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Friday, January 20, 2012

Elaine & Amelia's day-19-12

So we headed to La Paz for service. Monday we were there, and were hoping for Elaine & Amelia to call on Miguels wife, Marlene. But she had a teacher/parent conference at school so they said we'd try it Thursday. So we went there first, and saw Miguel with his cart in front of his home. Marlene was ready and the girls went over some info, that I suggested on what happens at death, since that is what Miguel & I were studying. Thought they would have then common material to talk about. We'll see if that works out. But Marlene was very hospitable and a nice exchange of info was accomplished. I did some D to D, and RVs while they had call. About 11:45 I swung back(walking) to Miguels to see how girls were doing. Sat down with them and marlene brought out a nice corn bread cake, that was light & fluffy. What was interesting was they were trying to find in the Catholic Bible Ecclesaites. So while they talked I hunted for it, and found it right before Mateo (Matthew) or close to it. I remember reading how they group all the prophets together, so basically thumbed thru it till found it.

Then we had got some water, regrouped on our plan, and girls headed to a mercado, to see if there was an english speaking lady there. I headed to make some calls on the way to jardin to meet Miguel. Talked to Gustavo, who moved from Texas, an was studying in spanish, asked if any spanish brothers called him, and he said no, so I have some work to do, to get him connected to spanish brothers.

Then made it to jardin, and after a bit, Miguel showed up.
 We had a good study, did the appendix on Hades & Sheol. He had all the scriptures underlined, in his Bible. and we spent some time discussing gehenna, fiery hell, and the common grave. We had a man come up and buy 2 small bags of Hicama, a beet like root bulb that is somewhat sweet, that is a big item here for nutrition, and people really like it. Miguel switched to fruit, because it is in season now, and is plentiful. The man turns out isa politician. He stayed around the cart, and had several people approach him, to talk. There was a rally for a politician in jardin after awhile. The pols kids were troublesome, they kept climbing on cart, and the man was occupied with people, so Miguel kept his eyes on kids. But I admired his not letting the circumstances, cause him to not focus on discussion. We again stressed how the bible is the answer and if people don't want to believe it, then we have to stick to the bible.
met up with girls and we headed to make some more calls.

We met also, Tom & Debbie with there company the Moores from Oklahoma.
 Elaine & Amelia then went to do Angelica, Vicky's study who was sick. They had a good study there for sure, went an hour.

I made a call next to Angelica's and waited for them. I was very tired, Then today figured out why, catching what Elaine had last weekend, The "gripe", Congestion big time.

The after they girls rejoined me, we headed to a new call/ study that Debbie gave Elaine, on a family who wants there daughter to study. She had set up the call thursday @ 5pm. So we headed there. The family was waiting and they had a doorstep study. The other car group headed to dinner at Pozos, and we headed there when Elaine finished call.
Joined the Lipperds & Moores for supper.
As usual it was delightful. Here are some pics.

Sister Phyliss Moore, with her salad. Her expression lets you know she wasn't used to a shutterbug while she's eating, but she was a good sport.

       Our group in La Paz for Thursday: left to right;
Levi Morre- Phyliss Moore- Lipperds close friends from Okla. Tom & Debbie- Amelia Dohn- Elaine.

Elaine was getting chilly, so Tom mentioned that to waiter & he lit up a gas lantern/light, and moved it by her, so she could warm up. Debbie & Tom know the owner & manger well, and leave literature with them. They have the hotel so beautiful.
the bougainvillea, I can't resist showing. I planted 1 in back yard.

Amelia pear salad, was excellent.
Above you see what i didn't know until Tom pointed it out, a movable roof, that closes when it is hot.
                                           Here is the roof closing, as night settles in.

From stairwell, looking across the 2nd floor.

Levi coming up stairwell from dining room

A carved table in 2nd floor foyer.

Looking down to dining room
                                        Moores coming out to front foyer, Elaine there

The whole group for our day in la Paz. remember we do, do service there! Even tho it looks like we have a very good time enjoying the local flavors.

So we ended a long day, very tired, but happy we had the privilege of studying with 3-4 different people, between our group & Debbie & Tom, and letting the town of La Paz see Jehovahs servants in action. Really enjoyed meeting the Moores. Good people, and looking forward to his talk sunday. Miguel can't make it, has to take care of some personal business.
All for now, will have a blog on my attempt to juice Papaya. Its in season.
All for now.
Tom & Elaine

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