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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mish Mosh- Catchup-1-14-12

Well thought I'd better catchup up to Blog. Busy day or 2. Friday we went to airport in Leon with our friend Joyce to pick up 2 of her friends that came in. I think from Tucson.
 Its about a 90 mile drive from Dolores to Leon airport. Always majestic, and since we've been coming over, have seen the color slowly fade away, and not much green left, but the mountains are beautiful even if they aren't much color in them now.

It starts out barely rolling than as you get to San Felipe there is a rise in elevation and you go thru the ranges of mountains.

This is the Leon airport, which is the closest to Dolores with international connecting flights. The 2 airlines you have to use are American, and Continental. Several ways to come from Dolores, the over the mountains thru Guanajauto, very scenic but lots of sharp turns. We came the easier way. Almost to San Felipe, which is in our territory, large town with a spanish KH or 2, but no english, so we are supposed to work it, but we are too few to cover it. Concentrating on La Paz right now.
As we came close to Leon, this was my 1st time on my own, made 1 wrong turn as we got close to Costco, but Joyce;s Iphone, gps saved us much of a detour. As we drove to Costco, and the other bigger stores looked to my right, and saw this guy.

Couldn't figure out what he was up to?

Then Joyce said he was street juggler! While the traffic had a red light he is flipping 3 pins in air for tips! Only in mexico.
So we got to Costco, and split up, Joyce headed to Home Depot across street & Elaine & I went to Costco. Got some stuff, we can't find elsewhere. cashews, blueberries dried, HP printer cartridges, better price than San Miguel, chocolate brownies ( sometimes you just give in), wash clothes, etc. Joyce than joined us, and she did her shopping. As we left to load car, than grab a bite of lunch at the outdoor food court of Costco, a lady asked us if we speak english? Surprise, she & her mother were doing approach work, and thought they recognized us from last convention! So had a nice visit, they were from Washington DC, been in Mexico 7 years, in several different congs. Now they are in a newly formed english in Leon. So we drove to airport to pick up her friends they were due in at 3:05pm, got in at 4:30pm. Joyce & Elaine waited & I read my new Tom Clancy book. While sitting reading I noticed people going to a machine that I thought was a peso/dollar machine, but then noticed they weren't putting in money, they were putting in tickets. That reminded me of the parking ticket fiasco I had in Leon 2 weeks ago, so realized that was what was going on. Went back to car got my ticket, validated it when the guests arrived and we were able to get out w/o the huge problem we had before.
So we loaded up luggage, and headed home.

San Felipe mountains as we head toward them & turn right for Dolores.

Then today we went in service, or rather I did as Elaine was under the weather, with a congestion thing. So fixed her up some fresh mango, they just came in here, never had 1 before, huge seed in middle. but they are delicious. Made her some Chai tea, and a big glass of Lime juice drink. Then headed out to FS. We worked 2 1/2 hrs, met some from spanish cong, and made a few calls, then headed back to my sick girl. She took some excedrin and so she felt better, but still congested. I went shopping for our meal tomorrow for Bible study, Miguel. I'm picking him up at 1:30, drive to KH for mtg at 3, eat then drive him & family home after meal. Got some avocados, dessert, etc. And the took a break in jardin.

Mango ice cream, love this stuff, as I said never had fresh mango before today, but have had mango ice cream.

So as I sat, took a few shots around jardin, these 2 ellos(men), look like its a rough life here right? It was about 3:30, so siesta is in full swing.

A good shoeshine isn't hard to find.

Or a pork belly, with lots of chilli peppers on it.

family with dessert in hand!

This man is still looking foe customers he can feed, not sure what he has in his basket.?

then it was time to head back to my patient. but decided i would pick up some flowers for her.
So will rest up tonite, so to be ready for a long day tomorrow. Nervous that Miguels wife will feel ok, with meeting and all the white americanos. She had us at her home but hope she will not feel intimidated. She speaks spanish only, so Have invited Anne & her daughter Amelia to help converse with her. I have no idea how she feels about Miguel studying, other than she was sweet to us the night we stopped in.
All for now,
Love, Tom & Elaine

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