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Thursday, December 1, 2011

12-1-11- New month off to great start!- La Paz

Well out with the old- in with the new. Can't imagine a better start to month than today, even with dirty ending!
Headed over to La Paz early, so we could get started earlier, since we hoped to finish the territory. parked at Bodega again and walked back to jardin. Mike started things off with doing "approach" work in jardin while we waited for some to start the block.

He was able to use the Bible, and got us off to a good start. Then we walked down to start our last block for this territory. Got down to the mercado(little market) which was really a bunch of small vendors who rent space to sell the wares. Food, shoes, clothes, whatever. I met a man's wife who we had met monday, but he doesn't work thursdays, so will try him Monday(lunes). Then Tabitha called at a small Carnicita (meat market) and a young man there who owns it, was very good at english basically asked for a BS! Mike took over and started him in the Truth tract. I talked  to a young lady at yet another little "tortilleria" and she took WT- so maybe Elaine will have a call next week on her.  Its much harder for sisters to get women to talk with, usually its the men who have been to states to work, who have learned english. The women stay home and take care of children. So the sisters help find the men, and turn them over to us. Several of the brothers here, have more studies than they can heandle. So they have come up with a test, to determine if the call merits there time. They invite to mtg, give invitation and see if they come, if not no RV is made. If they come to KH, then will take time to make RV. Oh if that were only true in O'fallon, and elsewhere in US. Basically its that there is more interest than the men avaiable here in Dolores could handle. Now that we have 3 more men, we may adapt. But based on 2 days working the business section by jardin, maybe not. More on that.

Then we went deeper into the mercado, and tried several more, owners who didn't have customers. I found a man, Gustavo, and he was very attentive, left WT with him. Read a scripture-1 John 5- And got him to write down for me his name, & ph#- and he said see him monday. Was thrilled to see his interest.
I wrote  him down, then we worked some more. Finished about 1/2 of the long block, went to jardin for our lunch break, about 1PM. Mike & I walked to car to bring back our "brownbags", and headed back to jardin, We see Tabitha, engrossed in a discussion with a man, has Bible out and is sharing a verse with him.

I sit down to eat, Mike joins her in discussion. Offshoot is a man, says he is Roman Catholic, and mwntions in the discussion how he thinks we must be wrong, because almost all other religions agree with his, but us! A compliment to be sure, that he's unaware of. End result, he gives his name, and ph# to be called on next week. He has a rancho by Pozos about 8 miles away, up the mountain 2000 ft.
 So they finish, and start to eat there food, now its about 1:30, and I see my call from Monday, and its Miguel, not Manuel as I stated in Mondays blog.
Miguel on left.
"I came early to see if you were here yet" he says. I have a good feeling for sure now. He has a customer as I wait then he sits down and lets me know he read both mags, and is almost finished. But he says his friend Victor is not here. He said Monday after I keft, Victor told him he wanted to be here today to take part in discussion. But we start, cover the truth tract, and went into the "sign" of last days, read Matt. 24: 3 and parts of sign etc. He agrees with everything and tells me he used to drink a lot, then 5 years ago, with help from AA, he stopped and is devoted & determined to help his family. I take out BT book ask him what chapter interest him and he says 6- Where are the Dead.
So I explained we will go over the intro in BT and pics on Monday, then thursday we will do chapter 6.
I had brought an english Bible with me, asked him if he had a Bible, NO, so left that with him. He reads pretty good, and comprehends. Which here is a rare thing. You must talk slow, and allow the HH to translate from english to spanish, and see the brain working to make transistion. The importance of the Simplified edition is so apparent need wise in Mexico. Such insight by slave class. I'm seeing the need
"live" here in Mexico. Told him about mtgs here in La Paz, and if he would like to go to KH I'll come over 1 sunday and take him & family to KH. He said then we could eat together. Can you see my smile?

A man approached Tabitha and asked who we were, she told him and he said he had been researching JWS online. He wanted someone to talk to him,, he gave his name, address & ph# to her. Have you had that happen lately?
At the end of our canvassing, we had made 6 good contacts with returns promised, with several of those wanting a study. 2 for sure, 2 others, and 2 other interested who took literature. Next week because Portells are on vacation for a week. I have my 3 calls, and 3 of there's to do.
We finish the block after our"break", and its 2:30 or so, I get a little lost trying to figure out the 1-way streets,

 but finally get going in right direction. We stop by Tom Lipperd's study- Juan, see Tom finishing his study up. Juan & his father are jewelers, repair, and sell some new. Portells had some stuff for him to look at. I took Tom's advice and called on a nice man who owns a veterinarian supply next to Juans store. I've talked with him several times, and we have a little re pore going. Left him a WT. then he had some customers so left him.
Then we drove over to territory where Eva has had the nice call on 12 yr old girl, Carla, Left her ruth tract, and had 1 Rv with her, and where I gave her sister Carmen, a My book, I told you about last week. This time Eva took Tabitha, Mike & I had to make notations for our calls in the data base, while they did doorstep study. Those girls are really cute.
  So its 3;30 by now and we headed home. Oh by the way we stopped at university and left more mags there for students. The administration person, Lulu, is very nice, and distributes them to students who want them. We stopped there on way in.
Then we spotted a sheepherder, and of course had to take some shots of the flock.

So we head back to Dolores, Mike sees a clay pit, of which there are many. But they supply the clay type material that Dolores is famous for, her Pottery.
But this is not what I referred to before as our "dirty' ending. This is the reason why our day ended dirty.
Between the "tope" speed bumps that are not marked usually, and the rough roads  its good to have your spare handy. But this didn't happen till we pulled into Portells front of house, so had Mike help me.
So we have an excellent start to month. Will let you know how this develops. We have at least 8 good calls 1 BS already started, and 1 good RV, in addition to Debbie & Tom's studies, and Vicky's from last year activity. All in about 2 territories we have covered in 5 days. I'd say we will be here for a while seeing who wants to hear the truth, wouldn't you? I'm taking reservations - 1st come 1st opportunity to experience the joy we are experiencing.
Love Tom & Elaine


  1. So did the tire go flat? You got someone around to fix? Very encouraging all your experiences so far!

  2. Next time pay a local a $1 to change it and enjoy that retirement, help the local economy and probably place some mags.