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Friday, November 18, 2011

plaza pics & updated house pics.11-18

Well this is 4 days in a row, Hope you all aren't getting tired of blog. Today went in service. Did returns. Elaine stayed home worked on house, sewing drapes etc. Made contact with my 1st real return, with a man has a auto body business, Ruben, was busy , but said he may come to mtg tomorrow, And said to try study on Wed. So that was great. Mike then made a cll down in the centro/plaza district. He was able to go over points, 5& 6 in truth tract. So we had 2 successful Rvs. today. Here is some pics from the jardin in plaza.

 here is the north side of central park/ jardin.
Very busy today lots of "gringos" from San Miguel de Allende. I think. Haven't seen that many north americans in town since we came. There is a big music festival in park tonite.
 Another park shot.
The statue is the famous priest- Hildago- who helped start resistance to spain rule over Mexico.
That has helped put Dolores Hidalgo on the map, along with the pottery.

In pic there are some americans/caucasian tourists.
Strange sight. Usually we(jws) are the only non mexicans in town, except for a few shop owners.

Then after service we shopped for fresh veggies, fruit etc, met up with Tom & Stacey, Debbie's study, who Tom was showing where the good markets are.
 Tom & Stacey at market.
good veggie stand. Get our romaine there.

Took some shots of the current house situation. Improved greatly, since 2 weeks ago. have curtains in bedrooms, thanks to Elaines sewing machine. which took up a large spot in car, but it is paying off. Good call Elaine.

 we added a night stand in both bedrooms, lamp via Home depot, Leon. Now I can read at night w/o my head lamp on, mucho bueno.

Newly made curtains!! going with Indian theme!

Here is 2nd bedroom with curtains

Here is updated Living room with my new desk chair.
So we have finished our 1st month in Dolores. Except for missing grandchildren, kids and friends its going well. The Blog is helping me thru the transition, and missing my 4 grandsons. when Elaine turns in, as you know its usually early, I have the time to think, and miss my little guys. But we knew we would have those days. So Blog is my therapy for them. not equal, but has to do for now.

Went to hardware store to get last of the faucets/shower heads to install. Found a guy that hardware man recommended, and he is coming by tomorrow at 4 to install. After that we hope all drips are done. The landlords here don't fix much, even before you move in. Its just like if you buy. Its on you. Usually.
Now we wait for our 2 desks being made, and the dining room table being made and chairs, to be finished. Then we can focus pretty much on ministry & meetings.
Love to all.
Tom & Elaine


  1. Don't stop blogging! We're enjoying every minute of your adventure.

    Carol & Bob

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