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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1-9-12- Found 2 more english speaking people.

Well if its Monday its San Luis de La Paz day right? Headed over there after stopping by a call in Dolores. We had 8 go today, that is tops I think, or close to it. Finished 1 territory and started another. We met 4 at leas for our canvassing data sheet. When we went to lunch at car, Elaine & I we then went to make a couple calls while waiting for my study, Miguel. Then after arriving at jardin we grabbed a bench, so we could have 1 for when Miguel arrived. Then we were with Mike & Tabitha. Elaine & Tabitha made a call on a tile store while Mike and I waited on the bench. I heard a voice speaking english, looked up and there was a young blonde woman speaking to her 2 kids in english! After swallowing my tongue in surprise, I told Mike, "go get the girls" to speak to this mother, with 2 brown haired kids in tow. Before Mike could bring them back, I saw that the klids ran over to a mexican young man, so there was a family. I spoke up to her as you do in the approach work, and asked "where are you from"? So we had a nice discussion, with both husband and wife, Stacie, & Roderico. I engaged both if them while Mike and girls returned to bench and I introduced them to our folks. They are here visiting his family so he can get his application for immigrating to states. She is down just for her holiday break from nursing school in Michigan. So as I had a english Bible story book in my bag, I placed with them, the little girls eyes got big when she saw the pictures. I spoke mostly to Roderico, and the girls talked with the blonde haired mom. Exchanged ph#s and will try to get together. The mom/student nurse is heading back soon to start spring classes, so we'll be limited in witnessing to her, except thru maybe her husband.

The I saw Miguel wheeling his bike vendor cart around the corner, for his study.

 I was getting s little worried, it was 1:59PM. but here he was. I always worry that something will happen to cause him to miss or stop study. His a huge bright spot for us. But we had a good study, and when we read about Lazarus, and the priests calling for hom to be killed so as to stop ones from believing him, I asked Miguel, if he was there would he have believed? Or what if the priests said to not believe? what would he do? He said he would believe. So I said what if today a minister or a priest said that something he learned from his Bible study was wrong, what would he do? He said if its in the Bible he would believe the Bible. GOOD. Makes your heart rejoice when your student says that doesn't it. Remember this is my first real study in 38 years??? So I get excited when I hear that.
By then we had the whole group together, Bro & Sister Chandler, Eva & Amelia, Elaine, Tabitha and Mike.
Elaine, Eva & Amelia in jardin- San Luis de La Paz

 After study I introduced Miguel to whole group, and told them they would see him sunday, with his family at our meeting. I will go pick them up and go to our meeting, will have them over afterward for supper & drive them home. Will need to leave about 1:30 for 3pm meeting, then drive back and come home, so will probably be home 8-9pm. Told Miguel that way he can see where KH is, so if he wants to come on bus again he will know where to go.

We then broke up, The Chandlers had a study back in Dolores around 4 so Amelia went with them, while we made Eva's BS and did a few more calls. Got home around 5. Elaine had me go straight to the Reeds, Robert & Susan, to practice her talk for tomorrow. Robert is our Cobe, and TMS overseer, and Susan a pioneer. They are from the south. Here they are at home.

Robert & Susan

Real interesting picture, looks funny, but when you look closely you see in her eye, he is seeing the beautiful young woman he met 50 years ago. And in his eye there is the guitar playing man she met. In his ear you see her talking to him.

Here is outside of Reeds home, it is in a beautiful setting, with wonderful views, and away from all the noise!

Here is how some pics of a home we passed in La Paz.

This is a home that people found, and built and are living in. Mike saw it, and said he's seen people going into it.

So we got home at 6pm, tired, but content. did all we could, with our friends and made 4 new english contacts.

All for now,
Love Tom & Elaine

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