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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dec 13th- La Paz & other stuff.

followed this truck for a ways to La Paz- alfalfa cuttings.
Started out the day with a good healthy breakfast.
Made the journey, wondered if it was going to be worth it, results wise. Guess what it was! Debbie & Marion Eiseman accompanied us. Started a new territory, and mad some progress there. Marion & I,. Debbie & Elaine were teams. 1st block we started on, not much going on. But we were told by neighbors there was a person who spoke english ahead of us, somewhere....... Marion knows spanish pretty good, or I would have been clueless about what the spanish people told us. Last couple visits to La Paz have been somewhat of a downer to the physical man. Had such a good week the 1st week we came, but since then its been hard to contact people, going back but they are no shows, or not there for whatever reason.
  Our enchildada man, Miguel, hasn't been at his place last 2 weeks, so wondered what happened. So at our "brown bag", break, Elaine reminded me I had his ph#, and try that I did, with some trepidation, but wanted to see if he was still interested in study. It rang he answered, and apologized right away for missing last week. It was that old Guadalupe celebration, and he had sold out at the school he starts his route at, so didn't come up to jardin! Asked if we could get together thursday after 2pm? So that was nice to hear.

Back to our english speaking person several neighbors told us about. We worked some more, and another neighbor told us we were getting closer, its the"Blanco" (white_ house. Which here is relatively different. Colors rule in choice of paint. So we reached it, but over ther door it said "Bufete" something. So I thought it was a restaurant of course. Wrong. It was a private school. that teaches among other things, english. YEA. Marion took lead, and we had a good conversation, that the woman, was I think the principal, and asked us if we could come back in 2 mondays at 7pm- to talk to 4-5 other teachers who work there. Maybe we could leave some english literature with them? So that was outstanding. She wrote her name & ph# for us, so we can let her know if we can make it. We weren't sure she realized that would be 12-26....... day after, but will call to be sure.
Then we went on a couple calls from previous week, where we missed the person, this week we got hold of 2 out of 4. 1 lady had her son there, and he talked to Marion, again he was in spanish most of the time. Then I found gustavo, who had studied in Texas, to the point that his teacher, thought he was ready for baptism! But he moved back home to La Paz. Today I asked if he was more comfortable in spanish, he said yes, I asked him if he wanted a spanish brother to resume his study? He said yes. So I will contact the spanish cong( once I figure out how, talk to our SO, and see if he can get me in touch with someone there). So that looks promisng. Then near the end of our door to door, we went back & found Elaine & Debbie, Marion found 2 referrals, which means they said they is an english speaker in home but not there now. So it was a good day.
Also. yesterday a group came over to follow up on interest they had 2 good studies, so we are finding nice initial interest. Will remain to be seen if it develops.
  So started out today with a surprise visit from David. Ron Mudges study. He was on way to a estimate for a bid, for a job in San Miguel.
Then we made our 1st call and saw this.
Another in a long line of roof dogs. Just really weird to see them. Wonder who picks up the dogdoo? Or maybe thats the point.?

We pulled into our next call and passed this nice tortilla lady. She is cooking the corn tortillas on her charcoal grill. Has the batter in the green pan, then takes her hands and pats out the tortilla flat on her hands, then lays on the hot grill, bingo she turns it and keeps making. Had about 200 in a warm pan she sold. She gave us a free sample. Very delicious.

Saw this woman with her Avon bag, asking for business in the jardin
Then after calling on Hector, a Bible study with a pottery shop about 11:45. Mike had to take off for a dentist appt, so I told hector I'd come back in 1/2 hr to do study, as he was still preparing to open shop.
Went and got a fresh papaya, for a snack and sat in jardin with camera.
My park bench neighbors

 Saw this tiny yellow car, and thought if we drove these back home, we'd have a lot more money to spend by saving fuel.

This lady walked by, with shawls for sale.

This little brother & sister were sharing a slice of pizza, I think. Not sure if he was sharing or not.

This was a pretty display, for the fruit cart guy.

Saw this when we got out for a RV. 1st time to see that. a little fake person on roof.

Mexican Pizza, by the slice

Cart man selling his wares, think they are a walk off mat??
Brothers playing.
Then this morning as we were leaving for FS, saw the group from 1 of the spanish congregations piled into the  bed of a PU truck.
Here they are.

The friends must show a humble attitude in this situation, as our text talked about today. There are 15 people in that truck, and its not an extended cab! The opportunity to offend a brother/sister here is a real possibility. But with the climate here, not much sweating!
The humility is so profound, that all you have to do is watch, and realize what a privilege to know these dear ones.
All for now.
Love Tom & Elaine

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