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Monday, January 23, 2012

La Paz-1-23

Well I felt good enough to make La Paz for studies & calls especially. Elaine & I were joined by Anne & Amelia Dohn, which made the day much better. Elaine & Amelia attended to Marlene, Miguels wife after working some door to door. They had a good discussion, then met us at car for our brown bag lunch.
Afterward we headed to jardin so Anne & I had study with Miguel, while Elaine made a call on Debbies study, down 2 blocks.
Here is Anne & Miguel.
Then we headed back to car to do some other calls. While going back to car I was fascinated by what I saw a young man pulling on a small cart on the sidewalk.

Like I said you just don't know what you'll see here in the Mexican towns. Didn't find out where this delicacy would end up, but I don't think I want to know.

The girls weren't quite as fascinated as I was.

It was crowded on the streets at jardin, more so than last week.

We found 2 new individuals who spoke english today. I woman 1 young man. Part of the effort here in La Paz is to canvass than note how many english speakers live here. This will help the branch to determine if/when the effort to establish a congregation here is viable. The don't care only how many studies are progressing/ attending meetings but also how many english speaking there are to see what the needs are for a foreign language group to be established. So keeping track is essential to have that data on hand so as to be able evaluate that
if it comes up.

So we had an overall good day, Miguels study was good. I will be discussing with him more about attending meetings, either by bus to Dolores or attending spanish mtgs in La Paz. Picking his family up every week isn't feasible for me.

All for now,
Love Tom & Elaine

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