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Monday, January 30, 2012

Rain finally- and Sunday fun!

Biggest news is we have real rain. 1st time since we've been here, other than about 10 drops 1 night. Really a needed shower. Will settle the dust, for awhile, and we may even get some tomorrow. Maybe we'll get some greening up. Tired of ll this brown.
So got up and did a 2 1/2 mile walk this morning. Took about 50 minutes, up hill on the outgoing leg, down hill on way back. Felt good, knee held up, but right heel was barking when I got home. Achilles tendon is very tight in heel area. On way back ran into a little ranch with big cows.
I came back a different way, and startled some dogs, people and cows. You just never know what you will see here.
Then after meeting we had hospitality, our group, and Reeds had us over with some others. Sister Reed and some one else fixed us tostado's, beef & chicken, which were good, and hit the spot with our cooler weather.

Here Kari is in forefront, Susan in back left, with Fruciano's backs to me.

Jeremy is far left, then Kari, Joyce, and Bro& Sis. Fruciano. Jeremy and Kari brought a homemade salsa that was a big hit.

Trupianos in forefront, Bro Reed back, with Kari's Mom, Susan Juntunen on right.

Here are Kari's parents, Susan & Mark, from North Carolina now on left, Robert Reed, and Bro Fruciano, from Leon last 13 years, and Florida, & Boston before that.

Here is Joyce & Susan.

Had a good time, and enjoyed getting to know the Frucianos. they are in Leon, been there about 13 years. Have seen things really grow in english in Mexico. If I remember right, there was only 2 english when they came. They have become residents. so that has some advantages. Health Insurance, not having to pay yearly renewals for visa, etc.
So a good interchange of encouragement was had. Reeds have a beautiful home, set off from town a few blocks, with sheep, goats, and cows around there home. There landlord really appreciates there being renters,. They told us a problem with some big trees by the back of the home. The roots are pushing up there floor in spots, so the landlord hired some worker to get rid of trees & roots. So man shows up with a chain saw, that didn't work. So out came the hatchet, machete, hand saw, and pry bar. All by hand. Robert said that he brings coffee in the morning to him, but this tree is like 2-3 ft radius! And evidently the pay is not much. Again the term lazy Mexican isn'r in evidence here.
Kari's parents were flying out this morning, and the Frucianos had to get on the road, so we headed home about 7:30, dropped Joyce off. get ready for La Paz in morning. We were glad that we were able to make gathering, its nice to enjoy association with our brothers, away from KH.
Before heading to bed, the rain was pattering steady on our patio roof, Nice. Maybe we will see some Green pics soon!
Love to All.
Tom & Elaine

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