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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Found him!-14-12

Stayed in town today, did territory then made calls. Had a hard time finding it, but then once we did we finished 1 boundary. Had no one that spoke english but too a few pics of the scenery.

tied up cow, on a rope.

             We ran across some sheep trying to find food.

Some cousins of sheep we saw.

Then we decided to do some calls. I had 1 for sure to try, and Marion had 2 men calls to try to turn over to a man, me.(Yippee) But both weren't there. We stopped at house to walk to calls, visited with Elaine, she stayed in to work on drapes & talk she has coming up after our 1 day- saturday. The assembly is 1 1/2 hrs away, in Celaya. We're excited to see how it goes. Going with Portells. Anyway I called Abraham, my study that hasn't had a study yet, because he is so busy. Well we got together finally. Had some tile business to ask him about, then we set study up for next week, he'll be there at store for the whole week. As I was leaving a little sister maybe 60-70 yrs old, stopped in his store, to say hi, and saw Abraham talking to me, and she had a big smile on her face. She had called on him to leave mags, for a long time in spanish. Here is Abraham and his store.

Abraham at his store.

This is his store, his family manufacturers, the tile, and so Elaine couldn't find the tile she wanted and when she did they stopped making it. But I took the picture of the til to Abraham and he said he could make it. So we settled on the design, and then he will put tile on table.

So I was very happy to make contact again with Abraham, as we talked he told me one of his best friends is an elder & pioneer in Columbia, South America. He spoke so fondly and respectful of the brother, that I know he thinks well of truth. Then in our discussion, he brought up the question of the Mayan calendar, and the end of the world. I just had read the article in mags about if, so had the answer for him. Read Psalms 37, 39,30, then 2 Peter 3: to show him context. So next week we can study maybe several time s that week. Hope so so he can see the interesting things we can find out about Bible.
Here is Deb & Jose out in territory.
 So came home, ate some lunch, on the patio with our new chairs, rockers and it was nice. Then Elaine made me go get a haircut, for saturday, thenwe headed over to some frinds for supper, after Elaine chiropractor appt.
Over all a nice day.
Love Tom & Elaine

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