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Friday, November 25, 2011

Guanajauto visit, Gorgeous city! Part I.

Took a fun day today, Debbie planned it several weeks ago, to have us join them & Lipperds study, Phil & Stacey, for a day trip to Guanajauto.
Of course we had to start our day with coffee, so stop by Quik Trip..... excuse me our equivalent.....

 Its the capital of the state we live in, Guanajauto! Spectacular setting from our direction from Dolores. We ascend some 2-3000 ft, then crest the mountain and drop down to Guanajauto.

 Here are some pics of the scenery on the way, It goes from high desert, to the mountain, then back to high desert.

This is a village on the way.

This is pic that doesn't do the scene justice! Worried I'd use camera battery up before we even got to the town.

The high desert here goes w/o rain many months in a row, the lakes, water has gotten dangerously low.
But the trees here are mesquite, and others whose root systems must be very large and/or deep.

As we got closer around the hairpin turns of road kept seeing this huge rock outcropping approach.

looks small but isn't. Maybe when knee gets better, and we can get Jeremy & Jared down, can climb this baby!

Off in distance, we saw this coming closer.

Beautiful High desert all around, you think you'd see, Clint Eastwood in his serape, riding a horse, with a cigar sticking out right? Come on work with me here!

Then we went past some villages, and more high desert. Just breathtaking.

Hillside village. Need 4 wheeler to go there.

Then we began descent to Gauanajauto. We were not dissapointed. you go from 6000 ft on 1 side of mountain, up thru Cavillo, where OPhil & Stacey live then on up past Santa Rosa, then start down toward Guanajauto. The top elevation maybe about 8-8500 before descending. But your ears pop up & down.

The driver can' take his eyes off road, both to watch for crazy drivers, and how road is a swicthback approach.

As we approached saw this huge mountain that has a large cross on it, similar to the famous one in Brazil. Many make pilgrimage there.

There is no shortage here in Mexico for the church to separate you from your pesos.
Shot isn't too clear, but trust me it is 1 high mountain, close to 10,000 ft I'd guess.

Now we are getting into Guanajauto.

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Phil in front of statue as we enter town.

As you enter from Dolores you come into this wall/fortress that is now a hotel.
As you enter from Dolores you come into this wall/fortress that is now a hotel.
Then we found our way up to the Big attraction that many Mexicans and as we found out other nationalities come to see..................

The man Pipila, was part of the Mexican army that attempted to overthrow the Spanish rulers, and their army. The Spanish held the high ground, and many Mexicans were killed attempting to approach the base of the fortress to plant explosives to open a way to invade fort. So 1, extremely strong large man, Pipila, put a huge rock on his back, climbed the approach, and as the Spanish tried to shoot him the rock protected him, so he could plant explosives and succeeded in blowing the gate. This victory was achieved, He dies I think in a subsequent battle, and became 1 of the heroes of Mexican Liberty. (got this info from a local historian, have not verified yet, but have sound reason to accept this)
Elaine, Debbie, and Stacey are dwarfed by the statue.

Took some shots from here down onto Town.

Town centro district which we took a outside elevator down the mountain side.

In the middle top pf pic, you'll see a gray/brown wall. Tom told us that was built to catch the rock slide from a mining operation, that would then be examined for ore content, gold or silver. Interesting concept. Build a wall, strong enough to support mining the mountainside above down!

Then we descended and explored the town below. If you didn't know your in a Mexican city, you might think your in 1 of any number european cities.

Tom, Stacey & Phil- front of theatre,

This is a large museum that had a lot of tourists by it.

This was a beautiful building. Houses the theatre here in Guanajauto. You sure your in Mexico???

Shot of the narrow streets, with the Pipila statue in distance.

Then we started heading to eat. Tom & Debbie had a 4 star in mind right off the theatre, & Museum next to the jardin, which was very upscale with shops, featuring all types of wares.

Had a fabulous meal, served by waiter who spoke pretty good english, but had Phil to interpret any questions. Elaine & I both picked tamales, with chicken. The rest had a variation of breakfast items, crepe/eggs, hash browns. Elaine had a wonderful fruit cup, which I regretted not getting. (tho I ended up with 1/2 hers)

From left: Tom, Phil. Tom. Debbie, Stacey, Elaine
 Then found a lime cheesecake dessert. Yum..........................
Debbie thought we had to get this shot for Emily, tho we are jealous/envious (well maybe not after new article on envy, but wished we were in Italy with her adventure, so we took pic to show her we too here in Mexico can enjoy some fantastic dishes/desserts!
Will post part II od the Guanajauto trip in future. Had a great time, Thanks Debbie & Tom, you are great tour guides!