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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

amazing study!!!!!!part II

Came back from conducting study with man, is a teacher here in Dolores, and had his lesson all prepared. My 2nd time subbing for a bro. here that is gone for a bit. What a delight! he is a good thinker, and you can see his mind translating english to spanish & vice versa. Read about the issue of Job, and he claerly saw the issue. Compared how the ethnic people of Isael had pagan practices, i.e.- child sacrifice, and how Satan tried to get Jehovah to do similar with Job. satan baited Jehovah to strike Job, and he got the point, that Jehovah wouldn't do that. He allowed satan to strike Job, but it was against Jehovah standard to hurt his servant. Nice end to a long day, with a similar day tomorrow with La Paz plans. But reminds me of the feeling at Bethel, or when building a KH, the tiredness is a good one, right.? It is a satisfying tiredness that gives pleasure, as well as a satisfaction. knowing you've done all you can for that day. Doesn't elevate you from your brothers,  because I remember wanting to be able to do more but couldn't, due to circumstances. But seeing someone progress, and grasp is a reward to itself. Now to find, or develop one from the initial call, that is another goal we have.
Went shopping at market with Elaine at first, showed her 2 stores, then went to fabric store, which she knows how to get home from, left her there, went for some bread, fresh baked.

Oh the temptations present here. No preservatives. You buy it today, eat it today!

Then it was finding some eggs. Tom L. showed me the best place he likes. And told me that the egg girls always has a smile. tried to take picture of the girls, but 1 was shy.

Then went to find the limes for making the limonado.

Then just strolled thru some markets and stands. The interesting thing to me is the small carts that grow there own veggies, fruits etc. The climate here, if they have water grows everything.

siesta time, but still there to sell if anyone asks!

many different fruits, all grown here, or close by.

The flowers are almost as prolific as the food, or food for the eyes, heh?

Here is close-up of the wood grain on desk, really like it.

Time for bed, another full day tomorrow. San Luis de La Paz. Trying to work territory that mostly hasn't been worked for 3-5 years, from what the friends remember. Maybe that 1st Bible study will be found?

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