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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally- an american female!-1-17-12

So we are out in service and I round a corner, and there is the girl I saw several weeks ago, where I left a tract with her, and forgot to get a name, ph# etc. When I told Elaine, I was kindly reminded how there is very few women calls for her. So as I swerved quickly to the curb, and jumped out to greet her & husband again, I introduced her to Elaine got the address, and the stealthily followed her to where she lived to be sure we had the address down, I was rewarded with a "good job" from Elaine, WHEW!
Of course she'll probably be a dead end, but at least we have an english speaking woman for Elaine to call on.
Did find 1 of my calls at his business, but struck out on the other 3.
Yesterday found a studies of Mike's at his work, and we studied a bit, in between his customers.

Here Fernando, who has a glass -frame store- and you can see my service bag, as I waited in between customers.

While driving around saw some strange sights.

This gives you an idea of how people use there roofs, gardens, water, laundry etc.
Below the roof line is a room they are building out for more living space.

I saw this lady on roof, went down then came back up.

Then as I turned on to another street, looked up and saw this pine tree on a roof top.?????

Then after parking at house we walked down to jardin to check on some calls down there. No one at the places we tried, but did approach work with some persons who either looked like they wanted to know what we were up to, or men, to see if they spoke english.
Found a place that does binding work, and had a spanish BT book spiral bound to my study english BT book, so I can help resolve any meanings when the student doesn't understand the words/meaning. Also got some Truth tracts laminated, as some have done here, to preserve the working copy. The expense of out literature keeps going up, so anything you can to keep the literature from getting tattered really helps. Just imagine if all of us save 1 magazine a month from getting tossed out becaue we had it laminated, we could save 7 1/2 million mags a month! 84 million a year! thats a lot of magazines and $$$.
driving around, these horse were there. I can't pass up those shots.

Looking forward to study tomorrow with Miguel and hopefully Elaine & Amelia will be able to visit with his wife. We met a Peace corp volunteer who teaches english lessons in La Paz. Left her 3 awakes to see if any of her students wanted english material. Plus she told us of 2 more americans living in city.
Keep you posted,
Love Tom & Elaine

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