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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Had to take of of business today. So took camera with me, see if I run across anything interesting. Went to Don Bizcocho, our land lord, to pay rent. Then went to telecable, for TV-internet payment. about 1 mile walk, so got my exercise in. Walked past this beggar lady sitting in middle of sidewalk looking horrible.
Here is a pic as I walk by the big church, vendor cart selling beads etc in front of church.

Its so sad, but you can't give $$ to the beggars, you would be able to stay here and do ministry. Whats more important? Had another lady with 2 kids, ask me for bus money to get to Michogan ( a state in Mexico). I told her 'no hable espanol". and brought out truth tract. That stopped her from asking.  When I came close to telecable office, saw this Coke truck pass, and it hit me again how the multi-national companies are killing the people, with there marketing and products.

They sell coke here for 8 pesos. thats 5 /12 cents. You think there is a mark-up in the product? Of course they don't have to pay benefits, health ins, minimum wage, pollution laws, etc. You wonder why the companies all want to manufacture off shore? Or in this case across border? Or be able to truck in the product they make here across border? Thats why Bush wanted to have the"super hwy" from Mexico to chicago. With no check points. They can produce in Mexico and ship to US, for that can of profit. The plastic here has such thin bottles that they just suck in when you take a drink. The coke company gives their chairs away to vendors if they sell coke, and not pepsi, etc.
Walking back saw a little display of pastry, looked good so Asked in my limited spanish(didn't have my dictionary with me) what is that? looked like a corn muffin, with a sunken middle.

 Well after spending 3 pesos, 2 cents, I tasted it. Very good, was like a corn muffin but had a gooey butter center! Whats not to like? Do you see why its hard to lose weight here?

Then saw this mom drive into the parking lot, with her 2 yr old standing on the scooter. They acted like it was normal and it is here.

Here is a street vendor selling nylon rope.

Close to home I passed the fish market (whew) and turned back to talk to this guy, who had said "good morning". Took me a sec to realize, heh I may have a live one. So asked him where he learned his english (texas, 13 years) now he & wife work for fish market. He's been back 4 years. He asked me where we were from. Then I asked if he had any children, he does, and I showed him 2 mags, he reads english. So he would like My Book, so he can read to kids, they are young. Told him they are hard to get, but I'll try. (Jared/Jeremy are u listening, maybe do a care package with literature) So as the friends tell us here, "you're always on" field service wise.

Then after coming back, we had to run some more errands this time with the beautiful Elaine. Our cell phones were out of minutes, so went to the Oxxo, (our QT/7-11), met a new man there who spoke english, helped get them turned back on. And got a witness in with him. got his story, he had been in Austin TX, for 13 years as the short order cook at a Dennys. Didn't get too far of why he's back, other than, he was born in Mx, and his family is here. So will call back to pursue my new acquaintance with him.
Then we went on Elaine's main objective, finding tile for the patio table, we are having built.

This guys job all day long is to pick up dried out tiles. On his knees. How old is he? looked to be in 40s at least.

She found this piece last week with Debbie, but it was discontinued, but the store gave it to her for sample, and we will take it to 1 of my calls, on Pottery row, to see if he can match the colors.
Then it was time for a late brunch, early supper at Damonica's. The best little italian restaurant here. Thats the italian family from italy came here 5 yrs ago. Real warm hugs you, and brings out freah bread and butter along with a salsa and a green thing that isn't too hot, but a spicey/sweet taste.

my Ravioli, partially gone.

Elaine's gnoochie, in white sauce. (wasn't quite as good as Debbie's home made she made for us in O'Fallon, when she visited) but very tasty

There homemade salsa, and green spread that is the sour/sweet taste, fantastic on fresh bread.

Then ordered Gnoochie with white sauce(Elaine) & I had ravioli.
No dessert because it was so filling.

Here is there name, we love this place. Tom & Debbie brought us here 1st time.

Then it was time for a nap.
All for now
Love Tom & Elaine

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