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Friday, August 10, 2012

Sometimes no answer is the right answer

Had a good week, 4 days out, and some results, that were hopeful. Pacific is not Dolores, but doing what we can with the circumstances we have. Different place but the same effort is needed.
So made the Rv on the retired school teacher. Tried Sat, but he was gone. But his wife told me "was looking forward to coming back" to talk. So I was very hopeful of being able to get into a good discussion with him. We called back and found him home about 11:30. He invited us in, and we sat down in Living room. I asked if he had a chance to read any in BT bk. He said he did, that he read 151 pages in it! Was happy he did, but then he said it was the very depressing. He didn't agree with our view, that the people who have died were unable to communicate with family. He had 2 family members that related experiences of seeing a loved one who dies, appear to them separately. And he said he had been a member of his church for over 55 yrs. and we would never get him into a KH. So I went from being very hopeful of getting him in a good discussion then in to Bible, and book, to trying to extend the call and not walk away with out being able to come back. So what would I do?
Since he had made a point that he believes what the Bible says, I just listened to his objections, and didn't try to change his mind, at this time. He also said he didn't think 1914 was the correct time for Jesus rule beginning. So I went back to 2 Tim. had him read it from his Bible, and referred him to Jeremiah, from the reference that 2 Tim   when Paul was talking about last days the scriptural reference refers to Jerusalem's last days. So in quoting or referring to that Paul knew that Jerusalem was destroyed and it was her last days. So it makes sense that God inspired paul to write that, so the conditions that paul was talking about would also mean that he was talking about the last days too. Then reasoned that yes there had been earthquakes wars thru history, but those things were not coupled with conditions of attitude that 2 Tim talks about. He did agree with that. So then we went back to Rev 12: 7-10 about when attitudes and why. heavens cleansed, and Woe for the earth. He seemed to accept that. Then instead of going into chap 8, as I planned, went to chap 11, read the 3 questions and told him to read the chapter and look up every scripture in it to be sure it of what paragraph is presenting is accurate. I had asked him if he looked up every scripture in his reading the week before, and he said he hadn't. We left about 12:30, and he asked us to come back at 3pm next tuesday. So we arranged for that. I was grateful that at least he was amendable to the scriptures we presented, and didn't shut the door to further discussions.
When we leave someone we just never know how, or what or who may step in to put a stumbling block before them. But we do know that satan observes all this and is trying his best to stop any growth. We can be sure tho that Jehovah will give us the right things to say, if the person is a sheep.
If they really love the Bible, they will listen & obey. It is comforting to realize that isn't it. All we have to do is search out deserving ones and Jehovah does the rest.
Well all for now,
Love to all,

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keep on Keepin On

What a gorgeous setting, pastoral, and a preview of what we may inherit as we endure.

What is wrong here, nothing at all, except maybe the corral/fencing.

I was thinking how as time passes how much some things change, and others stay the same. In going to a new congregation it is interesting, challenging, intimidating for some, and like coming home for others.
I was talking to 1 brother who recently started the process of relocating to a new cong., and he was looking forward to it, but also it has some unknown factors. Most of that is due to our imperfections, others imperfections, and being in a different, situation, where you are not sure of how you fit in. But in Jehovah's Org. really all we have to do is keep doing the Lord's work, follow directions we receive and allow time & things to develop naturally, and not force things, too soon, or before they happen when the right time arrives.
That applies also in the ministry with our calls. Heb. 6:12 makes that point, of how demonstrating the quality of patience is so important & how we can do it. "in order that you may not become sluggish, but become imitators of those who thru faith & patience inherit the promises." As we talk to people in the ministry it is so important to have patience with them. If we allow thoughts of we need to rush them to studying, before they are ready we force them into a decision before their heart has made it. Why do we do that occasionally, maybe because on the surface we desire them to get in before it is too late, right?
But what may it really show? Our lack of faith in Jehovah & his son in their ability to deliver any who are "sighing and groaning over the detestable things" going on. The angels part of directing us too sheep-like individuals, when the time is right, to say the right thing to theses ones. believing that holy spirit is involved in this work. That is where faith comes in, does it not? We talked about that in FS the other day. It reminded me of a FS talk that a brother in Dolores stressed. having patience, shows the degree of faith we have in Jehovahs ability to deliver. That same faith will not allow us to become "sluggish" in our activity, but all we have to do is keep on keeping on isn't it? Sure we follow the direction and instruction from "slave" as to the offer, feature what the current suggestions are, etc.  But we don't have to act fearful of not having the time to reach all who will respond.
An example of that is our record in the ministry. 1 of my "spiritual dads" who helped shape my life is up there in years. And I have the privilege of working with him in our new congregation. I marvel at his stamina, and desire to "keep on keepin on." he has served Jehovah over 80 years, and has had much responsibility over the years. He has slowed down physically but not spiritually. When the temp this week was hitting a 100, he was out,
and doing the ministry still, he uses a cane now, and we make sure he gets the doors that are level, as much as possible. But what an example of faith, patience he has shown and is still showing.
When I was a young teenager, in his cong. Many a time he or 1 of the other bro.s on the "Committee" as we called it back then, would tap me on the shoulder and ask if I would follow him to the "the room".
In this case it was the bas't of the Kh. where you went to get counsel, and privately. And there they would be, 3 spiritual men who were interested in my welfare, and heard, saw, or observed some fault, or a danger that they would see that was in front of me, and counsel me on how to avoid it, how not to repeat it, and what the consequences would be if I didn't. I never regretted any of those many occasions of counsel, sometimes strong, but always in love, because I knew they were trying to help me. They were doing the job assigned to them from the FDS, to warn me before I took a false step, or after I took a wrong step, admonition on how not to repeat it.
So in being reunited with him is a great joy and source of encouragement, and an example to follow.

here is Ted at door, doing what he can, just like us, except he's been doing it longer. This is a funny pic, because I didn't think the sprinkler was shooting water everywhere, thought it was just hitting part  of the area. Ted didn't complain, and the sister with him when they came back to car, squeezed the hose so Ted didn't get soaked.


Here is Ted heading back to car. Now he isn't perfect, I know, but in my eyes he will always be the man who most influenced my life, and kept me on the road to fulltime service, where I enjoyed Bethel, pioneering, met my wife, and went to serve where the need was great. He wasn't alone in helping me, I needed a lot of help. But he was always there, and his wife & family that made room for me, at a crossroads, that helped guide me
to a destination that I couldn't see, but hoped for.

We had a nice time in service. Then the next day we had a good time too, here are some of the pics we saw.
 Right out of the 60's, were these slogans.
I just heard from the brother & sister who took over Miguel's study, that they are going to their 1st DC in Sept!!!!!!!!!!! Ecstatic would be too mild my feelings. Several friends in spanish cong, and our friends in Eng Dolores have offered to assist them, is this a great org or what?
Never ignore Jehovah's ability to deliver us from any situation we find ourselves in, or in his desire & ability to direct affairs so as to find & deliver those in our ministry we come across. Its not us, it is Jehovah, Jesus, and the angels, FDS, directing us in his work. We can have joy, as we just "keep on Keepin On".

Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Mexican Adventure-concludes.

Well this isn't the next post on Blog I envisioned a few weeks ago. As some know I had a heart issue that sent me to hospital for 3 days in Dolores, then on to a cardiologist in Queretero, the next week. Had several EKGs, and checkup that showed an arrthymia, was causing heart to beat about 120- 40 beats a minute.
Was put on medication, helped control it, and allowed me to function, albeit at a reduced pace.
The HLC heart Dr was good, just a translation issue. I sent the EKG and report to my cardiologist in St. Louis. He agreed with medication, Mexican Dr had me on. Then we arranged to come back for an echo cardiogram in St. Louis. This Dr here had done my angioplasty with stent in 06.
The bottom line was with this condition it recurs a good % of time and we were over 2 hrs from cardiologist, and he told me I needed to go home for echo test. So we headed back to St. Louis with skeleton of bare necessities, depending on what test showed & our feeling at that time.
We decided to bring with us as much as we could fit in car, and that we might be gone up to 3 months.
Elaine packed up house, with Rosario, to prepare as if we would not be back. I hoped that we might be able to return. was very hard to give up our "dream", that only began 8 months ago, and was in planning for 2 years. But agreed to leave if that was going to be best course over long run. But held out hope that Dr would say it was just a little blurp on the radar screen. I had changed my diet to a healthy one, and lost 20 lbs. Medication helped keep BP/ heart rate 135/84/84. Normally heart rate is mid 60's.
  Stopped here for a late lunch, I think in Oklahoma on way back. So had the echo test, and have scheduled for tomorrow a cardio-conversion procedure, they electro shock heart to try to get into right rhythm. Dr said he felt like because we came back soon after the arrythmia started, there was a high rate of success. But when we got back to almost sea-level. I felt it much easier to breathe. Before I was panting at the simplest of tasks, due to altitude. So from the Cardio Dr here, and the easier breathing here. it looks like we have had decision made to stay here.  I'm glad that Elaine gave me her input, and her perspective, on what position she would be in if something happened to me, while we were in Dolores. She knows how much I wanted to stay, and see thru our original plan, but also knew what could happen if we had a repeat of the previous situation. When I was in Hospital in Dolores, there was no cardiologist, there was an experienced internist. He gave me some medicine that was the correct protocol, but didn't bring my heart rate down much, The hospital was run like a prison, they wouldn't allow Elaine to bring in food for me. They said there food was fine. Here I was a heart patient and they fed me, a small salad, 2 fired tortillas, beans and rice! Not exactly a heart healthy fare. When I questioned them, they said they have very good food!. They were insulted that I suggested there food was the best diet for me. So I asked 1 Dr. who spoke some english, if I could bring in laptop, so I could commuicate with DR. So thy relented for that, before they would not allow Elaine to bring in even water to me much less some fruit & veggies. So I had an aircard I plugged into laptop, and started googling the medical condition I had, and recommended treatment. I read from Mayo clinic website that using a beta blocker was suggested to bring heart rate down. So I got the younger Dr to help me communicate with the Dr in charge, and after some hurt feelings he agreed to give me a beta blocker in IV I had in. That broght heart rate into 90s. Then I showed him using a translation app, that the dosage could be upped to 10-15 mgs. He asked how old this information was? I showed him it was the lastest from Mayo Clinic. and he agreed then to up dosage. That brought the rate down into 70s by sunday and he released me. Had come in on friday. Had much support from our Cobe, Bro. Feid, and a Bible study the 1st night as we checked in to ER. But itt was almost ironically funny, here I'm in the ER, they get us a room, and even made special consideration for Elaine to stay there, but they never put me on a monitor the whole night. To keep heart monitored!  After awhile, Elaine & I looked at each other, and just tried to sleep. We couldn't believe the lack of training, or ability to hook me up to heart monitor. Thats when my wife began to see, that staying may not be an option. When the next morning came the internist Dr directed them to hook up the heart monitor.
So as it turns out, my sons condo opened up, his renter for last 5 years gave him notice she was leaving by July 1. It is a 2 br. 1 1/2 bath ground floor condo. We had stored at our kids places a lot of our old furniture, tables, so we had  much that we needed to at least move into condo for awhile. We didn't know for how long, and still don't but it gave us our own place to live, while going thru tests and the time it will take for Dr to do followup at 30 and 90 days. We are in my best friends congregation, Pacific, MO. close to our kids. They all pitched in to move us in, I supervised for the most part.
Here is the place we are as of now.

Elaine & I & Austin having our dinner.

                                                     My new office.


                                                          The kitchen

new dining room, going to miss our hand-made tables from Luis, and chairs.

                           Elaine's desk, her mother Evelyn's       that Janine "loaned' to us.

Living room, with chairs from Stacey & Jared.
So we will try to make adjustment to the new circumstances, and for now have to end "Planks Mexican Adventure". I must say we are glad we did make the move to Mexico, and to find warm friends, and 1 of the most spiritual group of people to be around, at meetings and field service, has been the best of experiences. The level of spirituality in Dolores will be missed more than I can say. We have not experienced that level of spirituality since being at Bethel on a scale that Dolores Hidalgo has. The comments & preparation for meetings was outstanding. Every morning we had a brother who would conduct the mtg for FS with well thought out comments and encouragement.
The sisters comments and talks & demos were superb. As I said it was like being back at Bethel.
But we look forward to the next chapter of our life, and while we will never forget our experience in Dolores Hidalgo, we will try to bring with us an encouraging spirit to our new congregation, and join them in preaching the good news.
Tom & Elaine.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blog back online!

After going thru about 12 days of worrying, and anxiety, and 3 days in hospital, we have 2 assessments form 2 cardiologists that are good. I had atrial flutter. That caused the rapid heart rate, and the weakness, While serious, it can be controlled by meds, and weight loss. So I'm down 19 lbs since May 17. Elaine(otherwise now known as the real, "Food Nazi", has me on a strict veggie, fruit diet that has improved my blood & lab #s real nicely. 30% cholesterol improvement, and glucose & tryclycerides all have improved. And I'm being obedient patient 99% of the time.
 Had a huge coconut drink, and a veggie slice. But after eating so differently, I have to say that after eating slice I wished I hadn't. Losing the desire for all those rich foods I loved for 60 years. not easy but necessary.
So we went to San Miguel to get some produce from an Organic store/restaurant, called oddly, "Organica".Here is a pic from store.

They have lots of choices,in season, and even have seeds to grow your own. Plus spices, herbs, oils, and other seasonings.

I asked for asparagus, but they didn't have it. When I pronounced the word, i=n spanish I must have butchered it, because they said they did, But then I saw it on there veggie board list, and they said no, But they did have coconut water. Elaine had been looking for some, we had found some in St. Louis. She wanted to get some so I asked the manager, and she said yes they had some and as you can see they did!
Went to library and returned some books, got a few other things, and came back to get message from Dr in St. Louis to call. So we did and found out the good news.
Getting some clouds in, which is unusual. I think its remnants of the Hurricane that hit around Acapulco.
We could use the rain for sure, hearing some thunder in distant so maybe we will.
Anyway, we are grateful for this medical situation, as of now, not being something to cause us to leave.
Love to all. will be back in ministry soon, with reports.
Tom & Elaine

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6-6-12- La Paz day

Well we have our CO, & wife, Bro & Sister Ver Beek. Met for FS, and they joined our La Paz group for DtD, & studies & RVs. WE headed over in Lipperds van, & Portells Kia. Met above the jardin, and then split up to work some blocks of territory. VerBeeks joined Mike & Eva, & tom, Debbie, Elaine & I were a group. In our blocs we found 2-3 english speaking, and 1 young man who asked for a study! He was visiting a house  Debbie & Elaine took, and they got his info, and we'll call on him. Then in Portells group, Sister Ver Beek found several english, and Mike found some. Then we headed to lunch at Pozos hotel.
balcony above dining area

stairway down to dining room
Our favorite spot to enjoy a noon meal is hotel de Minas.

Eva taco meal

Tom's salmon burger

Debbie salad

Elaine salad

Mike salad
1 very nice thing when you have the CO & wife at lunch you get to find out how they came to be in circuit work. In Shawns case he was a single brother serving in Mexico, after spending several years in Caribbean. He met his wife Kristen(sp) while in Mexico, he hails from Seattle,area, Kristen from Portland area.
. Nice to understand their circumstances & path to where they are now. They had quite a start to there marriage, and were thrown right into the  Circuit work, teaching pioneer school getting an assignment to District convention.  Then we were ready to head back to service.
We split up and had the sisters go with Debbie, on calls/ studies. Both Elaine & Debbie have been gone for 4-8 weeks, so they made contact with several studies and arranged to resume study next week. We went with Mike, and Mike & Shawn went on a study, while Tom & I went to his study, who does jewelry.

While we were studying, his study left out a new dog he just got and it took a liking to Tom.

Then we met up with Mike & Shawn at the jardin, and Shawn went with me on Miguels study, while Mike & Tom went on 3 of Mikes studies/calls. I learned a good teaching technique from Shawn, which I am sure we help me become a better teacher. After not having much experience in conducting a study with a real live, study, it is nice to see the experience of a long tome pioneer/ FT servant who has had much experience in teaching.
Debbie & girls went back to do some more DtD. They found several more english, and started a study that Elaine will conduct, next week. So both Bro & Sister Verbeek commented on the number of english speaking they found in La Paz.
On way home saw some familiar sights.

We headed back about 5:30 and got home about 6:30. A very good day!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

1st day back in La Paz- and more

So we have been back a week, and have pretty much got things back to our normal here. Except for cell phone issues & internet issues we have started our life back here in Dolores Hidalgo. And now we are able to focus our energy on what matters, the ministry. But we did some San Miguel stuff yesterday, almost 7 hrs of it. Had to get some fans, its hot here from 11am til 8pm now. This is our 1st summer, and boy oh boy, it is an adjustment. Yesterday we headed to SMA(San Miguel de Allende) and visited the library, health food store, La Organica, Mega grocery store, Office Max to get stuff.

Took this from car, fruit stands are out everywhere with heat.

Saw this vaquero riding on side of road while we were looking for an organic farm we were told about outside SMA.

And we saw this rio (river) we passed over. Why take a shot of a river? Because its the 1st time we saw water actually in a river, except when we had a week of rain in DEC/Jan. The water crisis here is deadly real. We had lunch at La Organica, a quaint really nice market that also has a restaurant in it. Fabulous, fresh dishes, veggie pizza, salads etc.
While there at next 2 tables, overheard a woman talking to man about different things, her life, she just had back surgery and will be able to actually dance again after 14 years. She lost her husband 12 yrs ago, and started a solar house/rancho not too far from Dolores, thats what caught our attention. She is very involved in teaching water conservation, and puts up her $$, to buy gutters to catch rain fall, if the owner of the small house will dig a catch hole and do labor of digging it. Quite the story we heard of her life. Tried to see if she would like to know the answer to those issues that she is so concerned about, but she wasn't open to that now.  
While we looked for the organic farm, stumbled on a fruit market out in the country.
 Wasn't what we were looking for but looked like they had great fruit. Its in full season here, so very plentiful, Pineapples, mangos, lettuces, lots of good fresh stuff.
When we were back in Missouri, took some grandsons fishing for weekend up at Mark Twain Lake, and the fishing was poor, or we were poor fishermen.
  Austin caught the most 2 fish, and this 1 wasn't a keeper. He was too short. Today we met a young man after leaving Miguels, we walked along sidewalk, and a man passed us, said hello in english, went past us, then turned around and stopped right by all 4 of us. Said he needed help,( radar is on now because of everyone here views us as "rich" so many will try to put the squeeze on you for a handout. He didn't say anything about us giving him $$. But soon he teared up and spilled his stress out. Alcohol issues, lost job in states, and now he has taking up drinking and it is bringing him much grief from family. Ron got his cell#, and made arrangements to call him next thursday. I was ready to feel sorry for him but figured he probably brought it on himself, right? Ron told us about a man, I just met with him that is studying and doing well, who almost did the same thing as this guy. Saw them on street, and told them he had problem and wanted help. Long story short, Doing well, keeping up study, and realizes he had to stop drinking.
Has had some very nice studies, and when I was with Ron today on that call, at his work to see if he could study today, he asked about going to KH! So even tho the  young man stopped us today, may have had a little too much, and is hurting because of the pain he cause to family, we won't "throw" him back, Like I had Austin do with his little fish. Will give him an opportunity to demonstrate, if he wants to apply the Man who taught us how to fish for men, his teachings. What does Corinthians say," Yet that is what some of you were".
Ron & Carolyn did 1 of Tom's studies, they were back in states, had an excellent study. He started to witness to friend who stopped by the shop. He translated the english into spanish for friend.
We made some calls, then went to Miguels, for his study. Then after that had Miguel & family join us for supper with Ron & Carolyn.

from left: Maria, Marlene, Carolyn, Ron, Elaine. Miguleito. and Miguel.
Ron & Carolyn Mudge- married a little over 1 year.

Miguelito, with his new car, we brought for him from states.
So we are getting back into swing, but it is hot here, may have to make some sensible adjustments to take a break from heat.
All for now,
Love Tom & Elaine

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting back for Part 2- Planks Mexican Adventure

Heading back to Dolores Hidalgo,

Started out trip back Tuesday afternoon, about 4pm. Left later than we wanted because we were waiting on some items to come in, new glasses for Elaine, and some electronic equipment for me. Was a slow start, rush hour was started in earnest, so we stopped in Rolla, MO. And spent 1st night there.
Then we headed out for Oklahoma that night. Made it to Tulsa, Ok. that evening, my left knee had started swelling when I was working and kept up, so every 100 or so miles I had to stop and lay down with knee propped on bumper to help knee to drain, and allow me to keep going. Car was so packed again, there was no room to set the passenger seat back to change positions so I kept driving, and Elaine watched maps. WE decided that we would just take it easy going back, and not be in a hurry, good thing because after awhile we started stopping every 72 miles, before knee would get to painful to go farther. Every other time we stopped we’d fill up gas tank.
Thursday we drove from Denton Tx, to Laredo, to make our last pit stop and sleep before starting the Mexican part of the trip. From Laredo to Dolores should take about 9 hours, but with my knee it was slower, so we started out at 6AM at border. Got checked thru border gates, and then had our 1st diificulty. As soon as you leave the Mexican border agents, you are in Nuevo Laredo, not to safe a  place to be. The 1st time we followed Lipperd’s across, we almost were held up a a bunch of hooligans. 2 fellows stepped in front of car, within 50ft of us leaving the border guard, they had green highway worker safety vest on. They waved me over, and ahead of us, Tom & Debbie car saw we were stopping and pulled over too, but past these 2 “gov’t workers”.  As  I slowed down 1 motioned me to roll down window, as I did about 15-20 other fellows came out of alleys, houses, bushes and attempted to surround the car. I was confused at 1st, then Elaine said “Tom get going”, and just as she said that a fellow reached in his jacket and acted l;ike he had a weapon there. They were yelling at me then to stop and pay them. But I followed Abraham example and listed to my “Sarah”, and gunned it out of there.
So this time we were ready for some attempt like that 1. And sure enough it happened. As we pulled out of the border check and into the street, a sign said “Monterrey”, and to turn left. So I stared to do that, looked down to the next intersection as I was getting ready to turn, and saw that a gang had surrounded a car there and had it blocked in with a car behind it. So we kept heading straight, and went thru town and came to a big intersection that said Monterrey, so followed it out. Whew! That was the biggest fear we have is getting thru the border area.
After that there isn’t much between there and the turnoff for Saltillo bypass which heads you down to San Luis Potosi, but then we had another scary situation; the car stopped while I accelerated past a slow truck. The battery light indicated no power and we pulled over as far as we could on right to see what happened. There was a wide area there that gave us a margin of safety from the cars & trucks racing past. Thought maybe it was a vacuum line or fuel issue. Listed for any air noises from lines couldn’t hear any, didn’t see any problems, All the gauges were reading ok. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then tried to start and it fired up. So thought it might have been some bad gas, air in line, gunk that passed. But that began a long arduous, last ½ of the trip nerve wracking drive. The fuel pump I suspect was going bad. Going uphill it would stall, and we would have to pull over. Keep in mind there are not any repair shops along the toll road, at least that we could see or ask about. So it slowly got more often and we decided that we would fill up every PEMEX we came to. If the hill was a long upgrade we would not make it. Had to coast over to right, out on flashers and hope that we wouldn’t be rear ended. There are some huge heavy trucks that barely make the steep grades on the roads. They became our friends and protectors. The traffic had to slow for them so we just would follow those slow trucks, at 4-5 mph, up the last bit of hill, then we would be able to get up to about 50-55 on level grades, or slight grades. That’s when we figured that we had to have a full tank. So every 36-40 miles we would top off tank, so that by gravity I guess that we could still get some gas to carburetor. We made Potosi, had to decide if we could make San Luis de La Paz, Thought as long as we had light, and we could make Dolores or get close, we could catch a bus, or try to call a brother to come and help us get car to shop, and repaired. Then hope our stuff would be ok there. But the hills got less high, and farter apart, though we still were not able to go more than 36 miles without getting gas. The last 150 miles that’s what we did. And we made it to Dolores about 7pm Saturday night.
Got the car all unloaded and fell into bed. Spent & exhausted every way you can be.
Saturday had a Bible study Of Ron’s, David Peralta, go with me to take car to repair place, and at 5PM he said it would be Monday before the part came in. So we walked to vegetable market sat afternoon, after turning gas back on, got some food, went to Nanapancha, pizza place had 2 great salads, and came home to no TV, internet, or working phones. But got Elaines phone working then took my cell and paid for minutes to get it working.
Then we worked on getting house organized, and food, water etc into house. Sunday did some more shopping for fruit, and got ready for meeting.
Had good news from Mike Portell, regarding my study with Miguel, both he & Ron took study for me while we were gone. Mike said he came up to where we study with Miguel 1 day, and he already had his BT book out and there was a lady there with him and he was teaching her some truths!!!! I will get the lowdown on the hows; whys and wherefors, when I get to see Miguel this week.
Good to be back, even with the border scare, and the car giving us fits. Got car looked at Saturday-Monday, got new fuel filter, and pump installed. Now we can get back almost into our routines again!
Love Tom & Elaine  

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Getting ready to back to Mexico.

Well we finished up the job I did at Labadie, Mo, weld inspecting. It went well, we had 4 critical welds that all passed examination, so that was good. It feels good to be able to head back to Dolores, ready to pick up again our ministry there, and get back in a routine with our friends and the congregation.
Attended the assembly today at assembly hall, we missed our 2 day in mexico, so we are going here to catch it. Bro Cook is DO, and Bro Burge(sp) is CO. Certainly enjoyed the program today. After having to work 7 days a week for last several weeks, it was nice to be in our spiritual paradise and physically there too, with the Circuit.
Met the Eiseman's at session. Marion was happy  to see familiar faces. We caught up with them, they moved from Dolores shortly after we came back for work. Marion & Deb are teaching spanish to 5 young ones in Gainesville, MO. Deb & her husband are going into growing exotic garlic in their farm in southern Missouri. They are getting beds ready for fall planting.
Took oldest grandsons fishing last weekend. Austin was the star fisherman. He caught most fish, Spent the night, and kids made a big bonfire, and had some marshmallows going. Jordan fired up some dogs & burgers. And Noah, really enjoyed swimming in Mark Twain lake. He had a snake swimming behind him for awhile, he never saw it. Austin & I saw a beaver come out of some rocks, and then saw us and turned around to go back.
Planning on heading back south tuesday or wed. Getting everything packed up will be a challenge.
It will be nice to go thru border  with just stopping for border, not having to go to immigration dept for visa.
Our cong in Dolores has lost some very fine publishers, and commenters. Both Eisemans, Anne & Amelia Dohn soon will depart for a new area in Mexico, and Vicky, is in the Spanish sign group. So we will be needed at meetings. Right now there is another 6 of us on vacation or away at same time from Dolores. Makes it difficult for our remaining ones in Dolores, but we know they are doing a good job.
Not planning on any more trips for awhile. Being in a congregation with a lot of retired, people does present certain situations that aren't found in most places. There has been a turnover of publishers historically at Dolores, but that is the nature of this area. 3 years is a long time here. So that is a reality to deal with.
Well all for now, till we get back to Dolores and have some news for everyone. I have received many comments while back in Missouri from friends who enjoy the Blog, didn't know how much some enjoy it, but they appreciate it, so will keep it going, but maybe at a reduced edition. Have to give some attention to my health, and doing some rehab on knee. Jared had me go to a physical therapist he goes to, and he found my left hamstring wasn't firing electrically. Was getting very weak, and getting water on it, so have been getting treatment on it. Getting some exercises to strengthen it.
Keep up your service as we will ours in Dolores. Find joy in the ministry, and we all will stay in touch.
 Tom & Elaine

Sunday, April 1, 2012

1st time for golfing-in 7 months! Yes

After meeting today, made my first tee time at golf course, and it was great, Nice weather, beautiful course over some big lakes, and even tho I donated a few balls to the water gods, I enjoyed pain free golf, and even had a few pars and a birdie.
Very good day.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to work. Sad but true.

Well started job today, and wasn't too bad. Could have been worse. 1 good thing is, while project mgr was showing me all the weld areas, we climbed stair cases, up barrel ladders, down stairs, some 400ft. I realized I wasn't breathing hard! One of the benefits of living and exercising in an elevation of 6000 ft. So the last 5 weeks of walking every day with Tom, and Debbie has paid off. I impressed myself with being in good shape. My knee held up fine, right heel was good shape, so the time off, and the treatment from my orthopedist, has really improved my outlook, about working. However, I didn't miss at all the coarse language, and worldly association you have to have when working in world. Had to take a shower when I got home, and it wasn't because of sweating.

But sure miss the FS work, and our calls studies & being with a clean people, who share your love of neighbor, to bring good news to them.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Missouri- bound-and more

Well we arrived in Missouri late sat. afternoon. Saw 3 grandsons, and 2 of 4 kids. Went in FS sunday with Jared & Stacey, and had supper with Jordan, Monday. Then the insanity of dealing with gov't regs hit me Monday. had to get documents together for car re-licensing. Property tax receipts, get emissions test, safety inspection, proof of Insurance, etc, What a hassle. Finally today, after having to get emissions issue fixed, because some sensor, that doesn't have anything to do with safety, failed, had to spend some USD to get it fixed. After an extra day of hassle, got Blazer re-licensed, and extended my drivers license to 2018, so that will address Having to come back, just because of that issue.
In FS, had people refuse the Memorial invitation! Wouldn't have happened much in Dolores, they are too polite. Not so much here in suburbia, St. Louis. But Jared & Stacey went in FS ALL day monday. After 10 hours or so, as it was getting dark, they had about 30 minutes to get in. So the group worked 1 more street. After all day of not getting much good reaction, they had several courts to work, but only had time for 1. So they picked a short one. At 1 house, a young man answered, saw the sister who was there, said, "I know you." She had called on him last year, then he moved to Las Vegas. She didn't know that. When they called back trying to find him, Mother didn't say where he was. But he told them he moved to Las Vegas, and out there JW called on him. Then when he came back here, the very same JW called on him here, in the Memorial work, He said, "I'm coming to the Memorial". That sure underscores how Jehovah has the angels doing there job doesn't it?
Started to go thru some of our stuff, stored at Stacey & Jareds. Amazing what you can do w/o. But also found some stuff that we can really use. Went to Jeremy's to retrieve golf clubs. But the weather doesn't look good, rain wise. Very nice temps.
Heard from the Dolores folks. Ron called on Miguel had study, and Marlene had hers. So thats good.
All for now,
Tom & Elaine

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last day in La Paz for awhile...........

So Monday was our last day in La Paz for awhile. Tabitha & Eva went to Marlene's to meet Eva(spanish sister) there. I had a bag of cookies that Marion Eiseman gave everyone at hall sunday, looked really good. But I decided that they would be better for Maria & Miguelito. So put in fridge to take to them. Then we did some door to door. Then we went to lunch.

Mike & I had the aquacate relleno. Avocado with shrimp salad. Delicious.

                   Ron went wild. Fish. The whole fish!

Not sure what Tabitha & Eva split. but looked good.

Then we split up with Ron and girls heading to the new market to search for some RVs. They found 1 of Tabitha's, an old one from Debiie who originally found her, Maria. Tabitha was able to start study, and had a good time.
Mike & I went to study with Miguel, Mike & Ron, & Tom will fill in for me, while we are in states. Since we study 2 times a week, it will help to have a couple brothers available. We finished chap 3, and was gratifying to hear Miguel tell me, he had family study sunday night. He is doing well, but of course Satan isn't standing idly by. He has some new challenges to deal with. So we are keeping him in our prayers. But he has right thinking, "Jehovah will take care of us".
So Ron & girls were back in jardin, while girls were there, Tabitha had 2 good calls. Debbie & her group, her son Micah was there,visiting with a friend from Houston area Jonathan. So they had 2 studies, and we passed them several times traveling around city. Tom was at Juan's, for his study. Then Ron had his study. So that day in La Paz there were 7 studies conducted! What a good day. Also Amelia had made contact with a man at gas station before, & I called on him, and left mags there. he had 2 mexican friends with him, and gave them some spanish mags.
Then on way home we had some clouds move in, a sprinkle or 2, and then saw this.

Then today, I wasn't planning FS, but trying to get some stuff done before we leave. Went to walmart(ours anyway called Bodega). to get battery for a caliper tool I have. Met up with NOE, he and I have began a friendship, since we came here. he speaks some english, so I always seek him out for questions & help in finding stuff. So after he found a battery for me, I asked him about studying. he said he wants to study, in english! Not sure of his reading ability, but this is a case where, if HH wants to study in english, we don't turn them down, even tho there native tongue is spanish. So I told Ron and gave him info, so he can call on him until we get back. Then stopped by Abrahams ceremic store, looking for some gifts for certain people back home who will remain unnamed. He has been so busy last 3 months, have not had time to study. So he said things have slowed down, and he has time, so told Mike Portell about him and Mike will try to get him  started again. So on my off day, got in a couple hours and more important, got 2 BS arranged. So was a good day.
Then at meeting, heard about part of the publishers have started going to San Felipe, another big town where we haven't got to regularly. The Reeds & Millers & Chandler went there,Monday and found 25 english speaking people in 1 day. and several good calls, possible studies were made. Just outstanding potential.  We are fishing for men. Ron just went fishing.
All for now, our Mexican adventure will be on hold for some weeks while we head north, and do some work. But I will get updates from friends here to keep a pulse on what us happening.
Love to all, looking for some nice meals out with our family and friends in St. Louis.
Tom & Elaine

Sunday, March 11, 2012

party time at Mudges!!!!!

Ron & Carolyn Mudge hosted the party, Ron was "La Chef" on the grill for burgers & dogs.
Everybody brought a dish, we had green enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, guacamole, rice & corn dish, broccoli salad, many great desserts. I obviously went off the wagon for the evening. Great time had by all, even tho we will be down 2 publishers, almost a 10% loss, we are happy to see them do what they want, and is best. Marion just finished a education course on teaching english, she is I guess certified to teach it here in Mexico. So maybe that will be useful for her down the road.
Here are some pics of the friends who were there.

standing, sister Berlina Crane(sp), sitting on right is our local chiropracter, and Bible verse champion, Bill Chandler. with her back to pic,  Deb Buentello, (our local mayor) for us gringos anyway, she provides a great needed service helping us get here and assist us in getting places to rent, electric, water etc, been here the longest, locally.) to her right at table Eva Bareski, sitting on swing is Carolyn Mudge, hostess.

Here in pic from L to right- barely visible Gaby Cruz, Amelia(just her head) Carolyn, Bill C, Jose, Debbie Lipperd.
Ron grilling, Marion in foreground, Phil. Tom's study on right of Ron

Here is Ron Mudge, cooking to his right is Phil Tom Lipperd study, lives on the rancho, (where cow was stuck in mud in pond) foreground, Marion Eiseman, then on patio couch in back left Bible
study of Ron's David Peralta, with Amelia head again sticking out.With Deb Eiseman talking to sister Crisp.
Stephanie Miller, Debbie Lipperd, Chip Feid standing,, Elaine head., back table Stacey, Joyce.
It doesn't take much for our friends here in Dolores to want to gether, but when we are losing someone it is reason to celebrate there as well as to get together and let them know they will be missed.

Deb Eiseman & her daughter Marion, are heading back to Missouri, SW end, to move back to there old stomping grounds.
Debbie Eiseman & Joyce McCracken

Marion Eiseman-foreground

on swing is Eva Bareski- and 2 Crisp girls.