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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday-11-20-11- When you don't know what day it is.......

So we woke up, had a little breakfast, and decided to take a drive over yo San Miguel to look at some kitchen stuff, and maybe a chair for Elaine's new desk, due to be delivered tomorrow hopefully. So we headed out to San Miguel, except that there were now about a million people in the streets everywhere!!!!

Didn't realize that today was the grand celebration of the Mexican Independence from Spain. Just happens to be the largest celebration, I hope of the year

   I drove into town to head out to the normal route to San Miguel only to find at every corner Police, road closed signs, barricades and people appearing from all corners converging on downtown and other parade route destinations. We saw a bit of everything.

Horses with little kids on them,

Girls all dressed in colorful garb.....

Not this way Senor.

So after finally figuring out i had to get out of town a different way we headed over to San Miguel.

Saw more horses on the way to Sam Miguel.

Yet another horse, on the way.

Had planned on eating at a very well known, maybe only real hamburger place near Dolores, alas even tho it was 12:30 they didn't open for business until 1PM/ Bummers. had my taste buds set for a burger.
The friends here say don't buy hamburger because it is so lean, there isn't a good taste. So they mix up pork with it to give enough fat to feel/taste like a burger/ Well for someone with some artery issues, didn't think that was a great idea. anyway turns out that it was probably a blessing in disguise, because had we eaten there and then came back to Dolores, we may have been late for the meeting. So we headed back and ran into a traffic jam, like a real traffic jam.

Usually the traffic "jams" here are during lunch when the schools let out, or a car breaks down in the middle of the road. Not so today. there was such an influx of people, cars buses, that when we reached the outskirts of Dolores, we were in the middle of a slow, barely moving procession that had almost every street that normally if you had a slow jam on 1 street you could then at next corner( or every other corner since most streets are 1 way) and continue on to your home etc.

When we did get turned onto the street going to house, I got ready to turn left onto our street, Baja Cakifornia Sur, and there sat a police motorcycle blocking our street off! As everyone knows I have all the patience in the world, so I just pulled over, dropped Elaine off, so she could get ready for meeting at 3PM, and then made 3 right turns and came up our street from a different direction. I was able to bypass the motorcycle, who was missing its officer, with a slight veer around it, and parked in our offstreet garage, barely.

We were coming into Dolores, and Elaine screams,"look out for the Bull". Sure enough there is a BULL, and more than 1, along with some female companions.

                                              Notice the HORNS!!!

Our service group had hospitality, so we wondered where to go?? With all the people in town. Called Tom L. and he suggested "The Potato" restaurant, since we could walk to it from KH. That worked out well. had a nice group take the Portells, Mike & Tabitha, & Eva there and viola! it was deserted. We had place to ourselves for a bit.  With some help from Vicky Harris we ordered, and had a great meal.
Out front of restaurant saw how they cooked the meat, they shave onto your potato, or other dishes.

Anne & Vicky at Potato restaurant- flame broil ham, alongside.

 On the right side of table- Mike Portell-Tabitha-
Left side- Brian Miller-Stefanie Miller- Eva Baresky-Elaine- Tom-

From right next to me-Deb Eiseman- Marion Eiseman- Vicky Harris-Joyce McCracken-Anne Dohn.

On way to restaurant, saw a funeral procession.

Which reminded me that one of the customs here is when someone dies, not sure if it is for everyone, but the grieving family purchases fireworks so as to "Blow a hole" in heaven to assist the dead one spirit to enter heaven. Of course you have to buy the fireworks in order to accomplish this. All done under the auspices of the church. Of course there is a charge for that. And guess who owns the fireworks company/supplies? you guessed it the Church! No wonder they let the local custom exist, they make $$$ on it. Talk about how the commercial king will be sad when Babylon is destroyed...... Makes you sick to see these poor but proud people being fleeced by the church, again.

Well all for now, we re slowly getting our house in order. Tomorrow our handmade desks should be installed, the plumber is coming to finish the shower & kitchen sink faucet, and maybe we will get the roof over the patio removed & new, clean panels in place.
Then later in week have our kitchen table delivered & chairs. We looked for a table & chairs to purchase and found it was less expensive to have them made, same with desks.
After that we can try to settle in to a schedule, and start our effort to aux. pioneer for Dec.
Be a busy week, I have SM part, Elaine has a talk, all the above plans. But as friends say here, when the craftsman, delivery man, plumber, roofer, tell you a time, like tomorrow, or as they say here,"Manana", that doesn't mean tomorrow necessarily, it means not today!!! Or the other saying is"
TIM (this is mexico). Anyway, we are retired right? So if not tomorrow, then in the future.
Love, Tom & Elaine
PS- desks are manana, as well as plumbing(due to old fixtures) But got started on the patio roof getting tore down, by David, a good bible student-speaks english & spanish, so helped me understand the plumber.

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