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Friday, February 17, 2012

week in review- service-visa, rain-sun

usual a busy week. Much done & much to do. Had the rain still coming down Mon & tuesday. Several friends that have been here over 2 years found they had leaks, with the heavy rains we had.

 here is about 2 blocks from house, Morelos street, seeing how the street merchants deal with rain

                      Coming back from the orthopedist,               new sight Umbrellas!

Flower shop just down from us.

Then we had a unexpected day in San Miguel. wasn't too pretty weather wise but it stopped raining. saw some familiar flowers i love.
And some other interesting homes & plant arrangements.
 How do you get plants way up there? They are amazing.
Looks like your going to drive off the end of the world.

Then on thursday headed to La Paz. 1st made a few calls in Dolores. Because we were picking up some others for a little later start to La Paz. Needed to be there by 11:30 for Marlene's study. So I stopped by a RV, I have made but who has been busy every time, or asked me to come back when we were in La Paz. So I made the call early, normally it was around 11-12. This time 9;30 or so. Caught him at his home, across the street from his shop. owns an auto body place. Reuben came out, and we had a nice conversation. He is really down, because he is poor, works as hard as he can, but can't bring customers in. has a family, wants to care for them, but is not able to. 1 thing in Mexico that is a good thing, He lives with his mother, who has a home. The family many times extends there privacy to there family to offer shelter & food. Since the economy i snad, in US, many workers are forced to come back to Mexico, for those basics. Very humbling for the men, who have to do that. So we shared the hope we have, and set up a time for a study. Left him the Listen to God brochure. and a What do young people ask book, Has a daughter, 12 years old.
Then we headed to La Paz.

Stopped to see what kind of cactus this is, Have been seeing it and wanted to know.

Has some kind of fruit on it that turns yellow.

Then saw a truck farmer,

He has limes, onions, and a whole lot of pork skins in those bags. Fried pork skins are a huge item here. Vendors sell them everywhere.

Then we started on the studies. Elaine & Amelia, were dropped off at Miguels house, and I confirmed with him his study later at the corner where he sells his hicama. Then Tom & I went to check on his study Juan. They are remodeling the new location, across street fro there old shop. So we invited him to meeting sunday. Then we did some territory. Returned to pick up the sisters and had some lunch before the afternoon studies started.
The restaurant Debbie & Vicky found in service is a favorite of ours. Its in territory we are working, and has a really good selection of seafood.  Elaine had stuffed avocados with shrimp salad, Amelia & Tom had a chicken & rice soup(sopa), and I had a chicken rolled salad.
Then it was time to try the studies. 1st up Nadia, she couldn't have it, then went to Carla's.

She was there and they had a nice study, spent more time with her than they have in awhile, even tho there was her nosy neighbor boy, who she is to school with. But she did well. She is 15, very sweet girl. Parents like her having study. They are in listen to God Brochure.
Then we came back to centro area, to have Miguels study. While Elaine called on the Pinata girl. Her name is Lucia, i think. Her parents have a store across from a walmart type store. I study with Miguel on the corner just up from there. Elaine's girl had basketball practice, Tom & I had Miguels.
Got into chap 2, and went well. We arranged for us to go over sunday, and take them to spanish meeting. This will allow them to meet the spanish friends, and hope to turn over Marlene to a spanish sister. Amelia has done so well with her, but for the family to get to meetings, and see there culture peers, at the KH, and make friends with them will help long term for there welfare. That is 1 of the very hard things to get used to. In our territory almost everyone, 99.9% speak spanish as there native tongue. When we find someone who wants to study in spanish, and they can comprehend the english.  Then you are faced with trying to get both husband & wife in to a study, and since the man can understand both languages, usually they end up attending and becoming a part of the spanish congregation. So there is a reality when you study that you may not be the one that finished them to baptism. Its in the best interests of the family. But of course you are happy for them, but its like sending your firstborn to school for the first time. You turn them over to someone else. But as Paul said, he planted, someone else watered, but it is Jehovah who makes it grow.
After Miguel, we headed back over to other side of town, Angelica's study.
She was in and they had a good study. We called on Daniel, and visited a bit, but he couldn't have study then.
Then it was time to head to our last one usually, Debbie's study Sochie. debbie is still house bound with the "gripa". So she asked Elaine to try her. study. She was able to do  some paragraphs with her.

As you can see it was getting dark, even had some sprinkles. So we headed for home.

Soliciting for tips, to give them a show.
Saw these flares of brightness down the street, and turns out it was the fire breather, street guy, trying to get tips for his performance.
So that ended our day. got back in Dolores about 8pm. Hoping we will have a nice time at meeting sunday with Miguels family.
Love to all,
Tom & Elaine

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