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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mango Juicing-1-20

So we did get to San Miguel yesterday, before we both decided we were to tired to enjoy the town much. Went to Library and returned/ and got some books. Then headed back home but took 2 pics of interesting
stuff in San Miguel. We have been waiting for Iron Lady & War Horse to come to the Cinema in San Miguel.
Still not showing yet, so will monitor that. Kind of glad because we both would have not got  the most out of the movies.

Then spotted an optical store close to Cinema. Thought Stacey & Jared would like seeing what they have here.
Now on to my 1st juicing experiment with Mangos. The fruits season is here, oranges, grapefruit & Mangos, among others. So some of the friends here have been telling me about the mangos, and how good they are. So I picked out 4, with help from some sisters when we were out in service.
 They told me how to prepare them. They have a huge seed inside, that you have to know how to remove w/o loosing a lot of meat.

Here is the results of the meat from 4 mangos. Put in Bullet, and then juiced.

Here is final product. Very sweet, and delicious. Made 2 big cups of juice. It is a thick mixture, didn't add water, wanted to see consistency, before adding water. But I'd say you could get additional 2 glasses worth and not lose much flavor.

So will buy the ripe ones, while they last.
First saturday we didn't go out. Took it easy and took Elaine to Bro. Chandler for an adjustment. He's our retired chiropractor from Alabama I think. 79 yrs young. And he volunteered to give Elaine adjustment. So we missed our regular chiropractor wednesday, so thought we'd visit him. He did a nice job, and she felt better right away.
Started walking again today, even tho couldn't hardly breath with "la gripa", decided I better get a hold on my cardio/ or lack there of. felt good to push it. Still to sneezy to go to one of the friends "game nights". But hope the exercise will help immune system & get rid of this congestion.
Elaine mad a nice big salad, cabbage, avocado, cheese & ham, etc.
Started listening to the study WT in english with a spanish study WT to follow along and see if that helps learn spanish better/quicker.
All for now
Love Tom & Elaine

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