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Monday, November 28, 2011

LA PAZ-FS-11-28

Well we had out 1st day of cold here! Got down to 38 degrees, and for here that is really cold. And there was no sun all day long, so no warm up. We went to the general store, 2 blocks away, bought 2 wool blankets and were glad we did. Reminded me up camping out in Nov back home, you could stay warm under the sleeping bag, but your nose would be cold. When we for up this morning, I dug out my bin, that I hadn't been into yet, a few winter clothes. Found a hooded sweatshirt, a flannel shirt, some long sleeve
shirts. Put on a hat, and wasn't pretty but helped stay warm.

Elaine wouldn't let me take her pic, so this is whats left to give you an ides of cold.
But we bundled up, and headed to San Luis de La Paz. This is our 1st monday, going early, to just work territory. Vicky & Ron Mudge, both have worked here before, and so were our directors/navigators. We drove the blazer, and followed directions. Its about 45 minute drive, made a few calls in Dolores then headed over. Got there about 11:30 and we had picked territory close to centro/jardin so we could take a break, rest the shoe leather if needed, and see what we could accomplish.
Very interesting results, time will tell if they pan out, but a fine start. Parked at the Bodega-Walmart-(they actually own this chain).

So we started out and picked a block, Vicky & Elaine worked Ron & Carolyn, left me by myself.
This is called canvassing, we find out if/where the english speaking people are, record it on data sheets, then when the next time that territory is checked out work only the english contacts. Then the next time you repeat canvass to see if any one new has come in, moved etc.
  I have been looking forward to this, because Dolores english have been worked much more, and the results from last year, the last time La Paz was worked , in about 4 months, 4-6 studies were started, and continue.
I called on an "escuela" school, and after trying to communicate with the secretary, I understood her to say there was some english speaking teachers there, but they were teaching till "doce"12 noon. I left with  the intent of coming back at noon, I walked away about 10 steps out of door, and heard, "hello". I was so startled, I didn't comprehend the greeting. Turned around and a very pretty lady was smiling at me, asking if I had asked about english speakers. Turns out it was Sochie, a study that Elaine has been on, with Debbie, and and because she has been a door step study, she has come to her front gate, and had study there. Her home has 2 roof dogs with pretty tree right in front. So she told ,e about some other school that may have english speakers.
Then we finished block, and it started getting warm enough to shed coats. Ron, Carolyn and Elaine walked back to car, and made a sandwich, while Vicky & I started a new block, 1 way, the others would go opposite way and meet us.

Here in this area, at 6-7000 ft elevation, the sunny side is about 20 degrees warmer than shady side of street.
Gov't bldg.
So we worked up the street, and meta young man in front of a chicken restaurant, of which there are a zillion, it seems. Left Truth Tract, and tried to pin him down where he lived, he said just come back to chicken place. Oh well.

Worked a little farther, reached corner and there was a gov't building. Vicky remembered she had
 found a lady who spoke english last year, so we went in. Asked around and went into an office. I saw it had to do with maps, and got the idea to ask if they had a large map of town, Vicky translated, and they directed us, and then led us across street to office of planning & zoning, and there was an english speaker there, But he was out. Worked some more, came back and he was back, met him, and thru his broken english & our spanish conveyed what I was interested in. He showed me a pic on his computer, and the end result was I purchased a map, large size, maybe 17 x 35, plus 1 half that size. Placed 2 mags with him, thanked him and we net back with the rest in the jardin.
Regrouped, marked our map, Ron had met a nice man, spoke english well, and arranged to call back next time. Then Vicky, Elaine, Ron & Carolyn went to finish the block, My heel was sore, so I stayed in jardin to do "greeting" work. Let me sit for awhile on a bench, had english literature out, and as people pass they can see mags, and if they appear to recognize language you initiate conversation. Or something like that. I haven't been trained for that yet. So after getting a "helado" small ice cream, I walked aeound jardin with mags out. Haven't dome that in 50 years, when we had the Awake/watchtower satchels and did street work! WT or AWAKE 5 cents. Well didn't see anyone that responded, went back to my sunny bench, went over to thro my trash away, and a enchilada vendor at corner asked me in english, what I was doing? Well I had found, or rather they found me! Manuel, and I had a nice conversation, I got an enchilada from him, which I have been warned against doing, you can get sick, and arranged to come back thursday. He said he usually comes there after 2. When I offered him mags, his friend spoke up in english, and asked if I had 2 more he could read, I asked in English? Yes. Here they are
So I had my best call, ask me for literature! I was very happy. It can be somewhat difficult doing canvassing, because it takes so many calls to fine the 1 english speaking person, then they have to be able to read also. but today we had several. earlier, a man who walked up to us, wasn;t interested, but he took us over to another man, Juan Carlos, who operates a meat vendor cart, in a busy market, we talked to him and he asked, "what happened to the english speaking people from San Miguel?" That congregation had this town until last year, then Dolores started working, but had to stop due to circumstances. He had been wondering why JWS stopped coming. He was too busy then to talk, but we told him our schedule, Monday & thursday, and he said he would try to let the english speaking know! So when we return will follow up/ Who knows how many are ready for us to teach them?
It was about 3:30 we had a drive back, so we ended there. But accomplished much. In addition to the interest we found were able to get a great municipal map, for future efforts.

Big mountain overshadowing La Paz

Our small but mighty group: Ron Mudge, Carolyn Mudge, Vicky Harris, Elaine.

Heading home, after a good day.
Tom & Elaine


  1. Good news! My dog Allie has graciously volunteered to become your "roof dog."

    Carol B

  2. To all of Planks' friends: No ties required here, which is one of the main reasons Tom came here-LOL. Hats, on the other hand, are required because sun is very intense. We love it here in Dolores Hidalgo-come visit. Deb Lipperd