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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last day of the Month!

Here we are at the end of Nov. 1st full month here in Dolores. We had hoped to use this month to finish getting house furnished enough to be able to focus on the ministry, the reason for relocating, as well as being able to retire 5 years early. So we are in the process but can see we can make aux pioneer hours at least, even if we had many days that were spent dealing with house issues. Here are some pics showing where we are with the house now.

Found some 1" aluminum angle so we don't have to worry about painting, helped finish the fiberglass
roof off. There was not a square, plumb wall on any of patio, so had to fill gaps, David a local man here studying helped out.

Very happy with our back gate.

Then went inside with some needed additions, especially since weather has really dipped at night. Were freezing. Got up sunday after seeing what forecast was, lows in the low 30s! Bought 2 wool blankets for bedrooms.

So we can stay warm, if you stay under covers! The 1st night sunday, woke up monday morning with no water from pipes. It unfroze about 8:30am, when housekeeper showed up, so she could start her routine. Rosario is a spanish sister, who helps out on several friends houses, does a great job, and we enjoy her company, when we can get her to slow down and have lunch with us.

Here is the curtain project Elaine has been working on, and with company moving in next door, we have  lots of windows so she is getting drapes up.
Here is our bakers rack, without junk, since we have desks.

 So after our day in La Paz yesterday, Elaine went to work on the curtains today, and caught up on laundry.

 I joined group in FS at KH. 4 of us went out to territory I had,  spent some time door to door, then tried to make RVs. Haven't been able to catch some men calls. but it was a bust, until we went to see if Mike's study was available. He was, Mike had to head to dentist, had me do the intro to BT book with a articulate young man in the centro district right next to jardin.

The 2 sisters did greeting work in jardin, while I did study. Good time, student had some good questions. When I finished sisters had to leave, so stopped at veggie stand and got a romaine head of lettuce, and head of broccoli. Cost 40 cents total.
They grow it all right here. Then went home, changed, and went to pay our 1st water bill, stopped by a pottery shop to check on an order I placed with young man who spoke english. Elaine had been wanting a utensil holder type vase/ jar. We have looked, a lot, but couldn't find any with black & white color scheme. So I asked the english speaking man if he could make one. He said yes, I gave him my ph#, and waited. A week went by, and I stopped by the shop. but he wasn't in. Then today I stopped by again, and his mother called him on phone, she didn't speak or understand anything. Well I had been going to wrong shop. His is about 1/2 block down, So he came & got me, said it was done, and he would go get it for me. Gave him  # again, and he called about 1 hr later, tell him me it was done, Went up there with book bag, because I had asked him he would like to study Bible in english, and he said he would. So gave him BT book, went thru the truth tract and we looked up 2 scriptures. He had a question about the movie, "Da Vinci Code," he had just seen it. Asked if it was true. Led to a discussion of the Vatican, and the scrolls movie talked about. read 2 Tim 3:16, then Rev 22:18,19?, "don't add to or take away from". He understood that anything other than whats in the Bible, is not inspired and thus doesn't supercede Bible. Like catholic traditions. He asked about our translation, explained some thought there, and mentioned the book, "truth in translation".  He owns his store and the factory where his & parents pottery is made. So he leads a very busy life, 7 days a week, which is the hard thing here with studies. The people have to work that hard to make ends meet. hard to get to mtgs, and study. So we exchanged numbers, and he'll call me when he can, or I'll stop by if I see he isn't busy.
I had told him we only wanted LEAD FREE, ware. And when I brought it home Elaine liked my surprise. So got a study started on my own, no referral from a sister. So this week I may have started 2 studies, and 2 good calls!!!  Then came home warmed up a pizza, and had dessert.
So November ends with us showing we can reach Aux Pioneer hours, and we will apply for that in DEC. Then see how difficult it is to reach 70, if we can then consider reg Pion, down the road.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

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