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Thursday, January 5, 2012

4-english speaking found!

We finished another territory today with canvassing. 3 of us went to La Paz- Elaine, Vicky & I. Wasn't sure I was going to go, Miguel called me last night, and said he had to go to Gueretero. As he' my onnly dependable study, and such an encouraging 1, was bummed a little. But another sister couldn't make it, so we didn't want her students if home to miss, so we went. We had 2 sides of the last block to go, and that was our goal. that would finish territory. I went in 1 direction & Elaine & Vicky wen the other. They had the really long street, I had a short 1. I stopped by a few calls that i had to pass to reach my start point, but no one was in. So first I found an American, 1st one in 9 weeks, who lives in La Paz. He has a small shop, selling, little hardware, ons and ends. He goes up to Laredo, buys good stuff, and then returns with it to sell. We exchanged our stories on what brought us here to Mexico. He remarried a Mexican lady, and her home was in San Luis de La Paz. When her grandfather dies she inherited the home. He worked in Dallas area, got laid off twice from different companies and decided they could make it better in Mexico, especially since house was paid for. He does his reselling thing, his small store is in front of the family home.  He's "non-denominational" Christian. Wife of course catholic. He was very friendly. AS I left I left him Truth tract, and told him I'd be around on Mon & thurs. would see him again.
Girls meantime met an english speaker & Elaine made a whole presentation, thru point# 1- in Truth tract. So she has an RV to make.
I also found a university young man- that is majoring in computer programming. Asked him if he had to take Cisco systems course. He said yes,. it was a prerequisite. So we talked a bit, he's not sure he's religious, but he liked Creation brochure, and his mother likes to read about different views, had a spanish one for her. He's going back to school after break, so may not be able to follow up with him until schools out. But was a good exchange. He asked of course, "WHY are you here"? thats always a good opening, to show our desire to help people here learn about God. Its usually interesting to them that we come to Mexico voluntarily to help people. Saw these kids on top of the roof of a store, where is Mom?
Then we stopped by Juans store, to see if he was in, and talked to his wife Emma. She is due with 2 weeks, and it shows. But doesn't she look great?

She told us her husband and father went to get the Mom from mexico City, so she would be here in time for baby arrival. She better hurry!

We ate lunch out of our brown bags, took our break, then tried some RVs and studies. Weren't sure what we'd find. Today ids the day before "3 Kings day" they celebrate the "Magi" coming, etc, etc. But it is bigger than xmas here, The kids get there presents on the 6th. So these poor people use there little money to satisfy the business to spend. The sell they cheapest trinkets you can find, because of course the parents are forced to give kids something!
But we didn't find anyone home, When we circles to go make calls, there was my study, Miguel with his cart in front of his home, waiting for father to pick him up. Visited a bit, assured him we'd be there on Monday for his study.

Followed a scooter, that had 3 people on it, Mom, little one standing , and one in back. No fear there, they believe in Fate, and drive like it!

The street gang, wheelbarrow, 5 ft railroad bar, pick & shovels.

Elaine & Vicky, trying Angelicas house, my call was next to this one. Daniel was 2 doors down on his roof.

Here we waited while the folks got up on there business, you can't get impatient, its the norm.

Vicky & Elaine did find 1 family home for Debbie's study. had a good chat, then we tried another one, Vicky study, her husband said she was gone. But I made a call next door on a home where the wife, =said her husband talks english. So I knocked, no answer then a voice above me asked what I wanted. The man was home, on there roof terrace having lunch, told him what I did, and he said come back, next week. because they were busy then.  So have a RV arranged for him, name was Daniel. May have to be an evening call. If you know anyone young couple who want to serve where need is great, or older couple, too, La Paz I think we'll support an english congregation one of these days. Someone will need to live there, so there can be a meeting place, and have a room so brothers from Dolores can stay over to help work territory. Will be very exciting to start a new congregation if that is Jehovahs will. They need about 800-1000 a month income, and can live comfortably. Need a car. that has high clearance. lots of potholes and rutted roads. But will be working in city, and can walk many places. Oh if only we were young again. 2 spanish cong there already. But the fields appear "ripe" for harvesting.
Then on way out of La Paz we saw several interesting sites.

Followed this truck that was hauling broccoli leaves after harvesting.  Good food for the animals I'm guessing.

Then along the hwy, this is common sight. Donkey/ass pulling 2 wheel cart. Better gas milage.

Then we came into Dolores and Elaine saw how pretty the sky was.
Our new patio rockers, and make do table, until new one is done.
Then we got home and I had set my stomach for some pasta, we hadn't had time to fix before. I had got fresh bread this morning, so Elaine fixed us a nice salad, tomatoes,carrots, broccoli, olives, cauliflower, and cucumber. And whole wheat Ziti pasta! Only thing missing was some wine, settled for fresh squeezed lime, with mineral water, and stevia.

Had a real relaxed meal, planned our free day tomorrow, shopping for a warm blanket/shawl for couch, and maybe find some good dirt/potting
soil, for Elaine's plants she is growing.
Love Tom & Elaine

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  1. Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the updates. You seem to have found a good combination of spiritual interest and a nice laid back location. I think for a lot of people it has unveiled an opportunity that most would have overlooked. Please keep the updates coming.