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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Lost day.....maybe not-1-12

Well today started out well, had fs meeting then we headed to san Miguel for a quick stop, to drop off some stuff, that had to be returned today, no problem right? Wrong! We got there, but missed the correct exit that i was familair with, so went to another one, and figured I'd head back and be able to find my way. Didn't quite work that way. coming from other direction we were really close to our destination, and then there was some cones blocking the way I knew to go. So I had to head a different way around, and just when I thought we were there, there is another set of cones sending us around again! Now I'm way off base, where i haven't been, but can still see the big church steeple, and so we wind our way back around, and of course they are almost all 1 way streets, so you have to go 2 blocks out of your way when path is blocked. I'm looking for street parking and there is none. Now its 11:30, and we have 35 minutes back to Dolores, and then pick up our 2 friends going with us, then 45 minutes to La Paz, We can still make it if we can just get there.

We see part of the problem, 3 different streets all coming into 1, with buses loading, so we wait....

And we wait.....................................................

And it is becoming apparent that we aren't getting to where we need to be in time. By now I'm feeling stressed to make our appts. my study, our friends studies, we were going to help with and our 2 firends that are counting on us. SO.........
I called my study checked with him and called off, will see him sunday when we pick up for mtg. Then call our friend to let her know that its looking like we aren't going to make it. So decided that since the native mexicans have the attitude about time that if you don't get to something today, just say.........."manana". And thats what we did. instead of looking at the day as a failure, we decided that we would make the best of it. We did make it to  our destination, the Library in San Miguel. returned book, and applied for our own cards. Thought that they would reject us since we don't have our FM-3 yet, resident cards, that allow among other things library card. But he just asked us to show ID, we did, paid our fee 160 pesos for 2, and viola, we have library cards. Remember the old Steve Martin movie,
where he was raised by a black family, and he thought he was black, then he went off to the city, and he worked at the gas station? When the phone books came out? "I'm somebody I'm somebody. I'm in the phone book!" Thats how we feel. We have library cards!
We parked in a public parking lot and went to library, they said come back in 30 minutes, so we went around 2 corners and were at health food store, Bonanza. Got some stuff, and headed back to library, the man said they weren't done, the cards, so I left Elaine to peruse the possible books, and went to car
to unload the bags, was a lot farther than I thought, but took some pics of gorgeous streets & flowers. San Miguel is a beautiful city. can't imagine a prettier 1 in the western hemisphere.

Walked past this street

Over view of the most beautiful city I've ever been in. Have you seen a prettier 1 in western hemisphere?

An alley I cut thru, don't know if is was a short cut, but was a visual masterpiece.
 These 2 were across the street from each other. Plus an antique door that was amazing.

Looking back down, was a steep grad, had a bottle of water, I needed it. was at least a 25 minute walk up hill.

This is down from the doors with the orange & red bougainvillea. 

Flowers in front, on the side and above.

Flowers on just 1 side, but oh my the beauty.
A little closer to the bouquets

  Then after getting back to library we decided to go back to car, drop off books. When we got there we decided we both were to tired to keep walking, so we unparked and drove to consignment shop for some ideas that might work for house. Found it and went in.

These sights are everywhere, and we have only explored part of San Miguel. Not sure how many ex-pats live at least part of the year here , but its obvious why. Snow in Chicago, St. Louis, wind chill 0 degrees. 75 here, no humidity and beautiful people & streets.

I sat and rested while Elaine shopped, this is inside the consignment shop, garden that is stunning.

Across street from store, its prettier than my shot shows.

Back wall is covered in bougainvillea.

Courtyard I sat in.

Then after seeing some stuff that gave us suggestions for house, we headed over to a plant shop, and picked up some flower pots, plants and trees.

Bamboo plant, Elaine is potting, big pot.

These flower pots and glasses she picked up before.

Here is some new stuff she had added to house.

another warm blanket for couch, and pillows

And the perfect cushions for the chairs, to match the floor tile.
She is good.

So what turned out to be a lost day became a found day. Made lemonade from lemons. I remember when I'd let the small stuff bother me, but there is that almost biblically inspired phrase," don't sweat the small stuff'." So thats what we did. Capped our "lost day" with a burger & fires at "La Burger".
Big day tomorrow, picking up some friends at airport in Leon for our friend.
All for now,
love, Tom & Elaine

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