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Saturday, December 24, 2011

strange sights- maybe not.

Had a real foggy start to our day today. Looked really fogged in early.

Headed early to FSM, and after stepping out into the damp, piercing cold, decided to get a hot chocolate.

But as it headed toward 10AM it burned off, and gave us a typical day here. in low 40s in morning, then hit 65 -68 in afternoon.
We worked a area thats called Linda Vista, a little rough and poorer than normal here. We're careful with the sisters, not getting out of sight. But talked to a few persons.

These goats were in the adjoining field, trying to find something edible, goats flourish here because there is so little green food, they can scavenge better than most. They are a main protein source for the poor people.

AS I posted a few days ago, I had pulled off the road, and wanted to get a pic of this dry river bed I had passed up many times, so that when it rains I'll have something to contrast the same river with. Then I spotted a shepherd and a flock of mixed sheep & goats. What a excellent picture I thought. No wonder Jesus used it. That is normal in an semi-arid geography. So it hit home with his audience.
Today no sheep. Maybe it was prophetic.

This home was connected to another 1, adjoining it to. I looked at a smoldering heap of ashes, inside some concrete blocks about 16" high. Next to it was a BIG pot, with a lid. Have no idea what was in it. But reminded me of being out in the wilderness, camping with bare essentials. No one answered the door. But they had about 6 different plants in 5 gal buckets by house, trying to green up the outside. Saw an "airplane plant".

You can see the buckets lined up in front of house.
 Took this pic as I looked down the short dirt road, and thought again, how the view would fetch a pretty penny, in a different setting.

Then saw this gorgeous colored Goat, in same area as the other 2.

Met a couple men working on 1 of the partial finished homes. 1 spoke a little english. but not enough. But we chatted a bit, didn't want to act like we were disappointed.

Debbie & Marion Eiseman took this door, as they did I watched this woman and a young man approach them from roof! Good neck muscles needed sometimes.

                                           Saw this one first.

Then the young man appeared with 2 horses, and started walking toward us.

He came close turned in to a lot, where his dad was doing some brick work, and I asked if I could snap a photo?. He smiled and said ok. tried to see if there was any english there, but alas no. But got a good shot, these were well taken care of animals.
Some area bit thin, and it worries you about there nutrition. When you see no green anywhere. But these had shiny coats, no ribs showing.

Made some calls later, and we are finding a bunch of people who come down from states this time of here, to visit family. They have there stories, and reasons. But unfortunately many are coming back to return to family here, because there isn't work in states, or some states have toughened the enforcement laws of immigration. A new brother here, who really isn't new, he was here before, said in Georgia, blackberry crops rotted in fields, no one would work at harvesting them, state crack down sent the regular work force away, scared or afraid of being jailed. When the gov't changes its mind to enforce the law, after years of not doing it, it  creates problems for not just the illegals and there families, but for the planter/owners of these fields. Prices go up, etc. How man has screwed up the system.

Here is Elaine's new best friend when it gets dark. Very warm, keeps the leather from making her colder.
What ever happened to romance?  She says it doesn't have whiskers! Ha.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

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