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Saturday, December 3, 2011

12-3-FS & a great burger!

Had a good day in service, reached 2 calls that i had not be able to get for 2 weeks. 1 is a auto body man, painter, the other was a man, that a lady & kids had taken Elaine to, to get her to someone speaking english. Got to go over point 4 in Truth tract. And he said 11:30 next sat for next call. My painter man said he'll make some time when I stop by. So thats encouraging. looks like our schedule will be, Mon & Thur La Paz- Tuesday- Fri- Dolores Sat Dolores. Take wed off,  So after service we headed over to San Migusl, but it was just a short trip. Before we left tho, saw our new neighbors Jeremy & Carrie from NC. They flew in dropped off a lot of bags, and heading back to NC, then will be here end of DEC. Tom & Debbie took care of them by getting them at airport, and having them stay overnight.
                                                       Wagon on the road-no mule.

Then we came by an old clay pit, add water & viola! Clay for pottery.

A very frequest sight, people waiting on bus service, Bus service here is excellent in this area. Very affordable, and clean. The buses keep a busy schedule, but if you miss 1, another will be by in 15 -30 minutes.

Then went by a very familiar sight phone/cable guys, climbing poles and stringing wire. I helped Tim in Boston, in 86 or so, reminded me of that.

Then we passed an old vacquero- still riding his horse.

Then we approached our 1st destination we had seen but not experienced, A real live Burger place. Its about 5 miles or so west of San Miguel.

And it was really good.

A cold Corona and and beautiful woman, whats not to like!

A huge firepit that cook sour burgers! good mesquite.

Had some fine burgers, really good.
Here is some pics of the place, there were maybe 12 americans there, and the staff all spoke english to an extent.

Then we headed to our destination, Office depot, got 2 floor lamps, and a small 2 drawer black file cabinet. And that will finish our needs we think. So will end for now, and its good to know when we might feel a little down, or missing home stuff, we have an option to go grow a burger & fries.
Love Tom & Elaine

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