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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miguels day-1-15

Well got back from a long but beneficial day. Started with a nice breakfast, made us an egg omelet, then we got to work getting ready for company. Had some tree limbs to get rid of so drove out to the trash dump to take care of that.
This lady begged for money, said she needed to get to Dr. Hard to turn down, but since she was by herself wasn't too bad. No one sees you give, so at least you aren't inundated. Then headed over about noon to San Luis de La Paz. to pick up Miguel & family. He called me and he was at his fathers, so saved me about 15 minutes missing having to go into town. Saw these sights on drive over.

The big Mountain Pozos outside La Paz.

If you don't haver the $$ you walk.

Then we arrived at house early & decided to park at house and join Elaine in walking to hall. Here is a pic from when we got home before heading to Hall.
Maria & Dad, Miguel.

Maria got her new Iphone out to take pictures, so I did the same!

Here is Miguelito, Marlene his wife,Maria, and a friend they brought over Jasmin

Then we headed to hall. I certainly had some trepidation, worrying about Marlene, who speaks spanish only, and how kids would do. But I had copied a spanish WT for Marlene to follow along. And remember Miguel has finished just 1 chapter in BT book. But we had a nice spanish brother give talk, and he talked to Miguel and wife before meeting in spanish. We had 48, in attendance, which is is high for us. Several studies, Tom & Debbie had 4-5 there, and Chip & Marilyn had 4. The children did amazing well for there 1st experience, Got a little restless near end of WT, but who doesn't? I found scriptures in my Bible passed it to Miguel then looked up in extra Bible I had for Miguel. When we sang song I gave my SB to Miguel, and about the 1/2 way point of 1st verse He started singing, he has a good voice. I almost got choked up there. Here not quite 3 months and have a BS at mtg singing! The blessings of making the move were visible. That really keeps you going doesn't it? Marlene did well, even tho limited in understanding. Here is family at KH.
Then we walked back to our house. And Miguelito got excited when we passed these.

The horses were nibbling the bark of the trees.

WE had invited 2 sisters, Mom & daughter, who spoke fair spanish, Anne & Amelia. So Marlene would have someone to talk to. Ordered pizza from the good pizza place, Elaine had a wonderful salad ready and then we had dessert, ice cream and fresh pineapple. WEnt well.And Miguelito was so proud of his white shirt & tie, he was extra careful not spilling on it. I mentioned to Amelia, she could ask Marlene for a study in spanish, but she would have to take Elaine! So she did, and tomorrow at 12 noon they will call on Marlene! She consented. That has been a big worry, for me, worrying about Marlenes reaction to Miguels progress. So if she studies they can learn together, and talk about what they are learning.
I'll have Miguels at 2PM in the jardin.
Our dinner group.
from left. Anne, Amelia,Elaine, Marlene, Miguel

from right- Amelia,Miguelito, Maria, Miguel, Marlene

So we had a nice time, Marlene was able to understand and participate in conversation. Miguel told me on way home he really enjoyed the meeting. Was happy that Amelia & Anne could come and help bridge the language barrier.
Jasmin, Marias friend, helped with the dishes, and I think liked coming with the family. She spent night with Maria, and Miguel talked to her mother, and she let her come to meeting. Left at noon, picked them up at 1:30. Made it to kh, ate then about 7:45 took them home, and made it back to house at 9pm.
Our mtg is at 3pm. So if you want to enjoy the ministry, or know a young couple wanting to serve where need is great, WE have it here. Plus there is the best mango ice cream you've ever had.
All for now,
Love Tom & Elaine

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