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Friday, January 6, 2012

Dirt & Doors- San Miguel-1-6-12

So we decided to have a fun day, together, no one else. Headed to La Paz in search of dirt, doors, anything that jumped out at Elaine, the way she put it. We didn't know what to expect, with it being 3 Kings day here in Mexico. Got to La Paz, and knew it was going to be a good day, when we found a parking spot on the street. Never happens. Close to where we wanted to explore.  But first we stopped at a new consignment shop, we were told about.

I thought this picture was MUCH better than the 1 below! (I know such a schlep romantic)
The place looked closed, in fact the doors weren't open, but I saw a worker, and asked him if they were closed. He said yes they open at 10. I said its 10:45. He looked confused then went to let us in. That pretty much describes the attitude about time, and punctuality. Walked in and saw this little mini orange tree.
Looked around and saw some possibilities, but we passed, but next to the consignment shop, was 2 little shops with lamps, and "stuff". But got ideas, but Elaine wants to wait till she has patio table done, so she can decorate from that.
Then it was off to, Starbucks for some great cheesecake, and Chai tea.

We headed down a street, looking for a natural organic health food store called Natura. So we began walking in quest for healthy food.

We passed several jewelry store, and we weren't able to NOT go in. Usually I bring a book while Elaine shops, but today I brought camera. The town is loaded with folks, and you see more wealthy people in 1 block than all of Dolores & San Luis de La Paz combined.

San Miguel de Allende is one of the richest places per capita I'm guessing than almost all other cities, exception, maybe Bern Switzerland, It is famous for its "doors". Have you ever seen door like this?

The carving and old wood that has been saved and preserved are amazing.
 Of course you also see doors that make us forget we are in Mexico. Here is a "Domino's".
Then saw this popular real estate window. The prices here tho start at 750,000 for a "chic" condo/ house.

This is 1 of maybe 5 she shopped in, but I'm glad to say it was window shopping. As I waited at this store leaning on the door, and people watching. It is comforting some days to see like people, after seeing the poor people we daily witness to, and witness as in seeing them in there efforts to make a living for that day.

People watching, do they have  a death wish?

If you want meat, come here.

                            If you want culture come to Allende museum.

Typical funeral, small and walking the coffin.

The floral beauty of San Miguel never ceases to cause you to wonder if this can be improved on in New world. Except it will be everywhere right? Not just where the wealthy can afford it.
Then saw the most beautiful, non human, non floral thing.

If I knew how to photo shop, I'd be the one on the horse!

This Dad got his kids to look at horse as it passed.

This is entrance to San Miguel coming in from Dolores. Gated community. Lots of those here.

                                     Big palm tree. with vendor underneath.

Here is the candle holder she found as we walked to & from Natura, health food store. It was small but nice selection of bread, quinoa, organic veggies.

We had been told where a garden center was so we stopped in there got 2 bags of dirt, 1 of lave rock, 1 of mulch. Then I decided we needed our lown lime tree for back yard.

Close-up of candle light.
I took a picture of man taking his family pic.

Elaine saw this alley that was gorgeous, but I think
she is the gorgeous 1.

All for now this was our free day, where we did what we wanted, and being around some of the scenery that reflects the sad state of affairs, for the poor people, we need to see Jehovah's beauty, and see familiar sights. Helps us make another week attempting to find the elusive sheep-like english speaking in our territory. looking forward to seeing the most beautiful people on earth, his servants, at our 1 day tomorrow.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine
ps; realized in some pics I misnamed them as from San Luis de La Paz. Its San Miguel de Allende.

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