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Monday, June 18, 2012

Blog back online!

After going thru about 12 days of worrying, and anxiety, and 3 days in hospital, we have 2 assessments form 2 cardiologists that are good. I had atrial flutter. That caused the rapid heart rate, and the weakness, While serious, it can be controlled by meds, and weight loss. So I'm down 19 lbs since May 17. Elaine(otherwise now known as the real, "Food Nazi", has me on a strict veggie, fruit diet that has improved my blood & lab #s real nicely. 30% cholesterol improvement, and glucose & tryclycerides all have improved. And I'm being obedient patient 99% of the time.
 Had a huge coconut drink, and a veggie slice. But after eating so differently, I have to say that after eating slice I wished I hadn't. Losing the desire for all those rich foods I loved for 60 years. not easy but necessary.
So we went to San Miguel to get some produce from an Organic store/restaurant, called oddly, "Organica".Here is a pic from store.

They have lots of choices,in season, and even have seeds to grow your own. Plus spices, herbs, oils, and other seasonings.

I asked for asparagus, but they didn't have it. When I pronounced the word, i=n spanish I must have butchered it, because they said they did, But then I saw it on there veggie board list, and they said no, But they did have coconut water. Elaine had been looking for some, we had found some in St. Louis. She wanted to get some so I asked the manager, and she said yes they had some and as you can see they did!
Went to library and returned some books, got a few other things, and came back to get message from Dr in St. Louis to call. So we did and found out the good news.
Getting some clouds in, which is unusual. I think its remnants of the Hurricane that hit around Acapulco.
We could use the rain for sure, hearing some thunder in distant so maybe we will.
Anyway, we are grateful for this medical situation, as of now, not being something to cause us to leave.
Love to all. will be back in ministry soon, with reports.
Tom & Elaine

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6-6-12- La Paz day

Well we have our CO, & wife, Bro & Sister Ver Beek. Met for FS, and they joined our La Paz group for DtD, & studies & RVs. WE headed over in Lipperds van, & Portells Kia. Met above the jardin, and then split up to work some blocks of territory. VerBeeks joined Mike & Eva, & tom, Debbie, Elaine & I were a group. In our blocs we found 2-3 english speaking, and 1 young man who asked for a study! He was visiting a house  Debbie & Elaine took, and they got his info, and we'll call on him. Then in Portells group, Sister Ver Beek found several english, and Mike found some. Then we headed to lunch at Pozos hotel.
balcony above dining area

stairway down to dining room
Our favorite spot to enjoy a noon meal is hotel de Minas.

Eva taco meal

Tom's salmon burger

Debbie salad

Elaine salad

Mike salad
1 very nice thing when you have the CO & wife at lunch you get to find out how they came to be in circuit work. In Shawns case he was a single brother serving in Mexico, after spending several years in Caribbean. He met his wife Kristen(sp) while in Mexico, he hails from Seattle,area, Kristen from Portland area.
. Nice to understand their circumstances & path to where they are now. They had quite a start to there marriage, and were thrown right into the  Circuit work, teaching pioneer school getting an assignment to District convention.  Then we were ready to head back to service.
We split up and had the sisters go with Debbie, on calls/ studies. Both Elaine & Debbie have been gone for 4-8 weeks, so they made contact with several studies and arranged to resume study next week. We went with Mike, and Mike & Shawn went on a study, while Tom & I went to his study, who does jewelry.

While we were studying, his study left out a new dog he just got and it took a liking to Tom.

Then we met up with Mike & Shawn at the jardin, and Shawn went with me on Miguels study, while Mike & Tom went on 3 of Mikes studies/calls. I learned a good teaching technique from Shawn, which I am sure we help me become a better teacher. After not having much experience in conducting a study with a real live, study, it is nice to see the experience of a long tome pioneer/ FT servant who has had much experience in teaching.
Debbie & girls went back to do some more DtD. They found several more english, and started a study that Elaine will conduct, next week. So both Bro & Sister Verbeek commented on the number of english speaking they found in La Paz.
On way home saw some familiar sights.

We headed back about 5:30 and got home about 6:30. A very good day!