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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dining room chairs & more.12-28

Well we finally gave up on the metal man, to make dining room chairs, and bought them from  Bible study on "pottery row".
So we now have 4 dining room chairs that match our table. The house now feels more like home. Also found 2 rockers for patio we liked.

Elaine reading on patio, as she thought I was taking  a nap! Waiting for our patio table to be finished.

Close up of dining chair. Elaine will find some cushions, otherwise will eat fast!

Had an ok day in FS, 1 study no show, other call was there and made progress. Going to head to La Paz tomorrow, and see how many studies and calls will be there with the holidays here. This morning is the "rancho" day for spanish group. Here they are.

Have to admire the attitude of the rancho groups. Very tight quarters, and long rides. But compared to some other places this is probably not so bad.
Here are some shots of some people we met, they weren't to ready for truth, just kids having a happy hour!

This graffiti was kind of amazing, if you didn't have to try to get it off!

the girl was taking my picture, so when I was done trying to speak to the owner, I turned around and told them it was my turn, she turned shy then.

When I was attempting to find if anyone read, understood english, after a bit a woman came up and said she did. But found she didn't read english, so I had a dec awake with social networking cover and she snapped it up.
All for now, hit my 70 hrs yesterday, so all down hill from here.
1st time since Jared was born that I have that many FS hours. Had a lot more than that when we built Quincy KH, and then the Halls Ferry double hall, but that was construction kingdom hours.
Tom & Elaine

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