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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday- success- baby steps!

Well had a good day in service. We wanted to make call in Dolores today, to try to catch ones we have missed for a week or more. You have to be careful not to quickly decide someone isn't interested, because you can't catch them either at home/work, where ever you found them. 1st call we tried was a young man, who was standing in street with 2 friends on initial call. I left a YP book with him, because he showed good comprehension of english. Leaving expensive literature here in Mexico on initial call is not encouraged usually. For a variety of reasons I've discussed before. So I try to be extra discerning when I do. Sometimes its just a gut feeling. So we went back to his territory, pulled up to house, and saw him & a friend, stringing Xmas lights up on opposing side of his house and then back to his side. But when I talked to him from my car window, he asked when I "could come back", he was busy today? So that started things off on a positive note. Then attempted a few more, without connecting.
   Then sister with us, said she had a call on way to one I was going to try. Her & Elaine did make contact, and had a wonderful call. She had been convinced trinity was right, and the sister skillfully asked her a question. She asked her, " what human relationship among people can you think of that is equal?" The sister threw out possibilities. She thought about it and said "twins". Then sister after agreeing with her, mentioned how the Bible uses what terms to describe Jehovah & Jesus relationship? Father & son. Made a nice point. Elaine was there and could see that made an impact on her. We can learn so much from those we work with. Isn't it a blessing to work with other talented people, whom we can benefit from there thinking?
  I did find my auto body painter, he was busy, but last time, after 4 fruitless Rv attempts, he told me, he would make sometime for me. And he did. He had 2-3 workers in his open, covered garage area, so I stepped out on the side of the opening to give us some privacy. Picked up at #2 point, in TR/TR. read Rev 21:3,4. had him read it, and he was able to. Its interesting to see if HH will, even tho they can understand the spoken english, reading is a whole different thing. When you find that a person can read it, and comprehend, to an extent, that is usually as good as it gets here. So didn't want to keep him away too long, told him we can look at #3 next time, then asked him to be sure if her had any questions, to be sure to ask them. Was trying to let him know in the future should he have any, ask his questions. Well he said," I have a question".?
So told him to ask, and it was, "when a person dies if he doesn't go to heaven, does he go to purgatory?"
Read John 5:28,29- saw that didn't satisfy him then went to Eccl. 9:5,10- and didn't want to give more info then he asked for. that set up next call for points 3,4. But he mentioned that its hard to start over, and change, and he was worried about what he's done up till now. So needless to say he is thinking about many things. So after striking out on several days of getting back to calls, was nice to actually get them home today. Baby steps, here in the Mexican territory. As you know I have never been the most patient person. So its good reminder to not rush expectations, or get too down when we can't reach people, when _we want to__. It is when they are ready, and their life has brought them to a point where they are open to our message. Jehovah has equipped us as spiritual Drs. WE have all this knowledge, preparation,
to help people, but it only works with people who are ready to hear right? So we return with the same energy, hope, and compassion, because that is what they deserve, when they are ready. So its so important to not get frustrated with them, when they aren't there, can't make time, or whatever. But to be there for them when the timing is right.
We did some shopping, Elaine found some plant bottom plates for the flower pots, and then we got back from lunch at 1 of our favorite places on the jardin square. Took a look at the Bus fare to Leon. Its the leather center here in Mexico, and Elaine has been dropping, not so subtle hints about going there. May be easier to take bus than drive. But need to find out where the best leather places are, in relation to Bus station. Went back to a artist shop where we bought a painting for the bedroom.

New indian painting!
1st indian painting

 Elaines- new small plant pot.

Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

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