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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Circuit assembly- 1 down, many to go!

Got up at 4:40 AM to get ready for the drive over to Celaya, about 1 1/2 hr drive. 1st time at this location I'm told by friends.  So the 1st thing I see out the widow at 4:40 is this.
Thats the moon almost full, camera flash cut down the brilliance about 1/2 what it looked like in sky.
Made some coffee, scrambled us an omelet, fixed lunch, and when Elaine was ready we left. Picked up Eva, and Tabitha, Mike was really sick, so he missed. The drive goes thru San Miguel, Saw several friends heading that way. After almost getting airborn because of topees, they were working on hwy.
So had a few slowdowns for those.
But arrived safely, and saw the auditorium.

            Very nice facilities, had plenty of room for
            everyone. 1st assembly in quite awhile where we didn't know anyone outside our congregation. And I was surprised that at least 80% of attendees were Mexicans/ spanish persons. In our little world in Dolores we have 80-85% of move-ins from North America. But it seems elsewhere its the opposite. Many mexican brothers have volunteered to assist the english field.

We saw Phil & Stacey with Adam, 1 child, others stayed home so they could focus on program.

Phil,Looked great in his suit.

                                            And so did Stacey

And Adam, looks like a future Circuit Overseer doesn't he?

Was a very focused program on Gods Will.

Here is a picture of Anne, one of our friends from Dolores.
 After we headed back to Dolores. And had camera ready in case anything interesting came along.

We followed this truck until we could pass him, but he sure had a variety of load. He had carrots, corn puffs, peppers, plus other stuff I didn't have time to ID. But his tires were bulging from the weight.
The fields had more crops in them than around us, must be more irrigation. here is lettuce & broccoli.

And there is always some mountains 

 The reservoir here is from another angle than I've seen before. Really shows the draught, and how extensive it is. The environmentalists that are saying that water is the new oil, may be right.

Roadside vendor, had some goodlooking coconuts.
Very well watered field. we are getting to miss the greenness of Missouri. and the abundance of WATER.

The Theme about said it all. CO had last talk and he interviewed a couple who had come to Mexico from states 5 years ago. They have helped 3 congregations here. But Sister Williams contracted Breast cancer and it is stage 4. She is undergoing chemo, and in the interview, she goes in service after her treatments, both at hospital and with friends. Bro Williams relayed how the friends have been very supportive. The Co asked us to pray for her, and keep them in mind. His theme was "Encourage one another for this is the Will of God". Well there wasn't too many fry eyes after the interview. But he reminded us of having the courage to endure this system may mean dying faithful to Jehovah, having the assurance of the resurrection.  Many fine points were stressed, but 1 stood out to me. It was about thiose who have stopped in worshipping Jehovah, and he referred to 2008 WT-11/15  pgs 15,16. article,"Help them Return". Many of those inactive or long time drop outs( my term), will & have responded when someone shows interest in them. So is there anyone you know who fits that category? Read the article and pray about it, and then think of seeking help for them. They will reject first efforts, because they feel ashamed etc. But remind them of Jehovahs love and ours for them. Great information.
Really appreciated it,
Love Tom & Elaine


  1. was this a public auditorium or an assembly hall?

  2. I think there are only 1 or 2 assembly halls in all of Mexico, so most of us attend assemblies at public places. This one happens to be one of the nicer ones! Padded seats were a real treat for us since all I've ever sat on at SADs and CAs are plastic folder chairs that are about 6 inches wide (or seem that way)!