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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2-6-12- 3 studies-clouds & kids.

Had a small group for La Paz today, Debbie Eiseman joined Elaine & I and that worked out good. Debbie knew enough Spanish to have a discussion, and Marlene enjoyed it.
Maria reading MY Book for Elaine, and Debbie.
While they were studying inside, Miguel & I studied outside. Had some distractions but not serious ones.

They seem to like the puppy. It had worms and they took it back to the pet store and the man gave them worm medicine. If they hadn't it would have died more than likely. But it is happy now, and sleeps thru the nite.

Miguel is up to Proverbs in his memorizing the Bible books in order. He had done the 1st column, and instead of realizing that the Hebrew list shifted over to the 2nd column he went straight down to Matt, Mark, Luke John, Acts. Had a good laugh at that. He has a good sense of humor. Maybe thats necessary when your learning, I know it is trying to learn spanish. When I stopped in to talk to our table maker, who is studying, he wants to learn english, we were kidding around, because his english is about like my spanish. We are always telling each other to .....s......l.....o.....w....... down. So I was trying to tell him "I speak" I said, "mi amo", or that is what it sounded like. He looked at me and started laughing, and then told me I said "I love". Whoops. We had a good laugh.
Then after study, Miguel had Maria, the kids were off, school, national holiday, read a paragraph from her Book of Bible Stories,
She was nervous, but did what Papa asked. The picture above then is Maria reading same for Elaine.
Then we did a call, on the hat man, Israel. Elaine & Amelia found him 2 weeks ago, and I called on him last week. He had been called on by a brother from San Miguel, when they had the town, so had Bible, & BT book. He is going to university over internet. I tried to see if he had time to study, and if he wanted to. But he's in the middle of a term paper, or a project, so I asked him if spanish would be better to study in. He said yes, so will try to connect him up with spanish brothers, like we did with Gustavo. We are a funnel for spanish congregations for most part. As I have said before, there are no native english speakers here, in Dolores or La Paz, with very few exceptions. So when you can start a study with the man, families here are very tight, the wife may initially get interested in order to find out what husband is doing. Then she gets interested, and then you turn over to spanish congregation. So in Israel situation, he is willing to have spanish study with him, or try. His comprehension is better for spanish. In some instances, with the learned, Drs lawyers, educated or wealthy class, they won't allow humble spanish brothers to even talk to them, but they will americans. Perception is we are more on there level.
It is a cold hard fact. But as I have tried to understand this, and ask the brothers who have been here longer and have experience, it just is that way. Then when the person studies, and applies, what they learn they change there thinking and become part of congregation, with no prejudices. "when in Rome" right. But it is difficult thing to grasp. Usually in the states, if a wealthy person rejects the truth it isn't class distinction, or maybe it is, just more subtle. Here it is a fact of life.
We ate at a walmart type store had a sandwich, then did territory for an hour or so. Then it was time to see if Carla was home, Elaine is doing her study for Eva.
So we had a nice day, 3 studies all together, and made a good call on Israel. We'll see if that develops
on way to La Paz- newly planted fields

Bug birds in the tops of faraway trees.

Miguel with his study bag, Keeps his bible, & book there. Very rewarding to see the truth affect peoples lives. If we feel that way , we know Jehovah does too. In seeing the closeness that develops, with your study, reminds me of when Ted & Charlene studied with Elmer & Vicki, and what a closeness there happened that turned into lifetime friendship, that helped spawn several congregations, who had qualified men to serve there. Like Elaine's folks in Dayton, and all over. I hope I can see that same thing with Miguel & his family.
All for now
Love Tom & Elaine.

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