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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some days are good! I know why we are here!-12-20

Some days just go right. Even if they have some false starts, or bumps, you forget about those when things go well, you get results, find your RVs home, your BS has lesson prepared etc. Today was like that.
3 of us went to La Paz today, several went yesterday, which is our normal day, except for the meetings being switched. So some had studies started on Mondays, and some have been able to move for the 3 weeks to tuesday, so monday isn't such a long day. W arent' as young as we used to be. A recap of our last 6 weeks, of making the 35 minute drive to La Paz: This is the minimum, as I'm not fully sure I have all the calls that are progressing recorded.
at least 4 BS started and advancing. With a minimum of 2 studies, for each one. So counting the original call, the 4 studies, maybe 5, have 2 RVs and now can be counted as a Bible study, last 2 calls. About 14-16 publishers have made at least 1 trip. So its starting to feel like we are making inroads here.
In our 1st 2 hours in D to D today we found 4 english speaking, men, 1 woman. We left several Truth tracts, got names, and left 1 book, and 4 mags. Keep in mind we are judicious in leaving mags & books.
Here is Elaine & Eva, in ministry.

A larger house in a territory close to some bible studies.

Saw a woman who looked like she was fooled by the weather forecast.

She actually has the umbrella for the sun, because of being at 6-7000 ft, your much closer so a lot of the native mexicans keep umbrella with them for UV protection.

This is just typical teenagers having fun on the street after school

Around 12:30 to 1:30 when schools let the grade school kids out, and its shopping time the police help traffic keep moving.

After our lunch break we tried Carla, Eva's study but she wasn't there, so we headed to jardin to see if Miguel, my enchilada vendor would be there for his study. He was, early even. He told me it was slow selling his food, because some schools were out, and people were spending there money on presents, not food today.
Has a really good study with Miguel. I asked him if we could pray, 1st time to try, we are in public, and didn't know how he'd react. I started to pray and was thrown off, he repeated what i was saying!. Then I remember saying," Is it ok if we pray?", so literally he repeated what I said in the prayer. Was very touching, after I figured out what was going on. Another first. Must remember the language, and what one says, literally. Covered middle of chapter 6, and in middle of lesson, a man came & sat down alongside us, listened. I didn't know who or  what he had in mind. But Miguel didn't say a word, Then after we finished a para, he pardoned himself, and conducted some business with the man, and when finished sat back down and picked up where we stopped. I just thought to myself, if I was home, and that interruption happened, I don't know if I would have kept going. Probably would have said, something like, "well I see your busy, I'll come back another time". But Miguel is so intent on learning, he lets you know this is the most important thing he is doing today. He got the point of how death is like sleep, the illustration of the candle. He asked why Jehovah didn't start over when Adam sinned? I showed him chapter 11, and told him we will cover that next. About a 35 min. study. Arranged for him to ask wife in 2 weeks, would they like to come to the english mtg in Dolores? He thinks that would be fine. wanted to bring his bother-in-law, but I suggested maybe the 1st mtg it would be good just his family.  He agreed, so will see if that works out. I will discuss with our service overseer, how to get address of local cong in La Paz, spanish, so maybe we can attend there 1 week. And as things progress, maybe we'll be able to have a english meeting at La Paz hall, once, invite our studies, and see who makes time to come. All down the road issues, that we can begin thinking about. But exciting. I had asked Miguel last study, if his kids would like 'my book of Bs"? He said yes, so I brought 1 today for his kids. He was sop excited to be able to give that to them. He told them I was bringing something for them, but said it was a surprise. When he saw it, he told me his son asks questions all the time about english words. So he can read the stories to him, and he can learn to read english with the book. Can't wait to hear how it went.
  Then we headed back to eva;s study, Carla, usually we catch her around 2:30 -3 time frame. And we did.

Elaine listening to Eva, at Carla's.

After study, heading back to car. Eva asked Carla several good questions to be sure she is getting what the scriptures are saying, and she has it.

look carefully and you can see the vacquero, I saw. Can't get enough of the closeness of nature and animals here, and how horses are very important in the economy, and personal transportation of individuals. as well as how people here may not have a lot materially, but they have time for some activity, that they may not appreciate how people in america, would pay big fees in order to do.

This is the background for the cowboy, and his ride. Pretty nice isn't it?

Now this roof dog has his own quarters, but don't think I'll try to feed him!

A little house with not much in the way of furnishings. But has a acre probably, with chickens
and at least 1 cow. So maybe they have more than what appears.

I wanted to mention that we confirmed the call on the english principal, for next monday evening at 7pm. Wanted to be sure, since it is like the day after xmas, and wasn't sure she realized that when she made appt. But, no she did, said "school was closed", but 2 other teachers will be there at school for us. So that is exciting.

So as I said it was a excellent day, and its obvious that there's a good reason, and need to be here working La Paz. Time will tell what holds for the town here, but we just have to be available, and remember the angels are directing the work under Christ Jesus, right? But having tangible results are gratifying, and encouraging.

This is a very popular cellphone company here in Mexico, anything USA, hollywood is a big draw.

A recent worked field ready to sprout new growth, with the irrigation.

As we drove out, saw an above ground cemetary. Very strange sight. They are like a little shrine. On the "day of the dead" people put flowers etc there.
We have the privilege of sharing the truth about the dead, like I had with Miguel today. Seeing his understanding as we read the scriptures and pages in BT book. I think I like retirement! Now to find, Abraham, Ruben, and Jorge tomorrow.
Love Tom & Elaine

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