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Friday, December 23, 2011

Leather from Leon-12-23

Ok I gave in and drove Elaine & Debbie to Leon, for a leather trip, plus we picked up some bags at airport for our new neighbors Jeremy & Kari Vinson. We now have 2 humans and a dog as our new next door friends. But the trip was mostly about the famous leather from Leon, Mexico. and even I have to say the prices and quality were amazing.
But 1st we had to get there. So before the leather display here are the scenery we drove thru to go to Leon.

These hills were about 60% of the way. It went from the high flat almost desert to these in the distant. Drove from Dolores toward San felipe, to avoid the gut clutching of the drive over Guanajauto mts. This way is much less stress from the danger standpoint or so we thought.
 This is the famous MT with a high cross that church people make a pilgrimage to.
Not saying they are right, but it is what it is.

As we came out of the Mountains we finished by going thru a village along the road.
 Quaint little village outside Leon/Silao.
Then we came to tunnel
Then we did make our way to Leon. But not without hazards. We came up to a bend in road and a little old truck started to get on hwy, from the left, crossed over the other lane, as we came up on him, he didn't speed up just pusted along, and I hit brakes because there wasn't anywhere to go. Just missed hitting him as he just kept coming into our lane. But scared us really good. We figured he was old and just didn't see us. Or the 18wheeler behind us.
Any way Debbie guided us to the Leather district. And oh my what a leather district, shoes, boots, coats, purses, bag, etc etc. Parked in a lot next to the 2 leather malls, and the girls told me they would meet me back when they were ready. Meaning don't follow us! I got the message, and decided I'd look for men coats and maybe a backpack for service. Many of the friends here use them because of so much walking.

Elaine got this 1, plus a brown 1, for service. When I asked about why 2, she just looked at me, like she would be wasting her breath trying to explain why 2 different colors were needed.???? The price was almost too good to be true.

This was between 90-100$$. I think that is at least 50% less than states. And it is high quality leather.

Had the sales man put this on so I could take pics. This was around $200. Is that good for this style?
Needless to say Elaine enjoyed herself.

then we headed to a big mall that has a MAC store, to check on some apple accessories for our laptops. Found it, girls ate lunch at Chilli's, with cold Chai tea, and after finishing at the Macstrore, we headed to Costco. However when I put in parking ticket at exit, it didn't let us out. tried again same result, Well the line to get out was growing really big behind me, and the taxi behind me was out of his mind.
We didn't know what was wrong, there was a little button for help, I rang, and finally a security guard came over, no english, so he called for help, meanwhile the line behind me was getting really big. We had no clue, why it didn't authenticate our ticket. Well we found out. You are supposed to know there is a ticket machione you take ticket into, pay 10 pesos, and it puts a code on ticket. We didn't know that. So after a mild riot almost we had to back up, and follow security guard to mall, to machine. paid ticket and exited this time machine accepting our stub. Whew!!!!
Bit headed to Costco, got some needed supplies , large chocolate cookies, cheese cake, cashews etc.
And headed back for trip home after picking up the baggage at airport. I dropped girls off, and parked waiting for them in a drop zone, and a security man, (had trouble all day with them), told me I needed to move out of zone, but very nicely. Offered him a chocolate cookie, that he accepted, and he let me move a bit, and wait for girls! Cheap bribe worked. 
Some additional pics.
Then after dropping Debbie off, we came home to a dark house! WE've had electric off 2 nights ago between 11PM and 8:30 am. Our neighbors had light but not us, went and bought some candles, after cranking our "go-bag" wind-up flashlights. Elaine read her  I-pad, up in bedroom, and I decided to study WT, as I waited on electric company.

The flash doesn't do the small light by 3 candles justice. Got to paragraph 8, and light s came on! Yippee.
 That ended our "Leather day at Leon". Back to FS tomorrow.
Love Tom & Elaine

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  1. The same thing happened to us in Ireland. Had to pay & have the parking ticket stamped to get out of the hospital parking when Jane had her "irish trip" & cracked her head.