good reaction, they had several courts to work, but only had time for 1. So they picked a short one. At 1 house, a young man answered, saw the sister who was there, said, "I know you." She had called on him last year, then he moved to Las Vegas. She didn't know that. When they called back trying to find him, Mother didn't say where he was. But he told them he moved to Las Vegas, and out there JW called on him. Then when he came back here, the very same JW called on him here, in the Memorial work, He said, "I'm coming to the Memorial". That sure underscores how Jehovah has the angels doing there job doesn't it?
Started to go thru some of our stuff, stored at Stacey & Jareds. Amazing what you can do w/o. But also found some stuff that we can really use. Went to Jeremy's to retrieve golf clubs. But the weather doesn't look good, rain wise. Very nice temps.
Heard from the Dolores folks. Ron called on Miguel had study, and Marlene had hers. So thats good.
All for now,
Tom & Elaine

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last day in La Paz for awhile...........

So Monday was our last day in La Paz for awhile. Tabitha & Eva went to Marlene's to meet Eva(spanish sister) there. I had a bag of cookies that Marion Eiseman gave everyone at hall sunday, looked really good. But I decided that they would be better for Maria & Miguelito. So put in fridge to take to them. Then we did some door to door. Then we went to lunch.

Mike & I had the aquacate relleno. Avocado with shrimp salad. Delicious.

                   Ron went wild. Fish. The whole fish!

Not sure what Tabitha & Eva split. but looked good.

Then we split up with Ron and girls heading to the new market to search for some RVs. They found 1 of Tabitha's, an old one from Debiie who originally found her, Maria. Tabitha was able to start study, and had a good time.
Mike & I went to study with Miguel, Mike & Ron, & Tom will fill in for me, while we are in states. Since we study 2 times a week, it will help to have a couple brothers available. We finished chap 3, and was gratifying to hear Miguel tell me, he had family study sunday night. He is doing well, but of course Satan isn't standing idly by. He has some new challenges to deal with. So we are keeping him in our prayers. But he has right thinking, "Jehovah will take care of us".
So Ron & girls were back in jardin, while girls were there, Tabitha had 2 good calls. Debbie & her group, her son Micah was there,visiting with a friend from Houston area Jonathan. So they had 2 studies, and we passed them several times traveling around city. Tom was at Juan's, for his study. Then Ron had his study. So that day in La Paz there were 7 studies conducted! What a good day. Also Amelia had made contact with a man at gas station before, & I called on him, and left mags there. he had 2 mexican friends with him, and gave them some spanish mags.
Then on way home we had some clouds move in, a sprinkle or 2, and then saw this.

Then today, I wasn't planning FS, but trying to get some stuff done before we leave. Went to walmart(ours anyway called Bodega). to get battery for a caliper tool I have. Met up with NOE, he and I have began a friendship, since we came here. he speaks some english, so I always seek him out for questions & help in finding stuff. So after he found a battery for me, I asked him about studying. he said he wants to study, in english! Not sure of his reading ability, but this is a case where, if HH wants to study in english, we don't turn them down, even tho there native tongue is spanish. So I told Ron and gave him info, so he can call on him until we get back. Then stopped by Abrahams ceremic store, looking for some gifts for certain people back home who will remain unnamed. He has been so busy last 3 months, have not had time to study. So he said things have slowed down, and he has time, so told Mike Portell about him and Mike will try to get him  started again. So on my off day, got in a couple hours and more important, got 2 BS arranged. So was a good day.
Then at meeting, heard about part of the publishers have started going to San Felipe, another big town where we haven't got to regularly. The Reeds & Millers & Chandler went there,Monday and found 25 english speaking people in 1 day. and several good calls, possible studies were made. Just outstanding potential.  We are fishing for men. Ron just went fishing.
All for now, our Mexican adventure will be on hold for some weeks while we head north, and do some work. But I will get updates from friends here to keep a pulse on what us happening.
Love to all, looking for some nice meals out with our family and friends in St. Louis.
Tom & Elaine

Sunday, March 11, 2012

party time at Mudges!!!!!

Ron & Carolyn Mudge hosted the party, Ron was "La Chef" on the grill for burgers & dogs.
Everybody brought a dish, we had green enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, guacamole, rice & corn dish, broccoli salad, many great desserts. I obviously went off the wagon for the evening. Great time had by all, even tho we will be down 2 publishers, almost a 10% loss, we are happy to see them do what they want, and is best. Marion just finished a education course on teaching english, she is I guess certified to teach it here in Mexico. So maybe that will be useful for her down the road.
Here are some pics of the friends who were there.

standing, sister Berlina Crane(sp), sitting on right is our local chiropracter, and Bible verse champion, Bill Chandler. with her back to pic,  Deb Buentello, (our local mayor) for us gringos anyway, she provides a great needed service helping us get here and assist us in getting places to rent, electric, water etc, been here the longest, locally.) to her right at table Eva Bareski, sitting on swing is Carolyn Mudge, hostess.

Here in pic from L to right- barely visible Gaby Cruz, Amelia(just her head) Carolyn, Bill C, Jose, Debbie Lipperd.
Ron grilling, Marion in foreground, Phil. Tom's study on right of Ron

Here is Ron Mudge, cooking to his right is Phil Tom Lipperd study, lives on the rancho, (where cow was stuck in mud in pond) foreground, Marion Eiseman, then on patio couch in back left Bible
study of Ron's David Peralta, with Amelia head again sticking out.With Deb Eiseman talking to sister Crisp.
Stephanie Miller, Debbie Lipperd, Chip Feid standing,, Elaine head., back table Stacey, Joyce.
It doesn't take much for our friends here in Dolores to want to gether, but when we are losing someone it is reason to celebrate there as well as to get together and let them know they will be missed.

Deb Eiseman & her daughter Marion, are heading back to Missouri, SW end, to move back to there old stomping grounds.
Debbie Eiseman & Joyce McCracken

Marion Eiseman-foreground

on swing is Eva Bareski- and 2 Crisp girls.

Monday, March 5, 2012

La Paz-tables, and other stuff.

Top shot of Lime tree, in back yard

Well had a good day in La Paz. We did some door to door, Amelia & Anne met a spanish sister to start the process of turning over Marlene to her, so the family can begin getting acquainted with the spanish cong, in La Paz.
Then we met up for lunch, Elaine & I did some more D-to-D, and then we had lunch at La Isla. Tom joined us there, he was at BS, new store location helping them get the lights and electrical going at store.

Then we headed for afternoon studies. Elaine had Louisa, and I had Miguel.
Anne & Miguel as we finished study.
Went into chapter 3, did the 1-10 paragraphs. But before we started, Miguel wanted to do his "homework", listing in order the Bible books. He is up to Acts. He did very well with almost 100% accuracy. His homework, he ha to tell Maria, & Miguel, how he is doing on his homework, then he can help them with there's. he is letting them know he is in school too. When we were considering #9, he commented that " I wouldn't have eaten the fruit". He got the point that we want to make Jehovah happy, by our choices.
He told us that Miguel & Maria, bring him the My Book, so he will read to them. And also he is reading the Greatest man book now to them & Maria.
So we headed to car and as we started to drive out saw these things.
I saw this man carrying this statue?

Then saw these women carrying another statue. People carry Mary around all over the place. Guess they never read Isaiah.
So we headed back to Dolores behind this alfalfa truck.

Here  are some pics from our new tables, that a very gifter Bible study. Luis, made for us. He is an architect, who must do all kinds of jobs to survive here. He makes metal items, lays tile floors, does pation designs, just about anything creative he can do. 
Here are the tables he made for us.

coffee table. We gave him the sizes we wanted and he made them

New Planter table for window, double tier. Now of course Elaine has to shop for the right pots/items.

End table
The patio table he, made, then I took it to a RV who owns a tile pottery store. He was going to make the tile especially for us, then set tile for table top. He made the tile, but was not able to set them. So he called and apologized. So we have to figure out how to set he table. This should be real interesting. There are not enough tile to finish with either the black, or the colored ones to finish. He said they broke several, and nothing matched up, with enough to do what we wanted.
Will give you all update as we figure out what to do.
Open to your ideas.
As we drove home, saw another flock of sheep, with some goats in it.
 Much like our field, you keep looking for the sheeplike ones. We had 4 new ones attend sunday, Alberto and his wife and 2 kids. 1 is a newborn, Suzette, her older sister is Colette. I had been inviting them for awhile, he built our desks, Elaine sewing table, and our bedframes.
So it was nice to see them sunday. Chip & Marilyn Feid, had called on them before, and introduced us to them. I had gotten Alberto a spanish My Book, for Colette. She likes it. Hope to start a study with them.

Buds on Lime tree.
Our peach tree-after a lot of pruning in Dec, starting to bloom

2 aloe plants we added
Here is a shot from San Miguel, from Saturday. 
So all for now. 
Love to all, 
Tom & Elaine

Saturday, March 3, 2012

3-3-Blog- FS & San Miguel

Had a very nice day, in more ways than 1. Started off with FS, we joined Anne, Amelia, and Jose, and went to find some of these hard to find calls/studies. Anne had a good call, Amelia's was NH, the we went to 1 of mine. He has been difficult to find there, or if there, he has customers. Works on auto body, and painting. I have called maybe 10 times, reached him maybe 5, and had 2 times been able to make some points from Tr Tr. Last time I left him the Listen to god Broch. It is really a good tool for mexicans here who talk, and read english, but not real well. The pics and illustrations are so good, with the 1 scripture or 2, you can make the point. Today we were able to go over introduction and 1st 2 pages. That was good. We were able to complete a whole idea. and then introduced him to next points. Maybe a 15 minute study.
Then went around the corner and down several blocks, to find the glass man, a young study of Mike Portell, who is in transition, and cover 2 para in the chapter, before he had customers walk up for some glass orders. Sometimes thats all you can cover in a business. So we may make 2-3 calls there, as long as owner/worker doesn't mind to keep the conversation going. In short segments. As long as they give us the time we will do our best to be flexible. So had 2 short studies, and that makes a good day. My best Study Miguel is twice a week an hour each study. These other 2 are on a irregular basis, and you do what the person allows/ or can give. With ones who are challenged somewhat either in reading or understanding, sometimes shorter is better. At least until you can determine if they are wanting the study, or are only being hospitable.
While out this am, we asked Anne if she knew of a organic store in San Miguel?. She did, gave us good directions and we headed over there to see if we could find it, and what it offered. WELL, we did, and it is a fabulous place. "Via Organica". very nice place, if somewhat off the beaten track.

it is a combination produce store, with very many spices, and a whole slew of organic products.
Plus it offers dining there with 2 different dining

All kind of spices, and seasonings.

                                                        veggies & fruit

We had a light lunch, 1 slice of veggie pizza, mushrooms, onions, tomato, green & red peppers.
And we had a salad to go with it.

By the way, if you go to-
and look up the documentary called "FRESH". you can see it for free today, maybe tomorrow.
very good documentary about why going back to old style farming, is a good, profitable way to grow food.

Here's what we got today from the veggie place. we shop at.
All this, for less than $10. That is 1 reason why we can afford to live here. The fresh produce is very affordable, and healthy for you. I'm working on lowering BP, with diet & exercise. Lose weight. etc.
Don't want to go on the BP medicine unless I can't bring it down on my own. Will see if I can do it.
All for now,
Tom & Elaine.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

new month- start over

So we turned the page on the calendar, but the schedule remains the same. Had a nice day in La Paz. Elaine had 2 studies, I had 1, Amelia had 1, Tom had 1, and Debbie reactivated 1. So very fine day indeed.
We made some Dolores calls, conducted a study here for Mike Portell, who is transitioning from Chile to Dolores. Tom & I made the call on Fernando was home. WE did an abbreviated one, he started getting customers. But while he was making the glass for 1, it was a young woman with a maybe 3-4 yr old boy.
I tried to speak to her, but she was all spanish. I went to car, got out a My book I had in spanish, and showed her it, and asked if she would like it for the boy? She asked how much? When I told her its free, she accepted. The boy started looking at the pictures right away. Its a must to have some spanish lit with you. Sometimes just being a "norte americano" opens the doors. We are different, unique, and sometimes perceived as upper class, to the people here. Its not correct, but it doesn't matter, if they think that. And if you can use it to make inroads where the spanish brothers couldn't you don't walk away from it.

Here is Elaine at Carla's.
We split up after lunch. Elaine Amelia went with Debbie & Vicky, while Tom went to Juan's and I went to have Miguels study. Its such a joy to be able to study with Miguel. He is experincing some trials, and I was going to read him Ps.55:22, and 1 Cor. 10;13. But while I was turning there, he said, "Well, I am praying to Jehovah, and He will help me." I was so happy to hear that. He is making Jehovah his "Go to" person. When face with problems he knows who can help. I'm experiencing what many of you know, and I know, but to see it 1st hand just imbeds it deeper in yourself doesn't it? Truly there is more joy in giving than receiving.
Had an email from an old friend, that was at at Bethel when I was, and he sent me an update on some of the old bethel buddies he has kept up with. Which was very nice. I would like to catch up with some of them. He also sent me another pic, of someone I knew way back then.

That is my old press, Cottrell #7, in background. I use to get so dirty, I don't know how it all came off.
Well I do remember, it was kerosene, and a kerosene jelly we used to get the ink out to some extent. I always had the habit of getting to close to my work! But seeing some of the pics from faithful brothers who are still serving in various capacities,
is encouraging. Abe Lincoln, Jay Kosinski, Al Priller, Steve Fowler, Joe Gratzle, Tom Bowen, etc. We were young, strong, and willing to work hard, sometimes not work smart, but we got the job done. Was nothing better than to sweat for the Lord, and devote ones complete energy to the assignment. The bethel home took care of everything else.
Food, clothing, place to sleep. What a simple, good way to serve. We had 1 job, that was to print literature, and keep the machines running that did that. 10 hrs day, 6 days a week. except on sat, just a half day.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine