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Monday, January 30, 2012

Rain finally- and Sunday fun!

Biggest news is we have real rain. 1st time since we've been here, other than about 10 drops 1 night. Really a needed shower. Will settle the dust, for awhile, and we may even get some tomorrow. Maybe we'll get some greening up. Tired of ll this brown.
So got up and did a 2 1/2 mile walk this morning. Took about 50 minutes, up hill on the outgoing leg, down hill on way back. Felt good, knee held up, but right heel was barking when I got home. Achilles tendon is very tight in heel area. On way back ran into a little ranch with big cows.
I came back a different way, and startled some dogs, people and cows. You just never know what you will see here.
Then after meeting we had hospitality, our group, and Reeds had us over with some others. Sister Reed and some one else fixed us tostado's, beef & chicken, which were good, and hit the spot with our cooler weather.

Here Kari is in forefront, Susan in back left, with Fruciano's backs to me.

Jeremy is far left, then Kari, Joyce, and Bro& Sis. Fruciano. Jeremy and Kari brought a homemade salsa that was a big hit.

Trupianos in forefront, Bro Reed back, with Kari's Mom, Susan Juntunen on right.

Here are Kari's parents, Susan & Mark, from North Carolina now on left, Robert Reed, and Bro Fruciano, from Leon last 13 years, and Florida, & Boston before that.

Here is Joyce & Susan.

Had a good time, and enjoyed getting to know the Frucianos. they are in Leon, been there about 13 years. Have seen things really grow in english in Mexico. If I remember right, there was only 2 english when they came. They have become residents. so that has some advantages. Health Insurance, not having to pay yearly renewals for visa, etc.
So a good interchange of encouragement was had. Reeds have a beautiful home, set off from town a few blocks, with sheep, goats, and cows around there home. There landlord really appreciates there being renters,. They told us a problem with some big trees by the back of the home. The roots are pushing up there floor in spots, so the landlord hired some worker to get rid of trees & roots. So man shows up with a chain saw, that didn't work. So out came the hatchet, machete, hand saw, and pry bar. All by hand. Robert said that he brings coffee in the morning to him, but this tree is like 2-3 ft radius! And evidently the pay is not much. Again the term lazy Mexican isn'r in evidence here.
Kari's parents were flying out this morning, and the Frucianos had to get on the road, so we headed home about 7:30, dropped Joyce off. get ready for La Paz in morning. We were glad that we were able to make gathering, its nice to enjoy association with our brothers, away from KH.
Before heading to bed, the rain was pattering steady on our patio roof, Nice. Maybe we will see some Green pics soon!
Love to All.
Tom & Elaine

Saturday, January 28, 2012

San Miguel -1-26 & more

Took our day off Friday but turned out to be only a 1/2 day off. Had to get my brakes worked on after seeing the ABS light come on in La Paz. So went up about 9am to the mechanic place, several of friends go there. And he said come back in 1 hour. I brought my book with me & my service back pack, so was prepared for a wait, but an hour sounded good. Came back in an hour and he said 1/2 hour. Read over the Listen to God brochure, they use that a lot here. Simple, yet powerful, and the pictures tell the story.
Then as I was sitting on a rock chair across from repair shop the manager came over & showed me the pad on 1 shoe, and it was cracked, so I told him yes replace it.
4 hours later, at 1pm or so had car back and brakes were fixed.
So we had a late start to San Miguel. Our purpose was to get to library so Elaine could get some new books. She is hooked on Ken Follett, a great author, Pillars, World w/o end, etc. After that we found a new restaurant for us, as we walked toward the big jardin, she shopped a bit on the way. Then looked over menu from the entrance, and since I was starving we went in.
She ordered a nice salad, chicken with it, and I had Quail. Very nice.

I had looked at the steaks, but saw quail and had to try. My cousin Dave, loves quail & so do I.  It was done with some kind of sauce, plus got guacamole,
and a salad with it. Was $12. So felt like i could try it.

Then we left & Elaine wanted to shop some, and I had a good book, so I told her to meet me in jardin.
San Miguel as I've said many times is a very eclectic, Americanized town, that has enough americans/ europeans that gives the sense that your either in a european town, or spanish town, with all the culture and niceties that Dolores, San Luis de La Paz, and some of our other towns in our territory don't have.
Thats is the upside. or 1 of them. The down side is it reminds you of why you didn't have a lot of Bible studies & good calls in states in wealthy areas. But is nice that civilization is within 35 minutes. Or what we are used to anyway.

The guy in the hat was playing harmonica for tips.
Not unusual here. Kind of reminds me of Greenwich in NY, in early 70's or Columbus circle.
Hippies, musicians, all kinds of society weirdo's, castoffs, beatniks, etc.

These gradens just show hat man can do with creation, and the wonder & beauty from working with a creative mind along with Jehovah's creation.

As we drove out of San Miguel, and ran across some other interesting scenes.

This tree is in the middle of street. Which begs the question, How? How did the city not cut it done when smaller? Who? Had the foresight to preserve it? How? did it not get run into hard enough to not kill it? Or is the curve in it from a run  in with something?

Today in service found a return home who has studied with brother that was here, Pat Trainer. His name is Salvadore. He is a teacher, and very intelligent man, but it appears he has trouble finding time to "buy out". Shared the  "Listen" brochure & invited him to meeting. We were out with Eunice & Chandlers.
Made plans with Chandlers to have a bite to eat in evening, after he gave Elaine adjustment. He has practiced Chiropractic for many decades. Had a great time with them, ate at the "Toro Rojo" red bull.
Had heard about it and it was interesting.

They serve a buffet, with all you can eat, featuring different meats, aracherro, sausages, ham, etc. plus sides of baked potatoes, salad, peppers, onions. WE enjoyed the potatoes & salads. meat was not to good. But was fun to try it. Then I stopped by Soriana, our grocery store, to pick up a dessert for tomorrow, our group is feeding speaker. While going into store some very loud music was at entrance, and they had a live singer there entertaining the shoppers.
 So that finished our last 2 days. Always something new or interesting to observe.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Variety of experiences in 1 day!

Started our day, by making some calls in Dolores, then to pick up Amelia and head over. Had Ron Mudge with us, Amelia & Elaine. There was a new start for us in Dolores, there is a huge flea market, they call "the tianguis". on Thursdays, We usually miss it, because of heading right away to La Paz. But delayed our start there to try to see what all the fuss about the tiengas is. The sisters do approach work and many have good calls they have started. So here is my pic tour of the tianguis.

Steps leading up to the entrance of the Tianguis
Several beggars, 1 of note is a man with the bottom half of his body gone. He gets around on a skateboard, Almost didn't make it past him. Was focused on the whole experience of the flea market, but that was a sobering start. Reminder of why the human race needs Gods Kingdom.

                                     Table of non food items.

Veggies everywhere

                          tortillas anyone?

Sweets anyone?

                                              Strawberries anyone?

Peppers anyone?

                                                   Papayas anyone?

Flowers anyone?
                                                         Hodge Podege table

Fruits anyone?

                                         More food

Flowers anyone?

                                         Fish anyone?

Ron knows his way around the tianguis, he has a follower.
                                                                 Crabs anyone?

Cactus anyone?

So after trying to see tiengas, and finding english speaking here. Ron found a man that is a call. There is so many people that come here it saves trying to find them at home. they are here in tiengas.

Then we gathered up Amelia, and headed to La Paz for meeting Miguels wife, We were a little late, and she had to go to school early. So they did door to door, made a call, while Ron went to a call, and then he & I met in jardin for Miguels study. He was prepared and met us there at 2PM. Had a 1 hour study, but right when he got there, he told me "Tom I'm ready for the 1st ten books". I have assigned him to learn Bible books in order. So he proceede to lsit them and got an "A". Then we started on "judgement day", info on 213-215. He was really on the mark, and had the understanding of what is included in that day. After study i quizzed him on what he would say, if confronted about why only 144,000 go to heaven. He turned to Rev 14:1-3 and showed me. Ron made some good points of reasoning with him too.
Then after I went to find girls in territory, and they came back to jardin, Ron had found the ice cream stand across from where we study with Miguel!

 Then went on Elaines new study, Lucia. Her parents want her to learn english, and so agreed to have her study. 1 of the most interesting  thing to understand in mexico, doing the english preaching, was originally set up as  a way to help educate Mexicans to read & understand english. That was filed with the gov't. So it is not incorrect to approach people as english teachers, who use the Bible to that end. we are trained english teachers of the Bible. The BT book, is a reference book we use. Its taken awhile to get our minds around that concept. especially in Dolores. Elaine had a good initial study with her.
                 As we walked to Elaine call, I wanted to be sure they were going to have it, passed Miguel with his cart. He moves down to this spot after study. A little blurry, but has the Jan awake, and Listen to God brochure.
 Then we went on a call of Rons thru some narrow streets and hills. Made contact with a well spoken man. Who wanted to know where we could go to discuss some things. Ron has a GPS in his phone and uses it to mark where his calls are, so when you are in a new area that is a great tool. Jared are you listening? (hint hint).  Ron had us stop by the mercado to see if a man he knew was there.

Then after getting out of a blocked road, driving 1 way the wrong way to get out, we went to Angelica's. Elaine did her study, and she did well.

Elaine & Amelia at Angelicas. She was ready & prepared.

Then we decided we were all about done in, and ready to head back to Dolores.
So we arrived back in town, and what would my blog be w/o some horses?

As we headed down "pottery Row" had the horse people pull out in street. You gotta love a town where some cowboys can ride there horses around in town right?

Then ended our day as we drive off into the sunset, a pretty 1 at that.
Love to All,
Tom & Elaine

Monday, January 23, 2012

La Paz-1-23

Well I felt good enough to make La Paz for studies & calls especially. Elaine & I were joined by Anne & Amelia Dohn, which made the day much better. Elaine & Amelia attended to Marlene, Miguels wife after working some door to door. They had a good discussion, then met us at car for our brown bag lunch.
Afterward we headed to jardin so Anne & I had study with Miguel, while Elaine made a call on Debbies study, down 2 blocks.
Here is Anne & Miguel.
Then we headed back to car to do some other calls. While going back to car I was fascinated by what I saw a young man pulling on a small cart on the sidewalk.

Like I said you just don't know what you'll see here in the Mexican towns. Didn't find out where this delicacy would end up, but I don't think I want to know.

The girls weren't quite as fascinated as I was.

It was crowded on the streets at jardin, more so than last week.

We found 2 new individuals who spoke english today. I woman 1 young man. Part of the effort here in La Paz is to canvass than note how many english speakers live here. This will help the branch to determine if/when the effort to establish a congregation here is viable. The don't care only how many studies are progressing/ attending meetings but also how many english speaking there are to see what the needs are for a foreign language group to be established. So keeping track is essential to have that data on hand so as to be able evaluate that
if it comes up.

So we had an overall good day, Miguels study was good. I will be discussing with him more about attending meetings, either by bus to Dolores or attending spanish mtgs in La Paz. Picking his family up every week isn't feasible for me.

All for now,
Love Tom & Elaine

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mango Juicing-1-20

So we did get to San Miguel yesterday, before we both decided we were to tired to enjoy the town much. Went to Library and returned/ and got some books. Then headed back home but took 2 pics of interesting
stuff in San Miguel. We have been waiting for Iron Lady & War Horse to come to the Cinema in San Miguel.
Still not showing yet, so will monitor that. Kind of glad because we both would have not got  the most out of the movies.

Then spotted an optical store close to Cinema. Thought Stacey & Jared would like seeing what they have here.
Now on to my 1st juicing experiment with Mangos. The fruits season is here, oranges, grapefruit & Mangos, among others. So some of the friends here have been telling me about the mangos, and how good they are. So I picked out 4, with help from some sisters when we were out in service.
 They told me how to prepare them. They have a huge seed inside, that you have to know how to remove w/o loosing a lot of meat.

Here is the results of the meat from 4 mangos. Put in Bullet, and then juiced.

Here is final product. Very sweet, and delicious. Made 2 big cups of juice. It is a thick mixture, didn't add water, wanted to see consistency, before adding water. But I'd say you could get additional 2 glasses worth and not lose much flavor.

So will buy the ripe ones, while they last.
First saturday we didn't go out. Took it easy and took Elaine to Bro. Chandler for an adjustment. He's our retired chiropractor from Alabama I think. 79 yrs young. And he volunteered to give Elaine adjustment. So we missed our regular chiropractor wednesday, so thought we'd visit him. He did a nice job, and she felt better right away.
Started walking again today, even tho couldn't hardly breath with "la gripa", decided I better get a hold on my cardio/ or lack there of. felt good to push it. Still to sneezy to go to one of the friends "game nights". But hope the exercise will help immune system & get rid of this congestion.
Elaine mad a nice big salad, cabbage, avocado, cheese & ham, etc.
Started listening to the study WT in english with a spanish study WT to follow along and see if that helps learn spanish better/quicker.
All for now
Love Tom & Elaine