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Monday, December 5, 2011

Mixed bag-Bible study progress- San Miguel-

Had some pics from San Miguel,  I missed in last blog, and then have a heart-warming story, I hope you appreciate.

This is a really beautiful city, San Miguel de Allende. The building are so old compared to USA cities.  Its an art painting, or mosaic, with all the colors, designs and architecture.

But its only buildings. The true faces of Mexico, are the people. And when it come to the truth its seeing people change their minds, and hearts to grasping the truth. This is what is so rewarding to those who move here to serve where need is great. Its being in a position to be used by the angels in helping ones change there lives in so many ways. Its hearing your Bible study, give their 1st comment at a meeting. Its seeing someone so desperate to find the truth, it saved their life. In one instance a brother studied with a young man with a wife and 1 child. They found out the wife was pregnant, and in the course of learning the Bible, early on in the study, they asked the brother, what our view was of abortion. The brother used the Reasoning book, and Bible to show the husband, what Gods view is of life. Based upon that information, the couple decided to keep the baby, not abort it. She is expecting next month. I mentioned this before, but it illustrates what impact this brother & sister are having, by volunteering here in Mexico.
Here is Ron & David, with David new set of meeting cloths.
  Davids story is ongoing, but what steps he has made with Jehovah's help. His comments are always from the heart. Notice the water bottle under his arm? It is ok to bring the water to meeeting and drink it during mtg. The altitude here drys one out quickly. Plus there is no drinking fountain in KH.
Now here is a story about another family that is making progress at mtgs, and in their personal lives to serve Jehovah. Its still unfolding, but holds much promise, to see the family progressing.

The following is contributed by an associate blogger:

The attached two pictures of from when we first started studying with the family (about February/March of 2011).  As you can see, the family lives in very primitive conditions.  The family started attending Sunday meetings regularly in August and the they all came in very worn jeans and t-shirts (which is all they had).  They all comment at the Watchtower study now and are making good progress in the Truth.  While we were in US in September, we went to Goodwill and bought each of the kids 1 pair of khaki pants and some meeting shoes (not enough for all of them), so they wore their khaki pants with t-shirts.  Fast forward to Nov. 28th.  Filemon (the father) gives the boys a few pesos a day for chips or a soda after school.  When the boys get to school on the 28th, their teachers all brought used clothes to sell at a school rummage sale.  The boys found two suit jackets that fit them (kind of) and instead of buying chips and soda, they each bought themselves a jacket (10 pesos each) without their parents' knowledge.  When they got home and show their parents what they bought, their mom cried and asked them why the jackets were so important.  The boys told her they wanted to look like the brothers at the Kingdom Hall.  We go for their study Wednesday evening (11/30) and the boys had to show us their purchases, but they lamented that they did not have shirts and ties to go with their jackets, but they were going to wear their jackets over their nicest t-shirts, which they felt was better than nothing.  We were planning on picking up a young couple from US who were flying in for the weekend here and we emailed them and told them the story and asked them to go to Wal-Mart and find shirt/tie combos, which they did.  We had parents drop the boys off at our house Sunday before the meeting and asked them to bring their "new" meeting jackets.  Tom and I then showed them their new (really new) shirts and ties and the boys were so excited and kept looking in the mirror.  They even wet their hair down and had us comb it.  Here is what they looked like at the meeting today. 
Contributed by Debbie Lipperd.

So as you can see the effort is worth it here in Mexico. How  many more Davids, Isaiahs & Adams are there? How many Stacey & Phils? As the ones serving as "needgreaters", are experiencing, there appears to be many.

Love to all,
Tom & Elaine


  1. Tom, can you email me the picture of the young boys?
    Thanks. Jcvince at gmail dot com

    Jeremy and Kari

  2. Dear Tom and Elaine,

    My wife, Joy, and I visited Dolores Hidalgo last March and had a great time. Tom and Debbie Lipperd picked us up at the airport in Leon and we stayed with them for 9 days.

    On the way back from the airport, Tom stopped to see Phil and the boys. We got to meet them at the meeting on Sunday. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    We are living in Omaha, NE right now to care for my 90-year-old mother. When we no longer are needed here, our goal is to move to Mexico to serve with an English congregation just as you have.

    If you would like to see our pictures from our Mexican adventure, there are three albums at plus lots more.

    We'll enjoy looking and reading about your experiences.

    Jerry and Joy Love
    Ralston Congregation
    Omaha, NE

  3. Where we used to visit in Belize, there were several coat/blazers kept at the Hall to be used as needed by brothers with talk assignments. Not everyone had a jacket, but everyone looked just right when representing the congregation.