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Thursday, December 22, 2011

12-22- Off day.

Had stuff to do, so I had to send Elaine out to La Paz, with Tom & Debbie. I took care of stuff and took some pics while traveling around. Took off and saw some stuff I liked so took some pics. I had passed this spot up a few times because had other people with me. Its a higher spot along road, and wanted to see what it looked like.

I saw these sheep & goats, with there shepherd, trying to find something to eat, I guess.

The flock at 1st was not seeable, the as they came thru the draw of the dry river bed, I saw that is wasn't just a couple but a small flock.

Just interesting to watch them be herded along. 1 flock but different at the same time.

Drove then to San Miguel, and enjoyed some views.

Pretty views of the dry landscape.
Beautiful Mountain on way to San Miguel

Horses trying to eat, what little there is.

Huge view of the Mountain behind San Miguel.

This Lake I was told is usually twice the size, as it is now. Lack of rain last 3 years.

Looked very nice, I must say.

The tunnel leads to the hot springs underground.

flowered walkway.

Then saw this little goldfish pond.

Burned field, not sure why?
Elaine got back from La Paz, and they had a nice call when they found a old study of Debbie's that moved to Houston, and were back visiting. Had a nice conversation, and were invited back for supper next week.
All for now, tomorrow may be a girls Blog, we are going to Leon, leather capital of Mexico.
Love Tom & Elaine.

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