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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Field Service-AM- San Miguel PM

Went in service in the morning, had 1 good experience, with a young man, spoke good english. Left him the Young people ask book. But as we have in many days in service saw some more horses.

Working with Marion, Angie, Deb Buentello(also known as the mayor, she has been longer in Dolores than anyone), Elaine.

So after service, Elaine was going with Debbie to San Miguel to artisans market, I thought I had the afternoon off. wrong. This was also a day when Tom was taking me to the Library in San Miguel, so after I dropped Elaine off at house to finish service, I got a call from the lovely Elaine, telling me I had forgotten the library. So turned around came home, put on jeans, and joined Lipperds, and Marcus, and we headed to San Miguel de Allende.

There was a interesting event on the central Jardin, featuring a dance quartet. Very intricate steps they performed for appreciative crowd.

It is one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.

Then Tom took off to explore, while Marcus & I went to sit in another jardin, and people watched.
Met a couple at a statue, which I didn't know the name of, asked them and they told us.

Told couple why we are here in Mexico. They live south of Mexcio City 2 hours. Spoke pretty good english. Very nice.

Explained that the statue is who San Miguel de Allende is named after:
General Ignacio Allende!

Finally we met up with the girls, they found us at Statue. We still didn't have Tom.
So we started waslking to the main Jardin, which I didn't realize was where Tom told us to go. There jardins everywhere in this beautiful City.
When we got there its obvious thatn there is only 1 main Jardin. Its  was packed with visitors, locals and musicians.

We passed this outdoor restaurant/ food court with lots of visitors.

The musicians heading to their Gig!

                                              The Balloon man.

The funny thing is we still hadn't found Tom or vice versa. So we watched the dancers, listened to the musicians and chilled. Then we sat down, and who finds us there, The Portells! We had been there Monday with them, and they took bus over to enjoy the day, same as us. Then I looked up and here comes Tom dragging a bit. he had come to this Jardin, expecting to find us, didn't see us after 20 minutes, walked over to car, a long way, walked to another jardin, then circled a bit, and then came back to the main Jardin, and found us, He sat and rested for awhile, was a good sport with my misunderstanding. Then it ws time to eat, again. That walking gives you an appetite you know. So we headed in car to a nice restaurant, Hecho's.

Had a nice meal, some great red pepper salsa.
Elaine had veggie burger, I had pastrami, Debbie
had Coconut shrimp. Tom, nachos. Marcus a burger.

Then we went to the Mega supermarket on way out of town, and we looked for a large pot yet again, found nothing good. They have cheap SS pots that are so thin, you can warp them if putting them in cold water after being hot! Aluminum with SS exterior. We only need1 large 1, so we can maybe cook 2 things at once. Have a small sauce pan we brought. And a SS frying pan. Oh well will get 1, maybe next time to Leon.
Did get our dining room table delivered Sat am, before service.

Sorry if I posted this already, but after 6 weeks of eating on out all purpose table, 18" x 24" I'm really happy to have table. Watched the blacksmith forge the 1/2 steel rods, heating them red hot, the bending them to the design i showed him. AMAZING!! My brother -in-law Bill, retired boilermaker/blacksnith, I don't think did this even. The craftsmanship here is alive & well.

All for now, here are some extra pics of San Miguel.

Beautiful doors along this road, and flowers.

San Antonio Convent.
By the way, Library close at 2PM, so will have to come back yet again.........oh well someone has to have an excuse to come back and feast ones eyes on some gorgeous creations.

Till next post.
Tom & Elaine

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  1. Love the table!! I want some more food pics :)