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Thursday, February 23, 2012

2-23-La Paz

Alfalfa- since we had the week of rain things are growing
Had a nice day weather wise, and a fair day service wise. had some of the regular team members down for a short count, but they will be back. Kari joined Elaine & I and we did the bible study circuit after doing some door to door. We were walking from the territory to the 1st study, and cut thru a store, and they had some puppys for sale. so Kari was looking at 1, and a gentleman, with his wife started speaking english to us. Turns out the wife, is a Dr, with an office by downtown, and she spoke a little english.  But the husband spoke very well. & interpreted for his wife. Had a nice discussion, they gave me there ph# and office address. I left a spanish & english. Listen to god brochure. We'll see what develops.
Then Kari & Elaine stopped at Miguels home to do the study with Marlene. I made a couple of calls, down in the mercado. Didn't find anyone there, returned to Juan's new location for jewelry store. Tom was there helping install the electric, visited there while waiting on girls.
When we were eating Kari said that Marlene wanted to go the meeting this sunday!!!!!! Hooray. Even tho almost everything didn't go thru like i hoped, they did make the meeting, and she enjoyed it enough to want to go back this sunday. So the effort was worth it. The spanish mtg is (Am sunday, so we'll go over take them to the actual spanish cong. and see if we can find a sister to take over her study. So we'll have to do double duty sunday, get then there, then head back to Dolores for our meeting. But a nice job by all who have had a hand assisting Marlene, Elaine who tho she doesn't speak spanish has been there every time, and Deb Eiseman, Marian Eiseman, Amelia Dohn, Debbie Lipperd.
Then after a bite, we made the calls, to see if anyone was ready to study, No one was at 1st call, went to 2nd one, and Carlas mom said she wasn't home yet. come back later. Then while we were in the area, I stopped by a young man named Daniel, whom I am trying to work into a study. Angelica, had to go back to school, so we headed back into the centro, Where Elaine made 2 more calls, but 1 was closed , the other couldn't have her study, I had Miguels on the corner of the Matamoros, & Guererro.  As usual he was prepared & we almost finished chap. 2, and we made arrangements for sunday. He was a little surprised when i told him, Marlene told girls she wanted to go to meeting. But he was happy.
Then we swung by Sochie, and Elaine talked to her, but she didn't have time for study. so on our way out of town, stopped by Carla's.
Kari & Elaine do doorstep with Carla in Listen to God Brochure.

So this week out of a possible 7 studies we only hit 3. But we met a new english speaking man, and have the good news thatMarlene is wanting to attend another meeting!

This week there is some interesting pics. We had a knock on our door wed evening, around 6:30 & our neighbors were working in the yard, getting ready to plant some flowers, RThis is what they found when getting soil prepared.

Jeremy pulled up at least 50 feet of roots, some were at least 4" in circumference. No wonder these plants can survive with no water for 6 months. What a root system.

Then when were ere applying our water bill, We almost ran into these.

The shepherd was right there and when we went to pay bill the 2 herds were on the left side, then they crossed the road, and when we came back they crossed back. The grass is growing so they have new stuff to eat. But they definitely had the right of way.

All for now, Love Tom & Elaine
Tomorrow we hope to get our resident visa, then we will be able to get some rights, and not have to worry about temporary visa running out. its good for 1 year. And you don't have to stop at the immigration office when you drive in. Saves the auto fee too.

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