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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11-16- Field Service day

Well our day in FS here in Dolores got started with this call in our 1st block! Needless to say it improved as the day went along. Just don't know what will present itself at the door/ yard you come to.
I am not getting used to these though, don't think I will.  They are called roof dogs for obvious reason. But they may only be 4ft above your hard snarling and sound VERY threatening. So far the sisters said they don't jump down on you.
If the laws allowed you to carry a gun, it would be tempting. Maybe a hammer in the service bag would do the job. They are really vicious sounding. I don't think you worry about thief's when you have one of these, I guess thats the point. We are usually working with one of the old timers here in Dolores, Many situations that arise that as a "newbie" you can say the wrong word, without realizing it. Example: I was using the word 'tu" which is you when asking if anyone speaks english in your house. But that is the familiar tense, which you use for someone that you know, not a stranger, The proper is "su". Or its the reverse. Anyway you get the point, it isn't just the word correctly you have to be aware of the proper and the familiar sense. So it is nice to have experienced ones to teach us.

Here is Elaine, Debbie, and Ann Dohn in the foreground, with the horses in background.

The neighborhood was poor, but here is a fresh young fruit bearing pomegranate tree with small fruit growing on it.
Here is a house with a big courtyard/ inside their gate we knocked on.
So with the distance involved in a home like this you knock loud with a rock, or keyring, and allow time for them to reach you. In this case we could see, but in most homes it is closed off in front, and you don't have any idea of the size or distance involved. So you wait for response.

                                                                                              Ann training me at door.
So we stopped about noon or so, came home, worked on shower while Elaine worked on drapes. Then I went to conduct a study for Brother who went back to states for a visit. He had introduce to his student last week man named Jesus, who is a teacher. So went there tonite, and had an enjoyable time. Very well spoken, articulate man, with a good grasp of english. Was a privilege to conduct study. he had his Catholic Bible in spanish. He had heartfelt expressions, and made application of information. Very encouraging. So got home at 830PM. That is common for the brothers with studies. The men many times are the ones who speak some english since they have worked in states, learned some to get by with. But the wives and children who stay here, aren't able to speak or listen at all in most cases. So when the sisters find the men who speak english, they turn over to brothers. Kind of a cruel way for sisters since they have a much harder time getting studies. But keeps us brothers busy.  So you go out in the mornings while cool. take break at noon, sun starts heating up, then in evening go on study.
Tomorrow San Luiz de la Paz, with 7 of us, planning on making a long day of it.

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  1. Might want to get a DAZER II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent... stops them in their tracks...