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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday, good day- from many perspectives.

What a good end to a good day. Let me digress momentarily. Last week we worked Linda Vista territory, and while there I saw a pottery factory, we have hundreds here, from small family shop to large scale, low tech factories. Dolores Hidalgo is famous for Pottery. So we pulled up to a place, girls did the house while I got camera out, and saw these.
 Here is the artist I saw out front. He was nice & let me have access to factory, which was maybe 40 ft x40 ft.

Frog molds, Very heavy, they pour a mix into, then tie up to secure, then let air dry, no heat or furnace involved.

Lobster anyone?
You begin to get idea of scope as these men crank these out all day long. The craftsman has various size sculpting tools that help fill in/ or remove unwanted clay.
 So had an interesting tour, and was wanting to get that into Blog at some point.

But now on to the nice day we had. After a omelet of eggs, ham, and fresh cheese, I told Elaine we had to leave a little early, to see if the call I had Thursday on a RV, would come to meeting. Wasn't sure he was just telling me what I wanted to hear or not. I had called on him kind of on a whim. Normal time for him is 11:30 sat morning. But I had to go pay water bill, so cut thru a shortcut, and thought if I saw he was home try to accomplish both things. Well he was home, and had a good call. ended up inviting him to Mtg. He accepted but wasn't sure as I said. Told him I would be by @2:30.
So today we headed up there, but were surprised at the volume of traffic out, and Pottery row was open, so lots of cars. Thought about skipping him, figured he wouldn't be there anyway. But Elaine said lets try anyway, that way we won't have let him down. Sure enough he was ready. Keep in mind that i had1-initial call, then went 4 weeks w/o finding him, then had another call,, 2 weeks ago, and we set up a sat morning time, which he wasn't at last sat. But was Thursday. We have only covered 2 points in the truth tract. So we arrived at hall, introduced Miguel to the friends. I had copied a WT for him. But forgot to give him an extra Bible. And truthfully i didn't know how much english he really knew. He had read Rev. 21:3,4. ok. I explained the format of meeting to him. So we got thru talk, as he watched me find scriptures etc. Then at WT I heard him singing a bit of the 2nd verse! So I thought that was a good sign.
At end of WT he joined in the 2nd verse again. So after mtg. I offered to drive David, another study of Ron Mudge's home since he was across road aways from Miguel. 1st dropped Elaine off, about a block from our house, so as to keep Miguel from knowing where we live.(explain that later) Then decided to stop by Pollo Feliz, a chicken place, and bought Miguel & David supper. I forgot to mention that thursday when I visited Miguel, he asked if I had any work for him? I had been warned that some men here will fein interest in having a study, and have the brothers "hire" them for some jobs, only to either take advantage of the brother, or get some $$, then disappear. Never to be seen again. So as a "rich" gringo we have to be cautious as to motive. When he asked me for work, I said i didn't have anything, had most of the work done I needed. But am still being cautious, thats why I didn't want him to know where I live. Want to be sure his interest is genuine. One reason for bringing David, was I wanted to get his take on Miguel, and have Miguel meet some local persons who are studying with the english.
  So after supper, I dropped him off, the took david home and checked with him, on his read. david said his neighbors ask him "how much do they pay you to go to there church?" So its not uncommon for that view to be there among the the locals evidently. Thus the need for caution. But on the surface its the 1st person I have had come to KH, from a door to door visit in decades?? I think so. set up study wed am @ 10 with Miguel.
Tomorrow we head to La Paz tomorrow to FS, and have a meeting with the principal and 2 other teachers. Will find out if they have a technical interest, in english literature, or if there is any genuine interest. Stay tuned, long day tomorrow.
 Tom & Elaine.

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