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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12-26-11- Late start- late finish

After some morning business, we got down to business, heading to La Paz, with some eagerness, and trepidation. Had our meeting with english school. and some studies to try out, without knowing what the day after Dec 25th, would be like in La Paz.
We got organized for potential meeting with school by discussing what literature to bring, and how to format agenda. Decided on waiting to see exactly who would be there, and then adapt presentation to that.
Being that the school is private, and highlights teaching english, they charge students to elarn english, as well as other subjects, it was expressed we want to emphasis that we are volunteers, teaching the Bible in english, and that is all. So as not to threaten the school program, of charging tuition for learning english, and to not become "free teachers" for school. A sister who had done presentations before had made those suggestions. So we headed over to La Paz about 12:30, after spending some time in preparation and discussions about what and how to go about it. More on that later.
  Started going by jardin to see if Miguel was there, my BS, but didn't see him, was unsure of his schedule for this week. Then we made a couple calls attempting to re-contact english women, we found or heard about last week. Those came up empty, or unfruitful.
I took some pics of a wedding that had some streets blocked off.

So we headed to a BS, Carla, for Eva, she couldn't make it, so Elaine was going to see if she was home. She was.

Elaine going over point#6 in Truth tract.

After that stopped by vicky's study Angelica, but she wasn't in. So we have territory right there, just in case we have that happen, no one home, so we can be efficient. Worked a street there, and Debbie & Elaine, had a woman tell them her husband speaks english. To come back to talk to him. Noted that on territory data sheet. Finished the street. tried a couple more calls.

Then headed to Pozos, to make some calls Debbie had there, and found some there, and since we were in Pozos, had supper, and took some pics of Hotel/restaurant.


                                                 Menu center

Menu right.

Here are some pics of the lobby, and paintings.

This picture is by the owner/artist of hotel

Then we met a couple as we were getting in car, walking by that spoke to us! they were states people, saw the Missouri license plate and engaged us in conversation. The man 68 yrs old, old hippie, and his wife were very nice, and told us a bit of themselves, at least the man did to me. He had been in army during Viet Nam, but was stationed in Germany. But even tho he was out of direct war in Nam, he sure learned to hate war. When he got out he vowed to not pay any more taxes then he had to, to avoid putting $$ into war  effort. So he went underground earning wise. Did a lot of cash business, and moved out of country to avoid having to pay income taxes, i.e. war money to US. He had a long brown/graying ponytail. and reminded me of a lot of guys I saw in Greenwich village in NY in early 70's. "burned out" and "turned on to drugs", I think was the phrase back then. Don't quote me. But those of you old enough know what I'm referring to. But his eyes were clear now, and was obviously intelligent. He said he had to go back to states to fight the"gov't" over something, that he won in court, but cost him lawyers fees that were not small. He has a business that is in states still, and told me he spends more on a CPA, than anything else. cost wise. Tried to see if they wanted literature, but he said he had plenty to read. But girls struck a cord possibly for future development with woman. On how there was nothing but bad news from the media. Told him about retiring early so as to come to preach here in Mexico, and be able to afford that here. Had maybe a 30 minute discussion on street across from restaurant.
Then debbie took us up to an old call up by the abandoned mine area. Took some pics there. And she talked to someone at the cart, where her call works.

nativity scene on road.

Almost as hilly as San Francisco.

Street in Pozos

Field in old mine town, gold & silver extracted.
No one here now.

Abandoned buildings everywhere. Was a boom town.

Then it was time to head to school for our meeting got there right on time, went into school, and
The principal wasn't there! A secretary was, but no one else. Very dissapointing after all our prep. but this is mexico, appts are not real to many here, its more of like, "well if we see you we see you" type of understanding, and no one gets there feelings hurt if the other party misses appt. Of course I don't operate that way. But you have to go with the flow here, and not let it make you think the person isn't interested.
They very well may be. Many experiences to that effect. Had some myself already to verify that.
So its 7:05 PM. and we are tired, but I didn't see my study Miguel right? So I call him on the phone, he answers, "Mr Tom" how are you?" I told him we were close by, and did he want us to drop by? He said of course, the hospitality is amazing here. He met us at the corner of his block to guide us to his home.
He invited us in his home about a block away. Forgot camera, so will describe, the setting. he has a nice courtyard, parking area. but he doesn't own a car. Went in and met Miguelito, his 4 yr old son, and Maria, 6 yr old daughter and his wife. They were a little shy at first, but warmed up. I asked Maria idf she enjoyed the My book of BS? and she kind of snuck back behind her Daddy legs. So Miguel told her to get book. So she read to us, the 1st para, on the 10 plague story. She did well and you could see how proud poppa was of her reading. Then his wife brought out popcorn that was a nice gesture, and shows the hospitality again of the mexican culture, even when they have little.
We visited maybe 20 minutes, then headed home to Dolores. Arranged for Miguels study thursday at 2@ jardin,
All for now,
Love Tom & Elaine

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