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Thursday, November 17, 2011

San Luis de La Paz- St. Louis of the Peace-FS -11-17

Made the trip up to La Paz- and Pozos for FS today got started at 11 or so, back about 6:45. We made calls, had study, and worked door to door. Again the difference between haves(water) have nots (no water) is apparent.
                                 You'll see a donkey pulling a wagon then this modern tractor.
Conducted a study with a nice young man that Tom conducts with, Tom was sick and had to reschedule his studies, so asked me to conduct. So in less than 18 hours was able to conduct 2 studies. 1 last night with a teacher, who has a good grasp on truth. He is in 40's with 3 children. There is nothing like seeing the truth be grasped & understood by someone. Both in mind, and the heart. Been over 40 years since I've conducted a study like that. It underscored the reason we decided to move where there is a need.
The brother who is the teacher went to states for a couple weeks, asked me to take study while he's gone. What a privilege. Then today to see again a man ask good questions, and read the answer in his Bible, and come to the right conclusion, is a wondrous thing. He mentioned to us when we referred to reasoning book, how Tom had saved his expectant wife's baby from being killed. They had thought about abortion, asked Tom if it was right or wrong to do that. Tom referred to Bible & reasoning book, couple decided that it was wrong, and she is 6 weeks from delivering their 2nd child, 1st girl. how grateful to know the truth, It literally saved baby's life, and prevented couple from such guilt. Are we in a life-saving work or what!
Did our lunch break to Pozos, great boutique hotel with a world class restaurant- Los Posada de los Minos- in Pozos. Beautiful scenic drive to this old mining town charmer.

About a 2000 ft elevation change, from La Paz to Pozos.
Here we are entering Pozos, old silver-gold mine town. reminds 1 of San Francisco, CA, with the streets and hills.

River rocks make up the "paved street". Bring your hiking boots if you come, steep incline, and rough streets.

Here is the restaurant- Posada de las  Minos.

                                                     Beautiful place.
White birds
from left- Eva Baresky-Debbie Lipperd-Elaine- Me- Tabitha Portell-Mike Portell-Vicky Harris

Had the enchildas-Pollo- with mole sauce, Bien Bien!! Best mole sauce ever.

Headed back for studies which misfired, did Territory, and Eva met young girl, Carla, who took "truth tract" and arranged to call back next thursday.
Temperature dropped and everyone bundled up, This week we remembered to bring coats. Needed them.
After d to d, headed back to Dolores- as the sun set on us.

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